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800 tokens The Key Pro M8 Key Programmer Diagnostic Professional Locksmith Tool

800 tokens The Key Pro M8 Key Programmer Diagnostic Professional Locksmith Tool

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With this Key Pro M8 Key Programmer, you can freely program keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide. All the software needed is free to send. Key Pro M8 Key Programmer reads many Pin Codes. Update online. Make key programming more effective and convenience.

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by Jonathan on Nov 9, 2016
When is it back in stock
Replied by Jane on Nov 9, 2016
Thanks very much for your message, but sorry, the product is already stopped producing, unable to offer any more. hope your understanding.
by Mr.mohammed sulaiyam on Nov 6, 2015
Does it updated online?
Replied by Ada on Nov 6, 2015
Hello mohammed,
Please see our update video. When new software release, factory will release it, and you can download the latest update tool from factory website, and use this downloaded update tool to update your key pro m8 to latest version.
Best regards
by Ferdinand Polacek on Nov 5, 2015
I am looking for a key programmer tool that can do Mercedes and BMW. Recently bought a CK100 but is limited to what i want
Replied by Ada on Nov 5, 2015
Hello Ferdinand,
CK100 does not support benz and bmw key programming. If you want to program this two brand, please choose CMK100:
or Benz keys, you need to use keys made by yanhua company, for BMW keys, you can use keys made by any company.
Best regards
by Ɓukasz Musz on Aug 17, 2015
security calculator pictured is included in the package? is it free to use?
Replied by Ada on Aug 17, 2015
Hello Lukasz,
Yes. This is free to use.
Best regards
by moustafa saadoun on Aug 16, 2015
when do you have the update for vhiecle nissan pathfinder from 2013
Replied by Ada on Aug 16, 2015
Hello Moustafa,
Sorry to tell you we are not sure, we have told this vehicle to factory, maybe they will add this vehicle on next update.
Best regards
by maik kaminski on Aug 13, 2015
what is that round button on the bottom left corner of screen use for?
Replied by Ada on Aug 13, 2015
Hello Maik,
It is used to calibrate the screen.
Best regards
by Mr.stu on Jul 20, 2015
it cant do renault modust needs a up date
Replied by Ada on Jul 20, 2015
Hello Stu,
I need you give me the following information, because you are the first customer has this feedback.
1) Please give me your order number, i need to confirm your key pro m8 is bought on our website.
2) Please give me your car information, what year, what type and so on.
3) Please give me the detailed process for how do you work on renault vehicles, and the error prompt photo.
Best regards
by lucase on Jul 8, 2015
i need to read pin code for chrysler voyager 2006, this sk11 t300 and this key pro m8 all can realize?
Replied by Ada on Jul 8, 2015
Hello Lucase,
T300 cannot work on your car, T300 cannot read pin code. This key pro m8 can work on your car.
Best regards
by ERIC LEWIS on May 28, 2015
i get the m8 tester today, very fast dhl, good job
Replied by Ada on May 28, 2015
Hello Eric,
Happy to hear you get the tool. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by chantal bruyere on Apr 24, 2015
what is the main function for this calculator:, what can i do with it?
Replied by Ada on Apr 24, 2015
Hello Chantal,
When you programming key, some car needs the code then can communicate with key programmer, this calculator is used to calculate the code. After you input the code, then press OK, then can enter the next interface.
Best regards
by Paul Casey on Apr 20, 2015
please recommend a tool for Toyotas and mazdas
Replied by Ada on Apr 20, 2015
Hello Paul,
If you work for cars before 2008, choose the key pro m8, if your work on cars after 2008, choose skp900.
Best regards
by gabriel alcantar on Apr 20, 2015
what is your best tool for key programming function for old vehicles
Replied by Ada on Apr 20, 2015
Hello gabriel,
If you mainly work for old cars, please choose T300. T300 has many adapters for old cars.
Best regards
by asher hagag on Apr 20, 2015
the device works fine on other systems
Replied by Ada on Apr 20, 2015
Hello Asher,
Happy to hear you can use it successfully, any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Brian Boothe on Apr 20, 2015
hello dear seller,
i need a tool to make a new key for 24V truck, this one is ok? please advice
Replied by Ada on Apr 20, 2015
Hello Brian,
Sorry we do not have truck key programmer, this one cannot be used for trucks.
Best regards
by Mr.Michel on Mar 19, 2015
The most powerfull programer for locksmith.recomended
Replied by Ada on Mar 19, 2015
Hello Michel,
Thank you for your feedback and happy to hear you are satisfied with our goods.
Best regards
by alex on Jan 4, 2015
how many tokens does it cost for every car? how much time does it cost for every car?
Replied by Ada on Jan 4, 2015
Hello Alex,
It will give you the prompt for tokens cost for programming for the car you work. Different car may use different tokens. For time, different car use different time, if your car is very easy to be done, then will be quickly, if it is complex to be done, then will cost more time.
Best regards
by Tomochika on Dec 14, 2014
one token one car???
Replied by Ada on Dec 14, 2014
Hello Tomochika,
Some car needs token, some car do not need token. some car needs more tokens, some car needs less.
Best regards
by arai nobuaki on Dec 14, 2014
hi ada,
morning, i am your regular client, now christmas is coming, if i buy this one, can you give me a small gift? hug
Replied by Ada on Dec 14, 2014
Hello Arai,
No problem. Our website is on promotion now. This one can enjoy 7% discount. You can choose the discount or tell me the gift you want.
Best regards
by arturo carucci on Dec 14, 2014
dear seller,
i lost my cd in the package, since now i need to update, i cannot install the driver, could you send it to me again, via email is better, you can upload it to internet, thank you so much
Replied by Ada on Dec 14, 2014
Hello Arturo,
No problem.
This is the link:
This is the manual:
Best regards
by rouillon on Oct 8, 2014
thanks, i find your email, serial number and password just sent to you a moment ago.
tokens is on promotion, now i buy 50 tokens, i will get 150 tokens in total, right?
Replied by Ada on Oct 8, 2014
Hello Rouillon,
I get your email. I resend the account information to you, please use it to add the tokens, any problem, please contact us.
Yes. Now buy 50 tokens, you will get 150 tokens in total.
Best regards
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