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OEM V108 VCM2 Ford IDS Diagnostic Tool for Ford Support Multi-language

OEM V108 VCM2 Ford IDS Diagnostic Tool for Ford Support Multi-language

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As OEM diagnostic tool for Ford, VCM II provides full dealer diagnostic capabilities for most 16 pin Fords, including Ford vehicles from old to latest. Read/Clear DTCs, program ECUs, keys, PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Injector Coding and so on. More function are added.

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by Mr.Joe on Jul 8, 2019
Can you ship to Venezuela? how long will it take?, and costs
Replied by Eason on Jul 9, 2019
yes, we can ship to Venezuela, the delivery time is 3-7 working days.
thank you!

by Mr.Antonio Mark on Apr 20, 2019
Does the Ford IDS work with all Ford trucks? This is all I really work on, Not cars ...
Do all functions of the software work like my dealers would on the trucks? PCM programing, Pats system for keys, injector coding?
Replied by Eason on Apr 22, 2019
sorry, about this tool,it can not support truck. 

thank you!
by Mr.Sebastjan on May 7, 2018
Can I reprogram ICU and PCM modul of 2002 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi with vcm2 sp177?
Do I need an account for programming ecu modules?
Is there everything included (IDS, calibration files and drivers) for programing ecu modules?
Replied by Eason on May 7, 2018
yes, it can support reprogram ICU and PCM modul of 2002 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi.and you need have online account.thank you!

by Mr.Morten on Oct 19, 2017
What do I need to program American Trucks and SUV's? Currently having 2004 f250 6l and expedition.
Do the vcm come with a vds CD? If you don't mind I would like links to hardware and software for my applications
Replied by Eason on Oct 20, 2017
The vcm have come with VDS CD.Do you want to buy it?
by Mr.Lee on Sep 17, 2017
Can you confirm if this will work with a 2005 Ford F-350 with 6.0L Diesel?
Replied by Eason on Sep 18, 2017
For ford F-350, you can to try.May not be very stable.
by keleng serbad on Jun 30, 2017
I have place order, please check,and ship to me by YANWEN express, thanks
Replied by Eason on Jun 30, 2017
Have a good day
OK,no problem, we will agrrange ship by YANWEN.
by Mr.Martin Murphy on Mar 15, 2017
I see my original post has been deleted my item I purchase was sp177 but you sent me sp177-1 I have sent pictures to your engineers they sent me a video link to the wrong version of software installation I've got with the machine version v101 the link you sent me is for version v98 also it will not do reprogram my transmission control module as you can see in the comments below you said it would I would like a full refund or replacement like I said before I'm thinking of changing models and this is the model number I would like to try sp177-c
Replied by Eason on Mar 15, 2017
For V98 installation, it is the same as V101, you can install v101 instead of v98.
Here is video to show the installation.
For the VCM II, we sent SP177, not  SP177-1. if you want to update to SP177-C, need to send it back to replace, also need to pay for the price difference.
But for the three versions, software are all the same, need to follow the video to install step by step.
by Mr.MARTIN on Mar 5, 2017
will this programmed (durashift trnsmission control module) on ford fusion 2003 if so how quick can you get it to me
Replied by Eason on Mar 5, 2017
Yes,It can support.we can arrange shipping to you by DHL.
by Mr.Prisco Luigi on Jan 17, 2017
Buon giorno.sono interessato per l'aquisto e volevo sapere se in seguito era aggiornabile?io sono gia Ford ed e compatibile con l'IDS che usa Ford.Grazie della disponibilita
Replied by Eason on Jan 18, 2017
This tool the version is V100.01 now, Any news,Please pay attention to our website news & Notice
Best Regards
by Mr.David Roni on Apr 8, 2016
Thank you for your help, I will always be a customer. D
by Mr.Alexander M. on Jan 18, 2016

1. What is the difference between SP177/SP177-C1/SP177-1
2. What does Quality A / Quality B mean?
3. Which one should I buy if I do not need wi-fi features, but need stable work of all functions, including flashing of modules for, e.g. Kuga II 2013?
4. What is the latest version of adapter (I mean hardware part in it) today?

