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MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface For GM Group with Original Chip Best Quality Without  WIFI Card (Choose SP163-B/D)

MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface For GM Group with Original Chip Best Quality Without WIFI Card (Choose SP163-B/D)

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1. MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface for GM is made up by original chips, you can use it with original software.
2. With GDS2 diagnostic system, it supports online programming, wireless communication and so on. (Wifi Car won't come with parcel)

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by Mr.jun on Jun 12, 2016
hi ada, can i install HOLDEN software for this MDI. i mean Australian holden chevrolet vehicles and how? and what model we can used this tech2win i need to know and i purchase this MDI.
thank you reply me asap.
Replied by jolly on Jun 17, 2016
Hi Mr.jun,
Sorry, this item can nto work with Australian holden chevrolet 
This item mostly support American models. 
For tech2win, it supports GM and Opel 
by Alejandro Montero on May 2, 2016
repuesta sobre una compra
Replied by Lai libin on May 2, 2016
Hola Alejandro,
¡Buen día!
Lo siento por el retraso de respuesta ya que estábamos de vacaciones del Día del Trabajo, se le reembolsará el dinero una vez que volvamos a trabajar.
B.R Lai
by Vitalie Cojocari on Oct 21, 2015
Thank you for all and best regards.
by Duthuy on Oct 21, 2015
i need to know if there is a possibilety to fix millege problem with your artikel ? thank you
Replied by Ada on Oct 21, 2015
Hello Duthuy,
Very sorry to tell you this one does not support mileage changing for GM vehicles.
Best regards
by steph devlle on Jun 30, 2015
do you have good tool for GM Chevrolet Spark EV 2015 Mode?
Replied by Ada on Jun 30, 2015
Hello Steph,
Sorry your car is too new, we do not have good tool for this.
Best regards
by Gerald Harmse on Jun 11, 2015
i am trying to install the one I bought but not going thru. i have no idea how to install it,
What can I do. Pls help out
Replied by Ada on Jun 11, 2015
Hello Gerald,
Do not worry, we have made the software installation video:
Please follow the video to install and activate the software, send your activation file to If you still do not know how to install it, we will install it for you by teamviwer.
Best regards
by Valeriane Koch on Jun 7, 2015
in package with MDI is only OPEL CD?
Replied by Ada on Jun 7, 2015
Hello Valeriane,
No, there are different cd, one for Chevrolet, one for opel, you can install the one you want to install 
Best regards
by Rudolf Kreimer on May 25, 2015
i get the license you send to me. now software open normally, i will test cars in this week. if it is very good, i will buy more from you. Do you have keygen for OPEL and keygen for CHEVROLET? do you sell it? in the future if i will buy large quantity, i need activate it for myself
Replied by Ada on May 25, 2015
Hello Rudolf,
Happy to hear you can use it now. Please test it and tell me the result. Any needs, please contact me. We do not sell keygen. We provide free activation for this software.
Best regards
by samba marega on May 17, 2015
nice activation, now it works
by azim choudry on May 5, 2015
thanks for your fast reply, i have paid, check it. send it to meby dhl soon please
Replied by Ada on May 5, 2015
Hello Azim,
I see your order. Your order has been sent to our warehouse now. we will make the delivery soon. You will get it on this week. DHL usually needs 3-5 days on the way.
Best regards
by azim choudry on May 5, 2015
how do i know if my order is dispatched yet? should i leave my phone number on your site? is it safe for your delivery?
Replied by Ada on May 5, 2015
Hello Azim,
Thank you for your interesting. 
1) After your order is sent from our shipping company, we will give you tracking number, send it to you by email.
2) Give us your phone number when you place the order, DHL will call you when parcel arrive you.
3) We will send it to you by DHL, or you need YANWEN express, EMS, UPS, TNT? These shipping method are safe. If parcel lost on the way, we will refund your money or resend you a new one.
Best regards
by nathan mc mahon on May 5, 2015
hello ada, i get the parcel now, thanks for your fast delivery, i am seeing the video now, i will send you activation file later. will contact you if necessary. thank you again
Replied by Ada on May 5, 2015
Hello Nathan,
Happy to hear you get the parcel now. Please send the activation file to
Best regards
by mohamed amrouci on Apr 7, 2015
Hello! I need your help to activate my mdi for gm scanner with to n. order CK15022367321 what i buy from you. Please help me Thank you
Replied by Ada on Apr 7, 2015
Hello mohamed,
Please see the attached video:, and follow the video to activate your software, send the activation file to If you still cannot do that, please contact me on skype, we will activate it for you by remote control.
Best regards
by Itzhak Hizami on Mar 9, 2015
Hi there
Does the Item Wireless MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface come with software to use this cable?
Also what date does it expire?
Replied by Ada on Mar 9, 2015
Hello Itzhak,
Thank you for your interesting. It comes with software. it can be used for all the time, no time limitation.
Best regards
by Aoki Toshiaki on Dec 10, 2014
hello, do you see my order? CK14120872045, Have my order been sent yet?
Replied by Ada on Dec 10, 2014
Hello Aoki,
Your order has left our warehouse yesterday, we have get the internal tracking number, today will clear the clearance and get the external tracking number, i will give you external tracking number today.
Best regards
by marcin kniaz on Nov 21, 2014
hello dear obd2express team,
i am very interested in your vcm2 for ford and gm mdi scanner. now i have the following question need to know:
1) can i use your machine together with original factory connections?
2) official vcm website can communicate with your vcm2? your software can scan the machine just like the original scan tool?
3) IDS software is licensed?
4) firmware will be updated in the future?
thx for your answers
Replied by Ada on Nov 21, 2014
Hello Marcin,
Thank you for your interesting.
For GM MDI, answer is yes. For Ford VCM2, we are not sure, because we do not test it with orignal one. But up to now, no customer reflect he cannot use it with original. For Ford vcm2, we do not have the account for original factory, so do not test it. But if you can download the data you want to program from official website, you can program it.
Best regards
by Diana Enriquez on Nov 2, 2014
i have one tech2, i want to know if i can use your mdi hardware work together with my tech2 software
Replied by Ada on Nov 2, 2014
Hello Diana,
do you mean tech2 win software? our gm mdi has this software inside. They can work together.
Best regards
by Mr.jun on Nov 2, 2014
hi ada MDI is good for online programming of GMC new transmission control unit (TCM) or also reprogramming?
Replied by Ada on Nov 3, 2014
Hello Jun,
GM MDI can do the offline programming for opel and Europe Chevrolet. For other cars, needs online programming. Our GM MDI support online programming if you have the online programming accounet for original factory. The used ECU cannot be reprogrammed.
Best regards
by Simon Rowe on Sep 18, 2014
what is the best price for 2pcs gm mdi, please reply me soon
Replied by Ada on Sep 18, 2014
Hello Simon,
I have sent the price to you, please check your email.
Best regards
by ilia khmelnitsky on Jul 21, 2014
will you provide the verification code for "birth certificate"? or will you help me calculate the activation software code? is it free? or how much does it cost?
Replied by Ada on Jul 21, 2014
Hello Ilia,
Thank you for your interesting. Our GM MDI does not need verification code for "birth certificate". We will calculate the activation software for you. It is totally free.
Best regards
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