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V2020.06 WIFI MB SD C4 Connect Compact 4 Benz Star Diagnosis with Software HDD

V2020.06 WIFI MB SD C4 Connect Compact 4 Benz Star Diagnosis with Software HDD

  • Item No. SP100-D-S
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MB SD C4 support reading out & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. MB SD Connect Compact 4 support wireless diagnose, support K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol, fit all computers, with multi-language.

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by Mr.Delano Delano on Aug 26, 2019
Does 2019.7 SD C4 program 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Signal Acquisition Module?
Replied by Su jinyu on Aug 26, 2019
Hello, Mr.Delano Delano
YES!And programming online
by Mr.Minmoy on Aug 5, 2019
Hello ,
Does the software version 7.2019 include model N293 ( MB EQC)?
Please let me know.
Thank you
Replied by Eason on Aug 5, 2019
About N293, what model?
this is support list, please see:
Passenger Car Support List:

A(176),  A(169),  A(168),  B(246),  B(245),  CLC(117),  C(204)  C(203),  C(202),  190(201),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),  S(220),  S(140),  S(126),  
E(207),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  CL(215),  CL(140)  SLK(172),  SLK(171),  SLK(170),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),  SLS(197),  
M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(463),  G(461),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),S(220),  S(140),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  
CL(215),  CL(140),  SLK(172),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),SLS(197),  M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(460),  GL(164),  GLK(204),  R(251)

Van Support List:

MB 100(631),  T1,  SprinterIII,  SprinterII,  SprinterI,  Sprinter900,  Citan,  Vito(639),  Vito(638), V(638),   Viano(639),  T2,  Vario,  Vaneo(414)

Truck Support List:

Actros963/4,  Actros2,3,  AtegoIII,  AtegoII,  AxorII,  Eonic,  Zetros,  Actros,  Atego Light,  Atego Heavey,  HPN M96,  Atron,  HPN M2000,  SKL,  FSK,  Further model series

Unimog Support List

U20,  UGN,  UHN

Bus Support List:


Minibus,  OC500,  TOURO,  TOURINO,  MBC,  MULITEGO,  O500,  O500/OH,  OH,  OH368,  OF,  OF384,  LO,  O400,  


Super Sports Car Support List:

by Mr.peter on Mar 28, 2019
that sd connect c4 does not work at all. the software runs but the sd connect just doesnt work with the laptop. dont know if it is not configured correctly or the lan cable is faulty. bought the super mb star c3 and never had a problem. over four years now
Replied by Eason on Mar 28, 2019
please tell us your order number, and about this problem, can you show the video or picture to us? this is our email:

thank you!
by bilal joumaa on May 23, 2018
please i need your assist on the bellow issue. i perches the C4 hard drive online and i am facing difficulties accessing almost all the programs, all is asking about the licenses keys , my phone number is 00233268108888, please consider this issue as an urgent issue since i am loosing every day a lot of money.
Replied by Eason on May 23, 2018
Can you tell us your order number?

by bilal joumaa on May 23, 2018
i am not happy at all , i perches the C4 hard drive and i can use it after the installation my id is: 878277149 , password is 8027 , after waiting for more then 2 weeks i can use the tools, and i cant get any support, my phone number is 00233268108888
Replied by Eason on May 23, 2018
can you tell us your order number?

by Mr.Alpha on Jan 16, 2018
please it can Learning the drive authorization
system on new module as TCM... ECM... BCM....?
Replied by Eason on Jan 17, 2018
Yes, it can support.

by Eacherm on Aug 4, 2016
this version enable start. when blocked in accident ?
Replied by Eason on Aug 4, 2016

This version usually can not be blocked during the process of operation,you need not worry about that. If it really blocked in accident, you should ship it back and we will repair for you.

Best Regards

by Evgeniy Kachak on Dec 13, 2015
hi ada,
thanks for Vediamo gift sfotware, when i open it, its window display Ecoute“ as a simulation", is it normal?
Replied by Ada on Dec 13, 2015
Hello Evgeniy,
Yes. This is normal. Please go on to use it.
Best regards
Hola,buenos dias.
Queria saber si el 2015.9 WIFI MB SD

¿es compatible con Windows Vista?

Un saludo y muchas gracias.
Replied by Ada on Oct 13, 2015
HDD viene con el sistema XP. Usted puede utilizar directamente él. No importa lo que el sistema para su PC.
Best regards
by DAVID GIL LOPEZ on Oct 6, 2015
Thank you Ada, got my goods in good condition, thanks.
by philip cottingham on Aug 3, 2015
Hi Ada
thank you for your video, now i find the code. Can you please send me activation for Vediamo.
HardwareID: 5TE9A-72A66-5WD2G-GRS23

Thank you
Replied by Ada on Aug 3, 2015
Hello Philip,
Here is the code you need:
Best regards
by philip cottingham on Aug 3, 2015
ada help please, how to install the vediamo software? where can i find the code for activation?i have no clue do it, do you have some instructions?
Replied by Ada on Aug 3, 2015
Hello Philip,
Here is the vediamo software installation and activation video:
Please follow this video install the software step by step.
Best regards
by holly on Jul 23, 2015
i see there is new star c5 in the market, do you have c5? i have interest in this one
Replied by Ada on Jul 23, 2015
Hello Holly,
Yes. We have star c5. This one is going to release soon. Real goods like this one. It has PC, software is preinstalled on the PC.
mb star c5 benz diagnostic tool
Best regards

by Vincents Motors on Jun 18, 2015
Hi ,
We have bought STAR SD 4 of you a few years ago and want to update the hardrive on to our Dell computer (laptop)
you supplied with the hardware.
Replied by Ada on Jun 18, 2015
Hello Vincents,
Here is the latest software hdd, you can choose d630 format to place the order:
Best regards
by jake on Jun 11, 2015
It's already working now, I can use to work on my Mercedes 2012 GLK 350.
Replied by Ada on Jun 11, 2015
Hello Jake,
Happy to hear you can use the software now. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by jake on Jun 3, 2015
hello ada, i cannot find the hardware id, where is it? i need get this to activate the DAS. otherwise it cannot open
Replied by Ada on Jun 3, 2015
Hello Jake,
Check your desktop and find this icon, click it, then you will see hardware id, send it to

Best regards
by kim sang gi on May 13, 2015
which star is better for these cars E212,207, 222,205, c3 or c4?
Replied by Ada on May 13, 2015
Hello Kim,
Your car belongs to new version. Old star C3 cannot work on your car, you need to choose this SD C4 to work.
Best regards
by Jozsef on May 6, 2015
As your knowledge what is the best tool for benz truck between super c3 and SD C4 and ordinary c4?
Replied by Ada on May 6, 2015
Hello Jozsef,
SD C4 is the best diagnostic tool for benz truck from the feedback among all star series.
Best regards
by Andreas Fleischer on Apr 28, 2015
is it able to change the Governor parameters for Mercedes-Benz Actros MB3? you have other to chose?
Replied by Ada on Apr 28, 2015
Hello Andreas,
Sorry to tell you this one cannot do this. For your function, you need to choose super mb star c3, item number SP45-B on our website.
Best regards
by tony vassali on Apr 27, 2015
2007 GL450, diagnosis and coding function, do you offer this?
Replied by Ada on Apr 27, 2015
Hello Tony,
This SD C4 support diagnose and coding function. For coding function for your car, i am afraid you need to open SCN online coding.
Best regards
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