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Original Launch X431 IV GX4 Auto Scanner Globle master For Gasoline&Diesel (Choose SP183-D/HKSP300)

Original Launch X431 IV GX4 Auto Scanner Globle master For Gasoline&Diesel (Choose SP183-D/HKSP300)

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X-431 IV Auto Scanner is the newly auto scanner from LAUNCH, which improved the features and function based on all feedback from the user’s served by the X431 in their respectively fields of works.. Compact Smartbox , main unit, printer, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal 16PIN connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 IV Auto Scanner is the standard equipment for technicians.

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by Mr.ali aqdas on Mar 17, 2014
hi i am enquiring about Original Launch X431 IV GX4 Auto Scanner Globle update online master update versio can i use this product for millage correction and which car or upto which model dose this machine compatible and is there any updates available in the feather for latest model i have given my contact email id so if u can get back to me and what will be the price if i want latest model with full equip and cable for all models cars thank you
Replied by Ada on Mar 17, 2014
Hello Ali,
Thank you for your interesting. Launch product is mainly used for diagnose. This X431 IV diagnostic function is very good, cannot change the mileage. This one free update online for one year. Every update will add more new models. 643EUR is the full package price, including software and cables for all car models. Not including the shipping cost. We will open the software authorization for you. When you get it, you can register your information and this X431 IV on official website, then download the latest software to this device.
Best regards
by boris on Jan 9, 2014
how much is the cost for update after one year? can i contact you for update?
Replied by Ada on Jan 9, 2014
Hello Boris,
After one year, update free is 999USD/Year. You can directly pay the update fee on official website. After one year, when you update sofware, , you can choose go on to update, then official website will shown the payment button, you can directly pay online, then they will open the update serivice at once. If you do not want to update, you can use all function as usual, no function will be locked or become invalid.
Best regards
by Mr.nerijus mazilis on Jan 6, 2014
Hello I wanted to ask or this works with diesel or petrol only and from the time of the year
Replied by Ada on Jan 6, 2014
Hello Nerijus,
This Launch X431 IV can work with diesel and petrol vehicle. For diesel vehicle, only can work on 12V, cannot work on 24V.
Best regards
by Germano Nordio on Nov 21, 2013
i need you send it to me from australia, can you? it will be faster and avoid other problems for shipping abroad.
Replied by Ada on Nov 21, 2013
Hello Germano,
I check the record, there are still 12 sets left on our australian warehouse, we can send it to you directly from australia.
Best regards
by Jeremy Phillips on Sep 27, 2013
could you please help you check if this serial number 983690244226 authorization is open or not? thank you very much. after i buy it from another seller one week ago, then seller do not reply me anymore, i need your help, please help me, thank you
Replied by Ada on Sep 27, 2013
Hello Jeremy,
Your product is IV? We have send it to launch company to check. Your serial number is not open. Tell me what language you need and what country you will use this device. We will ask launch company to open the authorization for you.
Best regards
by dawn on Sep 27, 2013
is it possible to buy this launch iv from you and get after sale service from our local launch dealer?
Replied by Ada on Sep 27, 2013
Hello Dawn,
Please contact us if you meet problem. Because all of us are dealers for launch company. I think your local dealer will not want to do after sale service for packages that is not bought from them. Besides, only launch company has the right to check all the serial numbers and back ground and so on. If your device is bought from us, when you have problem, just contact us, we will ask launch company to check all the things. And give you solution at once. If you contact your local launch dealers, then we cannot make sure the result.
Best regards
by hans on Sep 11, 2013
after one year is over, i do not want to update it, if i want to update it in third year, should i pay 2 times update fees? all just one year update fee?
Replied by Ada on Sep 11, 2013
Hello Hans,
No, just need to pay one time update fee. Update fee for one year. No need to pay 2 times.
Best regards
by brian petrano on Sep 4, 2013
can i update it at once when i get this iv? pay money or not?
Replied by Ada on Sep 4, 2013
Hello Brian,
Yes. You can update it when you get it. We will open the authorization before we send to you. After you get it, register your information on official website and download the latest software to update your tool. No need to pay money. Free update online for one year.
Best regards
by eric on Aug 5, 2013
does this iv need battery? like diagun iii? or it need to connect with power supply? how long is the power supply cable?can i use it to change the mileage?or program the speed limitation?
Replied by Ada on Aug 5, 2013
Hello Eric,
No, it does not need battery. You can directly connect this iv with your car, then you car will supply the power for this device. This x431 iv is the diagnostic tool, you can not use it to change the mileage. If you need to change the mileage, please choose digiprog 3 or digimaster 3.
Best regards
by Kevin BORILLA on Aug 1, 2013
do you have cheaper tool? i like this powerful function, but this cost is too expensive for me
Replied by Ada on Aug 1, 2013
Hello Kevin,
I want to know you work on repair shop, stores, or you are a individual user? If you work on repair shop, then you will face different brand cars every day. Then this launch x431 IV is suitable for you. This one has many software and cables can work on 72 kinds of car models in the market. Or you can choose diagun iii. which software is less than this x431 IV, but still can work on many car models. If you work on BMW store or you are a individual user, then you can choose idiag series. Idiag series support full system diagnose for car. If you only need to diagnose one kind car model, then you can buy one software. Plus software, total cost will not over 200EUR. If you need to diagnose more kind cars in the future, you can buy more software.
Best regards
by jack on Jul 31, 2013
for update, just download the latest software and store it on the cf card, then it will work? or do i need to do others?
Replied by Ada on Jul 31, 2013
Hello Jack,
It is very easy to update. Go to official website, choose download center, then input your serial number. Before we send it to you, we will open the software of your device. Then you will see your latest software. Download it to your computer. Then install the update tool. Use this update tool to release and update the software you download to your CF card. Then you can use it. And there is the user guide in the package, you can follow the user guide to do. 
Best regards
by Mr.jun on Jul 24, 2013
hi have a great day,

