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High quality Consult 3 III Professional Diagnostic Tool for Nissan without bluetooth

High quality Consult 3 III Professional Diagnostic Tool for Nissan without bluetooth

  • Item No. SP38-B
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Consult 3 with 11 kinds of language can work on almost all Nissan car models from almost all Nissan car models from different regions, including Japan, North America, Europe.

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by Gabriel Mirmeci on Oct 22, 2019
I am interested in the product,Could you confirm to me that I can do the PATROL GR 3 litres GDi ?
Replied by Su jinyu on Oct 22, 2019
YES!It can do PATROL GR 3 litres GDi
by Mr.Millet on Dec 17, 2016
Is this SP 38 B Only a diagnostic tool are can I reprogram my TCM of a Navara 2006?
Replied by Eason on Dec 21, 2016
Sorry,it can't support reprogram TCM of a Navara 2006
by Andrea Bolog on Nov 3, 2016
good tool!
Replied by Eason on Nov 3, 2016

Good day!

Thanks for your support of our website.

Best regards
by Munnek on Oct 31, 2016
I placed an order yesterday,please tell me tracking number.
Replied by Eason on Oct 31, 2016

We have send tracking number  to you by email, please check,thank you.

Best regards
by Jesun on Aug 18, 2016
Does this unit supported NISSAN truck ?
Replied by Eason on Aug 18, 2016
Hello, Jesun
Sorry,It not can support truck.
Any questions,feel free contact to us.
Best Regards
by Mr.luke pietsch on Mar 18, 2016
can you mark down low price for import tax?
by Mr.miguel acosta on Nov 17, 2015
Buena nesecito un equipo para la prograsion dela computadora del motor . computadora dela transmision y bodycontrol modulo y llaves de Nissan y infinity espero repuesta lo ante possible grasias
Replied by Ada on Nov 17, 2015
Hello Miguel,
Gracias por su interesante ti. Éste puede apoyar el diagnóstico de motor, transmisión y otra de ecus. Si desea programar las teclas, tiene que elegir el número de artículo SP38 Nissan consulta y tarjeta de seguridad:
Número de artículo SP38-B Nissan consulta no puede trabajar en conjunto con tarjeta de seguridad. Otros Nissan consulta pueden trabajar.
Thank you for your interesting. This one can support diagnose for engine, transmision and other ECU. If you want to program keys, you need to choose item number SP38 nissan consult and Security Card:
Item number SP38-B nissan consult cannot work together with security card. Others nissan consult can work.
Best regards
by Mr.abraham oppong on Jun 28, 2015
i have the consult 3 but i have the serial number totally for it how can i get it
Replied by Ada on Jun 28, 2015
Hello Abraham,
What can i do for you. What function you want to do? Please give me your order number and more information for what you want to do with this consult 3.
Best regards
by Cameron swanigan on Jun 8, 2015
how is the ECU coding function for consult 3 for nissan?
Replied by Ada on Jun 8, 2015
Hello Cameron,
This consult 3 is not very good at ECU coding function. Please try item number SP38 + programmer Card.
Best regards
by Mr.Jonathan Durand on Aug 20, 2014
I have a Nissan Serena 2007 C25 with transmission issues. Transaxle: REOF10A can I calibrate it or only read the fault codes? It has a MR20 (DE) engine can I adjust the timing or can I just read the fault codes
Replied by Ada on Aug 20, 2014
Hello Jonathan,
We do not test this. This main function is diagnose. It can read and erase the fault code. ECU programming function is not good.
Best regards
by Geoffrey van der Burg on Apr 5, 2014
test it on Nissan X-Trail 2006, good work. data is displayed on screen and accurate
Replied by Ada on Apr 5, 2014
Hello Geoffrey,
Thank you for your sharing. 
Best regards
by Arthur Esclamada on Mar 4, 2014
nissan 3 work with Hybrid vehicles? only nissan? the range year? what about lexus, any advice do you have?
Replied by Ada on Mar 4, 2014
Hello Arthur,
Thank you for your interesting, this nissan consult 3 can support part hybrid vehicles till 2011, only for nissan models, cannot work on lexus.
Best regards
by Mr.philip collins essien on Nov 16, 2013
Hello,please can this tool do throttle body alignment,and key program.thank you.
Best regards.
Replied #1. by Ada on Nov 18, 2013
Hello Philip,
We do not test throttle body alignment this function. If you want to program key, please choose Nissan consult 3 (SP38) or nissan consult 3 plus (SP118) and security card (SO143). This nissan consult 3 (SP38-B) cannot work together with other card.
Best regards
Replied #2. by Ada on Nov 18, 2013
Hello Philip,
We confirm this throttle body alignment function with factory again. Factory nissan consult 3 has throttle body matching function.
Best regards
by Mr.Antonio Espada on Oct 15, 2013
How could I update the software version?
Is this model with bluetooth?
How I wire it to a laptop?
Replied by Ada on Oct 15, 2013
Hello Antonio,
Up to now, this one only has this version. No newer software to update at present. This item number SP38-B is not the bluetooth version, SP38 is the bluetooth version. But this SP38 is made by the original working method, more steady. For this one, you need to connect the device with your car and laptop then diagnose.
Best regards
by Mr.Oleg Piven on Aug 29, 2013
can i install this software on win7? or this must need xp? sp38 and this sp38-b, all of them are nissan consult 3, which one is better?
Replied by Ada on Aug 29, 2013
Hello Oleg,
Yes. Nissan consult 3 software only can be installed on XP system. It does not fit win7 or win8. This one is made by the original factory working method. Software and hardware is more steady. This one does not have bluetooth. If you do not need bluetooth function, then choose this one.
Best regards
by bobo gold on Jul 12, 2013
hey, i see the gtr card on your shop, can i use together with this one?
by bobo gold on Jul 12, 2013
hey, i see the gtr card on your shop, can i use together with this one?
Replied by Ada on Jul 12, 2013
Hello Bobo,
This Nissan consult 3 is made by the different method, can not used the GTR, Safe or othe programming card on our website for nissan consult series. For other nissan consult series, can use these cards, except for this one.
Best regards
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