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FGTECH Galletto V53 Plus DELL D630 1GB Laptop with 80GB Hard disk

FGTECH Galletto V53 Plus DELL D630 1GB Laptop with 80GB Hard disk

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FGTECH Galletto V53 Plus DELL D630 1GB Laptop with 80GB Hard disk, this package and offer is for resolving customer who can not run fgtech on your own laptop. Every package will be install software and test before shipping, we guarantee it can run successfully on the computer we provide.

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by Mr.bruno on Feb 5, 2014
hi, i want to know if ur fgtech can read captiva processador? and if u have a pic of ecu for i see if is the same ecu that im needing read here, tank u
Replied by Ada on Feb 7, 2014
Hello Bruno,
Sorry i cannot understand your question clearly. This one can read and write a lot of ECUs. You can check the ECU type. If you have the same type ECU, then you can use this one to read and write. Here is the list for your referance:
fgtech can support most ECUs on the list.
Best regards
by Mr.kohli on Jan 27, 2014
please help me to correct this problem my galletto V2 dangle not found
Replied by Ada on Jan 29, 2014
Hello Kohll,
Our fgtech V53 do not have the dongle. Since i do not find your order, i cannot sure if your fgtech v53 is made the same factory as us and can use our dongle break software. This is our dongle break software, maybe you can try this one:
Best regards
by Mr.carlos on Dec 24, 2013
hola quiero saber si funciona o no el bdm, es lo que mas me interesa junto con el tricore, aparte ya e comprado varios galletto( en esta tienda no) y nunca a funcionado el bdm
Replied by Ada on Dec 25, 2013
Hello Mr. Carlos
FGTECH tiene función BDM. K-TAG ​​y KESS V2 no tienen. Ponemos a prueba esta función, obtenemos la respuesta de nuestros clientes, que pueden trabajar en muchos modelos BDM también. Esto puede funcionar en modeles BDM, pero no para todos. ¿Quieres decir que no puedes trabajar en BDM, hay tres razones: este FGTech no trabajar en esta función BDM; su función BDM tiene problema, no utilice esta función en forma correcta.
Best regards
by Tassilo Barth on Sep 20, 2013
i want to purchase cardiag m8 together with this galletto 2 and d630 computer, i need you install the 2013.2 and galletto 2 software on this computer, will it be ok?do i need to pay additional money for the second software installation?
Replied by Ada on Sep 20, 2013
Hello Tassilo,
Sorry to tell you that this two software are both large. We do not advice you to install the two version software on the same computer. Sometimes they will have influence for each other. Such as a few days ago, we help one customer install VAS 5054A software and another software on the same computer. When we install vas 5054a software ready, we test on VW models on our warehouse house, it is ok. After we install another software on the computer, we use this vas 5054a software to test on the same VW model, then it does not work. We will not charge money for the second software installation. It is free.
Best regards
by Mr.muhammet on Jun 3, 2013
selam fg tekn bu ürünün içeriginde purogram varmıdır ecu daki formatı kendim yapmak istiyom haricen purogram satın almak gerekiyormu
Replied by ada on Jun 3, 2013
Hi Muhammet,
Sorry for that i cannot understand your question clearly. This Fgtech V53 can work on cars, trucks, bikes, and tractors. This whole package include the Fgtech V53 whole package and the Dell D630 computer. We will install the software on this computer before we send it to you. Once you get it, you can follow the manual to use this device on your vehicle. It can work via OBD, BDM, J-tag. You can follow the manual to choose the way to work on your ECU. No need to buy other things.

Bunun için özür dilerim ben açıkça sorunuzu anlayamıyorum. Bu Fgtech V53 otomobil, kamyon, bisiklet ve traktör üzerinde çalışabilirsiniz. Bu bütün paketi Fgtech V53 bütün paketi ve Dell D630 bilgisayar içerir. Size göndermeden önce bu bilgisayar yazılımı kuracaktır. Bir kez bunu almak, aracınızın bu cihazı kullanmak için manuel takip edebilirsiniz. Bu OBD, BDM, J-etiketi ile çalışabilir. Eğer ECU üzerinde çalışmak için bir yol seçmek için manuel takip edebilirsiniz. Başka hiçbir şey satın almanız gerekir.
Best regards
by Mr.nick vernon on Mar 6, 2013
can you make sure that i can use this computer to install the software v53 successfully 100%? i does not know how to install the software, i am interested in this galletto 2 v53, but i must use it 100%.
Replied by ada on Mar 6, 2013
Dear Nick,
Yes. We test V53 software on our Dell D630 computer before we send the product to our customers. We can install the V53 software on this computer successfully. This V53 software has high requirement for the computer. If you afraid your computer does not fit the software, you can buy the galletto together with our Dell D630 computer. If you still afraid you do not know how to install the software, we can install the software ready before we send the package to you. Our this computer is English language, XP system. There are many language to choose for V53 software, when you place the order, please leave the message to tell us which language you want. After you get the package from DHL, you can directly use it. When you place the order, please leave your phone number and confirm the shipping information.
Best regards
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