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FVDI2 Commander For V-A-G VW Audi Seat Skoda Get a lot of software for free

FVDI2 Commander For V-A-G VW Audi Seat Skoda Get a lot of software for free

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FVDI2 Abrites Commander for VAG Group-VW/AUDI/SEAT/Skoda(V24.0)
1.Package come with Free OBD Termination Full version software
2.Free J2534 Software
3.Package cancel USB Dongle, no need anymore.
Now buy, free get Honda HDS V3.102,JLR SDD V150.00,TIS V12.00.124,VCM IDS ,OBD Terminator VAG + Hyundai+ Kia + Tag + (daf or bikes)Software.

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by Mr.Peter Hedström on Dec 7, 2019
Hello. Will this device be able to remove Component Protection on Audi A6 2016 modules and adapt new modules?
Replied by Eason on Dec 11, 2019
about this tool, it has stoped productions, you can choose VAS 6154 Diagnostic Tool.

wait your reply ,thank you!

by Mr.Emir on Oct 19, 2016
I need software for audi a6, correction mileage. The vehicle is new, delivered to the 29/07/2016. Does this software supports the latest generation of vehicles?

Thank you
Replied by jolly on Oct 20, 2016
Hi Mr.Emir,
Do you mean you wanna buy this kind of software ? or any others ? i am kinda confused
by Giacomo Diana on Mar 22, 2015
hello ada,
today fvdi software give me prompt like this:
attention please check whether internet connection is available in order to perform hardware synchronization ........
what should i do now? for the past three month, i use this one normally without any problem? or this prompt is caused by other reason?
Replied by Ada on Mar 23, 2015
Hello Giacomo,
Just click OK and ignore it. This one is the normal prompt. Go on the use it.
Best regards
by Mr.Tom on Mar 17, 2015
Can I use this software on Windows 7 ?
Replied by Ada on Mar 17, 2015
Hello Tom,
Better to use it on XP. From our feedback, XP system users usually do not have any problem. User who meet problem when install the software, system are win7, after we ask them change the system, problem will solve.
Best regards
by Pong Limnara on Mar 12, 2015
the new vag software i just got, works wonderfully, have made alot of keys already. diagnose function also test a fewer cars, up to now, no problem
Replied by Ada on Mar 12, 2015
Hello Pong,
Happy to hear you can use it successfully and without problem.
Best regards
by Joo Guerreiro on Jan 20, 2015
can i use fvdi test VW beetle?
Replied by Ada on Jan 20, 2015
Hello Joo,
Yes. FVDI support diagnose for vw beetle.
Best regards
by Ricardo Rodrigues on Nov 23, 2014
i need to do 2000--2014 years of the Volkswagen and Audi for mileage and key programming, which tool is more appropriate?
Replied by Ada on Nov 23, 2014
Hello Richardo,
For digimaster3, it is best for mileage programmer, but for keys, mainly for before 2012. For FVDI and SVDI, it support keys even on some 2014, but for mileage programming, mainly work on vehicles done by OBD port.
Best regards
by axel on Oct 23, 2014
when this avdi/fvdi go back to sell? i need it urgently, can you push factory to speed up the development speed???
Replied by Ada on Oct 23, 2014
Hello Axel,
Sorry, we also hope they update it as soon as possible. When it go back to sell, i will tell you via email.
Best regards
by Jeffrey Schepp on Sep 5, 2014
Can you please give me a price for

FVDI Mercedes + free gift software
FVDI Mercedes + BMW +free software

price for additional software if bought later ?
and any discounts avalible ?
Replied by Ada on Sep 5, 2014
Hello Jeffrey,
I have send the price to your email, please check.
Best regards
by fabian castillo garrido on Aug 14, 2014
i have a car 2002 Audi A4, i need to program a new key, this fvdi support this?
Replied by Ada on Aug 14, 2014
Hello Fabian,
FVDI, SVDI and VVDI is more good at keys after 2007. For keys before 2007, it can support most part from the feedback, but not for all. If you only want to program this key, you can choose SBB, CK100 or the key pro m8 these professional key programmer. It has more good for your car for key programming.
Best regards
by ben saber on Jun 12, 2014
do you have the old v18 software? one friend bought v21 vag fvdi on your site, i want to buy it from you again, i still want to have both v18 and v21 software, can you add v18 software cd in my order? i want to compare them.
Replied by Ada on Jun 12, 2014
Hello Ben,
Sorry to tell you that now we only have latest V21 software. Old V18 software have stopped produce. Now our FVDI is the updated version, both for software and hardware. So it is very steady now. You can use your friend's FVDI to test.
Best regards
by Mr.Dmitrii on Mar 28, 2014
What is the difference FVDI Commander For VAG from SVDI Commander VAG?
I heard that version FVDI v21 does not work with cars UDS-Protocol (new cars) is it cirrect?
Best regards.
Replied by Ada on Mar 30, 2014
Hello Dmitrii,
SVDI and FVDI has the same function. SVDI version is V18, FVDI is V21. SVDI has free BMW software, FVDI does not have. I ask our engineer, our FVDI VAG can work UDS protocol cars. Compared with FVDI, SVDI is more steady and price is lower now.
Best regards

by Mr.Tom on Jan 17, 2014
Hi Ada
How much The update cost after one year
Replied by Ada on Jan 17, 2014
Hello Tom,
Now it is free to update within one year. Because FVDI series is released on this year, still in the range of free update. For one year later update fee, factory still do not decide. If you do not update the software, software can be used as usual, every function will be used as usual, it will not lock.
Best regards
by stéphane byram on Jan 14, 2014
all function is included? do i need to pay extra money to open the authorization for functions shown on your page? or buy other cables like dongle ect. to use special functions?
Replied by Ada on Jan 14, 2014
Hello Stephane,
Dongle is included in the package. This is the whole package, including all cables and software. You can use the function shown on our page, do not need to pay money, every function is free to use on the software. Do not need to pay any money in the future.
Best regards
by rome on Oct 7, 2013
fvdi has tokens? or usage limition? or software will become invalid in the future?
Replied by Ada on Oct 7, 2013
Hello Rome,
You can use it all the time, it will not lock or become invalid.
Best regards
by aleksandar on Oct 6, 2013
can i use this vag fvdi to clear the immo code? or can you recommend other tools has this function?
Replied by Ada on Oct 6, 2013
Hello Aleksandar,
Sorry, this FVDI VAG commander can not be used to clear the immo code. And we do not have the tool has this function up to now.
Best regards
by Gordon Webb on Aug 12, 2013
how do you charge for update?
Replied by Ada on Aug 12, 2013
Hello Gordon,
Every device has the serial number. If you want to update it, please give us the serial number of your device. We will send the serial number to factory, and send the new software of your device to you via email. Up to now, it is free update for one year. After one year, if you do not want to update, every function you can use as usual, device will not be locked.
Best regards
by dominik szczap on Jul 16, 2013
update now? or this one can update?
Replied by Ada on Jul 16, 2013
Hello Domonik,
Software can be updated. But this is the newest software up to now. Once factory new released software, we will release the new version on our website.
Best regards
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