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Original Bluetooth Launch X-431 X431 DIAGUN III DIAGUN 3

Original Bluetooth Launch X-431 X431 DIAGUN III DIAGUN 3

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X-431 Diagun III is the newest specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 Diagun III is the standard equipment for technicians.

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by Mr.Goran Vrdoljak on Feb 25, 2015
Packet is sent from where? Eurpopean Union or China ?
Replied by Ada on Feb 26, 2015
Hello Goran,
This one is sent from china, we are the local dealer for launch company.
Best regards
by michelle on Jul 3, 2014
your service have surpassed my expectations, it is by no doubt second to none, I more than recommend this company.
Replied by Ada on Jul 3, 2014
Hello Michelle,
Thank you for your feedback and happy to hear you are satisfied with our service.
Best regards
by erol Kaya on Jun 8, 2014
do you have a tool which can improve horsepower and change parameters???
Replied by Ada on Jun 8, 2014
Hello Erol,
Sorry to tell you that we do not have this tool.
Best regards
by mickael on Apr 21, 2014
good job for tata car. many universal scanners do not work tata at all, i can use this one to get and erase the fault code without any problem.other vehicle release new software very quickly, worth to recommend to everyone.
Replied by Ada on Apr 21, 2014
Hello Mickael,
Thank you for your support. Launch company developped scanner not only work on most famous brand cars in the market. but also for many local brands.
Best regards
by Mr.Reinhard Narnhofer on Apr 21, 2014
this one is free updated online for one year, Does the year or so of free updates start from the time of purchase or from the time of registration with the company? An you supply the data needed to complete the form as well, thanks.
Replied by Ada on Apr 21, 2014
Hello Renhard,
This one is free updated online for one year. From the day you register it. When you get it, give us your serial number, we will open the software for you. After software is opend, go to official website to register and download the latest software and use. From this day begain to count the time. With 365 days, it is free to update. After 365 days, if you want to update again, you need to pay.
Best regards
by Lukas on Dec 16, 2013
i bought idiag and diaguniii at the same time, i saw idiag main unit looks the same as the diaguniii diagnostic adapter, so i can use the idiag adapter to instead of this 16pin diagnostic adapter?
Replied by Ada on Dec 16, 2013
Hello Lukas,
No. Different adapter has differnet serial number. Although they look like the same, but cannot to instead of each other.
Best regars
by Bekim Morina on Dec 16, 2013
if i open the french language, when i power on the diagun iii, then i will see french menu? or i can setup the language i want? such as i setup english for the menu?will it ok?
Replied by Ada on Dec 16, 2013
Hello Bekim,
If you open french software authorization, when you setup the menu language, please setup french. Keep the menu language and the authorization language the same.
Best regards
by Alfonso on Nov 21, 2013
i lost my tf card, can i only buy this card for you, or do you sell this card alone? how much?
Replied by Ada on Nov 21, 2013
Hello Alfonso,
You can buy this card on your local area. No need buy it from us. Just buy this card from your local sell phone or computer store, then download the software from launch website again and install it to this TF card. Then you can use the diagun iii again.
Best regards
by John Harb on Nov 18, 2013
i am very satified with this tool after i test so many cars on my shop. now i have one question, i will go to france for next month, can i use my diagun iii in france? as my authorization is opened for english, united kindom, please reply me thank you.
Replied by Ada on Nov 18, 2013
Hello John,
Yes. You can use it on any where of the world. This one has IP limitation. As the authorization is opened for English, United kindom. So you can use it when you are in UK, cannot update it on France, unless you use UK IP account when you are in france.
Best regards
by Mr.richard on Sep 11, 2013
since diagun iii can work on australian ford and holden, what about chery, there are many local austialian cars around my repar shop, can i use this diagun?or do you have other tool to recommend for me?
Replied by Ada on Sep 11, 2013
Hello Richard,
If your most car models are local Australian models, please choose DS708 Australian version. Here is the link: Besides Australian Ford, Holden, Chery, Maple, England and Emgrand, it can work on other car models from asian, usa and europeans.
Best regards
by Mr.Justino Coltro on Aug 15, 2013
if i lost my cable, do you sell this cable alone or i can buy this cable for you?
Replied by Ada on Aug 15, 2013
Hello Justino,
Which cable you lost? Can you give me the photo? Or give me the name of this cable? Or point out this cable from our website then send it to me. We can sell this cable alone to you.
Best regards
by Tomas Durica on Aug 15, 2013
bluetooth diagnostic result will be different with the cable connection?or the same?do i need to setup before use?
Replied by Ada on Aug 15, 2013
Hello Tomas,
Bluetooth diagnose is the same as you use the cable to connect and diagnose your car. You can follow our manual to set up the bluetooth, here is the link:
Best regards
by Aurélien Carion on Aug 13, 2013
any difference for diagun iii and x431 iv? they are all launch products, but price are totally different, why?
Replied by Ada on Aug 13, 2013
Hello Aurelien,
Yes. They are all launch products. Function are almost the same. Supported car models are almost the same too. Difference is that Diagun iii does not have printer, while it has bluetooth function. While X431 IV has printer while does not have bluetooth function.
Best regards
by jose on Aug 12, 2013
what is the range of this bluetooth? which shipping method will you send the package to me? i am in algeria. thank you for your answer.
Replied by Ada on Aug 12, 2013
Hello Jose,
It is about 100M. We will send it to you by DHL, usually needs 3-5 days on the way.
Best regards
by glen offord on May 31, 2013
bluetooth version? can you shown me the detaied function. are you sure this bluetooth can work?
Replied by ada on May 31, 2013
Hello Glen,
Yes. This one is the bluetooth version. This one is the original, not copy. Attached is the function for bluetooth. When you use the bluetooth to test the car, please set the system and choose diagnose via bluetooth. Attached photo is the detailed instruction.
Best regards

by Daniel Evans on Apr 10, 2013
your diagun will open the software or language before you send it to me? what about register?or i can use it directly after i get it? please explain it for me
Replied by ada on Apr 10, 2013

Hi Daniel,
Every diagun iii has a serial number. Before we send it to our customers, we will send this series number to launch company, and they will open the authorization. After you get it, you can register the information on the official website and download the software or update the software in the future.
Best regards

by Mr.Viktor Henss on Mar 19, 2013
hello there, before puechase, i need to confirm this information:
1) this one is really original? 100%? where they made?
2) i need a powerful tool for my repair shop, i really can use this one to diagnose these cars on your website?
Replied by ada on Mar 19, 2013
Dear Viktor,
1) This one is 100% original. It is made by launch company. We are the dealer. Launch company is in China. They are made in china. You can update the software on official launch website.
2) In china, launch x431 diagnostic tool is widely used on 4S shop. And launch series is very poplar on many other customers all over the world. This one can diagnose most brands of cars in the market. This one is very suitable for repair shop.
Best regards
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