Thanks for answer.
Replied by Ada on Jan 19, 2016
Hello Alexander,
1) They are made by different factory, SP177-C1 quality is better than SP177 and SP177-1. PCB has some difference, you can see the attached photo on description page.
2) They are made by different chips. you can see PCB photo, then you will know what is quality A, what is quality B. Quality A is bettery than quality B.
3) If you do not need WIFI, if you need good quality, then choose SP177-C, if you need cheaper version, then SP177. This series has flash function, but we do not test this function on Kuga II 2013.
4) This one hardware does not have the exact version. From software V96 on, factory use the new version hardware. So if your VCM II software is older than V96 when you buy it, then cannot use new software like V96, V97 and V98. Except for update it first.
Best regards
by Mr.Keith on Dec 28, 2015
This tool is ok. The only issue im having is when I go to reprogram, I click Module Programming-As built -IPC then I hit tick and I get vehicle has low voltage error. Its a new 2016 explorer and I know battery is not bad. Any solution for this? Im currently using v97.
Replied by Ada on Dec 29, 2015
Hello Keith,
It is strange. Because our tool do not have this feedback up to now. Please give me your order number, QC mark on your main unit. And video or photos for how to use this function and error photo.
Best regards
by Mr.broehl bruno on Jul 30, 2015
bonjour, votre VCMII est il compatible avec une ford mondeo tdci de 2002 ?
Replied by Ada on Jul 30, 2015
Hello Broehl,
Merci pour votre intéressante. Votre voiture est sur la liste soutenue.
Best regards
by Peter Dallinger on Apr 30, 2015
I have the VCM II since 1 year, and i must say very the item is very good, the wireless function works also with 2 D-Link Adapters.
The support is also very good better as in Europe.
I have some problems when i am programing the PCM from a Ford Mondeo 3 (cruise control activating there is a communication error ?!?!?!) the same fault is also with the original dealer equipment, my Ford Dealer think this is a software problem.
In the next days i will try the V94 Version.
Replied by Ada on May 4, 2015
Hello Peter,
Please give me the following information. For PCM programming function, it can work on part cars, not all cars, we need to know if you use it rightly or other problem:
1) What year for your car?
2) What error code you get? give me the error photo
3) What version software you use for this VCM II
4) How to you use this software to program PCM, please give me the video or photo.
Best regards
by Pierre de on Oct 8, 2014
amazing delivery speed, high quality and meet all my needs for car test
by Mr.Peter Fachinger on Sep 2, 2014

your goods will be dispatched from UK or from China?
Will there be customs duties to that?
Replied by Ada on Sep 2, 2014
Hello Peter,
We send the goods from china, to most europan countries, we can write 27USD as the value for this product and send by DHL (3-5 days on the way). You only need to pay the tax for this declared value 27USD. Or if you do not want to pay any tax, we can send it to you by YANWEN express, 7-14 days on the way. We pay the tax.
Best regards
by Mr.K on Jun 25, 2014
Can this unit remove the speed limiter on ford transit van...I need unit that can remove or adjust speed limiter...thanks
Replied by Ada on Jun 25, 2014
Hello K,
I ask our engineer, this one cannot remove the speed limiter, and we do not have good tool to recommend for this function.
Best regards
by Mr.Mare Marcel on Apr 25, 2014
I want to buy your vcm2,v86,but I can pay just Monday.can u keep one pices of this vcm2 v86?????
Replied by Ada on Apr 25, 2014
Hello Mare,
I check the stock a moment ago, it has 64 Pcs on our warehouse. You can buy it on monday and we will send it to you when get your order.
Best regards
by Mr.philip on Apr 13, 2014
how are u?please i have a jaguar x-type 2004 and i want to replace my ecu.
please can this tool program my ecu?
if yes can you give me the instruction on how to program it.cos i want to a dealer work shop and saw the person use this same tool and he was not able to program my my car is till at home.
if no please can you let me know which tool can program my jaguar x-type 2004 ecu.
thank you.
hope to hear from you sooner.
Replied by Ada on Apr 13, 2014
Hello Philip,
Sorry to tell you that Ford vcm ii only can work on Ford car models, cannot work o Jaguar or other car models. I ask our engineer, up to now, no good tools for your car.
Best regards
by Mr.Vincent on Apr 7, 2014
Bonjour, le bo├«tier permet il de reprogrammer les options de la voiture, activer et d├ęsactiver des options?
Replied by Ada on Apr 7, 2014
Hello Vincent,
Désolé je ne peux pas comprendre clairement votre question. Ce diagnostic de soutien Ford VCM II et la programmation.
Best regards
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