im very interested for this product IV-X431 i asking about this product which is the best software update, the previews version or this launch X431 IV, i need your concerned so that i can buy this product, and pls. send me the total price with DHL shipping cost for UAE country..
thank you very much...
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2013
Dear Jun,
Thank you for your interesting. This X431 IV is updated online. I have added the software list on our page, please check. Because it is updated online, almost every month launch company will release new software, so software version is updated quickly. Price is 722 EUR (938.6 USD), shipping cost is 169.6 EUR (220.48 USD), total cost is 891.6 EUR (1159.08 USD). If you want to buy this one, we can give you 5% discount now.
Best regards
by Phil Carr on Jul 24, 2013
on your page, you say this iv work on australian holden and ford, do you test it? or do you have any feedback. because i live australia and this two model are important for me.
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2013
Hello Phil,
Yes. We test it and we have feedbacks from our customers. This x431 iv is very hot and sold on different country. Before we send it out, we will open the authorization for our customers. After we sell this to our customers, we will keep in touch with our customers to collecting information and see if our meet problem or need help. This one is good at diagnose this two models. Quality is very good and feedback from our customers are very good.
Best regards
by Mr.Juan Rojas on Jul 17, 2013
especificamente que motores diesel trabaja

Replied by Ada on Jul 17, 2013
Hello Juan,
Siento decir que este X431 IV no puede wok en los modelos diesel. Si quieres trabajar en el modelo diesel, seleccione GDS favor. Está hecho por la compañía de lanzamiento también. Aquí está el enlace:

Sorry to tell you that this X431 IV cannot wok on diesel models. If you want to work on diesel model, please choose GDS. It is made by Launch company too. Here is the link:
Best regards
by Viktor Spehar on Jun 29, 2013
i have bought x431 master and iv from your website, bad news is that i lost the main test cable of iv, can i use the main test cable for master instead? or do you sell this cable alone?
Replied by Ada on Jun 29, 2013
Hello Viktor,
You cannot do this, the main test cable is different and the connect port on the main unit is different too. We sell this main test cable alone, here is the link:
Best regards
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