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Best quality 4.94 YANHUA Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer with Full Software (Choose SM47-D/E/F)

Best quality 4.94 YANHUA Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer with Full Software (Choose SM47-D/E/F)

  • Item No. SM47-C
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DigiProgIII is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speed programming and correction software. Updated to V4.94.

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by Mr.jun on Apr 19, 2017
hi ada in the software until which model can i used of this software 4.49 can i do for ford explorer 2009 for kilometer adjustment?
Replied by Eason on Apr 20, 2017
The attachment is car support list,please check it.Thank you!

by Mr.Exelero on Jan 11, 2015
Hi. Can i but only full instruction for use, for version 4.94
Thank you.
Replied by Ada on Jan 11, 2015
Hello Exelero,
I have sent the user manual to your email for free, please check.
Best regards
by alain on Jan 9, 2015

I'd like to ask, if yanhua digiprog will be available again? I see you have the same tool but from other company ,but I prefer yanhua digiprog more.

Replied by Ada on Jan 9, 2015
Hello Alain,
I think this one will be avaliable in the future again. For now, this one is out of stock temporarily. We are not sure when next patch will arrive us. YANHUA OBD version digiprog 3 is still in stock. Maybe you can choose that one. Then choose the SM33-F digiprog 3 cables.
Best regards
by pierre mocard on Dec 7, 2014
Hi there,
I am interested in purchasing the YANHUA 4.94 digiprog 3. will it correct the mileages on older cars and newer cars? iT come with all the cables attachments and software as in the advertised picture.
Replied by Ada on Dec 7, 2014
Hello Pierre,
Thank you for your interesting. This one can change the mileage for old and new cars, but not for every car model and every year. It has all the cables on our cable list, the same as the photo shown.  Software in the main unit is 4.94 version.
Best regards
by Mr.Ryan meekin on Sep 29, 2014
Hi, i bought a digiprog 3 from you, i live in the UK and obviously all cars here work in miles not KM, will this product still work fine for me? Thanks
Replied by Ada on Sep 29, 2014
Hello Ryan,
This one will change the mileage for KM. If your vehicle is mileas, you need to set up the unit on the dashboard. Many UK customers buy this one to use. I think if you can setup, then you can use it.
Best regards
by Mr.virgius on Jul 1, 2014
so this product can correct mileage,put off airbag light,service light....why is so many cables?is that every car use diferent cable?
Replied by Ada on Jul 1, 2014
Hello Virgius,
Thank you for your interesting. This main function is correct mileage. Because some cars use the same cable, most car use different cables. So there are many cables in the package.
Best regards
by Mr.Jens Bauer on Dec 5, 2013
Very good item! works perfectley :-)
Replied by Ada on Dec 5, 2013
Hello Jens,
Thank you for your comment.
Best regards
by Mardyan Arsène on Nov 30, 2013
which is the best between V4.82 and V4.85 to do with chip (read and change Kilometers) ?
Replied by Ada on Dec 1, 2013
Hello Mardyan,
4.85 version is the updated version for 4.82. Adds the car models on the description. If you want to work the description models, then choose 4.85 version, if your car is supported by 4.82 version, then just choose 4.82 version.
Best regards
by Mardyan Arsène on Nov 30, 2013
Some cars must remove the dashboard and remove the smart card, and choose the right cable to connect the chip with Digiprog 3 to read and modify the mileage. Your YANHUA Digiprog III he can do ?
Replied by Ada on Dec 1, 2013
Hello Mardyan,
All digiprog 3 has the same function, just made by different factory. All digiprog 3 can use this way to change the mileage.
Best regards
by Mr.Hendra on Oct 19, 2013
info harga nya
Replied by Ada on Oct 20, 2013
Hello Mr. Hendra,
Harga untuk digiprog ini 3 adalah 265.99EUR, tidak termasuk biaya pengiriman. Bisakah Anda ceritakan negara yang ingin kita kirimkan ke, sehingga kita dapat menghitung biaya pengiriman kepada Anda. Metode pengiriman standar kami adalah DHL, jika Anda perlu metode pengiriman lainnya, silakan beritahu kami.
Best regards
by Barney Gould on Oct 18, 2013
how to use your tool to change the km to mile? or does your digiprog 3 support this function? i want my instrument board shown the mileage as mile, not km
Replied by Ada on Oct 18, 2013
Hello Barney,
Sorry to tell you almost all the products on our website, mileage are all shown as the KM, not Mile. If you set the device as mile, for cars, you cannot change the mileage successfully. Only for KM, you can change it successfully.
Best regards
by bruce on Oct 14, 2013
when this digiprog 3 will work on audi a1?
Replied by Ada on Oct 14, 2013
Hello Bruce,
From one of our customer, we know 4.88 version can work on Audi A1. Now our version is 4.85. Maybe you can wait for the new version, or buy the new version from original factory and crack it on your digiprog 3.
Best regards
by simon on Oct 7, 2013
i download the cable list, but cannot find HCS12 adapter, do you sell it?
Replied by Ada on Oct 7, 2013
Hello Simon,
Yes. We do not sell this cable. You can buy this cable from original factory. About 150 USD. Our digiprog 3 can use this cable.
Best regards
by Mr.Adam on Sep 22, 2013
aktuelles Update ist glaube 4.92, wo bekomm ich dann die aktuelle soft/ firmware her und wie bekomm ich sie auf das DP3 ???
Mfg from germany
Replied by Ada on Sep 22, 2013
Hello Adam,
Es tut uns leid, Ihnen zu sagen bis jetzt unsere Software ist immer noch 4.82. Wenn Sie die neuesten 4,92-Software auf diesem Gerät verwenden möchten, können Sie die Software von der ursprünglichen Fabrik kaufen, da fragen Sie Ihren Hacker die Software für Sie zu knacken. Einer unserer Kunden tun es erfolgreich.
Sorry to tell you up to now our software is still 4.82. If you want to use the latest 4.92 software on this device, you can buy the software from original factory as ask your local hacker to crack the software for you. One of our customer do it successfully.
Best regards
by Christopher Richmond on Aug 30, 2013
for some vehicle, i need to desolder the chip, right? can you give me the detailed model list?
Replied by Ada on Aug 30, 2013
Hello Christopher,
Yes. Based on the models. For some models, mileage can be changed directly via OBD, for some models, you need to solder the chip from the board, then change the mileage. This main unit will give you the prompt after you choose the car model.
Best regards
by Aissa Azri on Jun 23, 2013
have a nice day!
i want to know if this digiprog can delete the Immobilizer? or do you have anyother device to recommend?
Replied by Ada on Jun 23, 2013
Hello Aissa,
Digiprog 3 cannot delete immobilizer. There are many way to do this:
1) Remove anti-theft ECU
2) use the software, such as ecusafe 2.0 immokiler and so on
3) Use the device to relieve the immobilizer, such as bypass, driver box and so on.
Best regards
by chase schmidt on Jun 9, 2013
can you give me the full list that your digiprog 3 does not support or cannot work?
Replied by ada on Jun 9, 2013
Hello Chase,
Sorry to tell you that we do not have all the car models in the wrold. We only test the limited car models. You can see the attached car list on our website.
Best regards
by Mr.Bersch on May 15, 2013
You sell this Year NEW Update for the Digiprog 3?
Replied by ada on May 15, 2013
Hi Bersch,
Up to this month, new software is still do not comes out. Now software version is still V4.82. We are waiting for the new version too. Once the new version comes out, i will release this information on our website.
Best regards
by hector luis reser on May 13, 2013
now st01 and st04 two cables are free? when i use this two cable, do i need to remove the dashboard?
Replied by ada on May 13, 2013
Hi Hector,
Yes. Now this two cables are free to send to you as the gift. You can save 17 EUR. For this two cable, you can directly connect the cable with the chip to change the mileage. There are the instruction in the package. You can follow the detailed instruction to select the cable to work on the car.
Best regards
by florent braud on Mar 4, 2013
my 2 digiprog3, you see it?sorry, bad english. need two cable: ST01.ST04, can you give me?
Replied by ada on Mar 4, 2013
Dear Florent,
Do you mean the order? I find the order which has the same name as yours. You place the order yesterday, right? Thank you for your order on our website. This YANHUA digiprog 3 does not have cable ST01 and ST04, since you buy 2 sets digiprog 3 from our website, we can send the two cables as the gift for you. I have notified our warehouse to add the two cable on the package. We will send the two cable together with the package to you.
Best reards
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