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HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool V3.102.004 for Honda with USB to RS232 Convertor No Need activation

HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool V3.102.004 for Honda with USB to RS232 Convertor No Need activation

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Newest version V3.102.004 HDS HIM diagnostic tool is affordable and powerful diagnostic tool for Honda vehicles from 1992-2017 year.
New version software no need activation.

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by luis on Mar 26, 2019
hello this works honda civic 2006 1.8ivtec I want to program Throttle Body
Replied by Eason on Mar 27, 2019
usually it can support, you can try, thank you!

by Davies on Nov 23, 2016
it's the right diagnostic for my car? 2007 Honda Accord
Replied by Eason on Nov 23, 2016

Yes, it can support.

by Wenlly on Aug 25, 2016
I have downloaded all the software to my windows 7, but I'm unable to make a connection to the module.
Replied by Eason on Aug 25, 2016

May i know your order number first? Thank you

Best Regards
by Mr.RF on Jun 19, 2016
I finally installed this on my Windows XP laptop and installed the Ztek driver for the USB to R232 cable. I followed the instructions for the software install but when I go to detect my car in the software I am getting Failed to Initialize J2534.dll Any suggestions? I get the error whether both when I have the HIM connected and even if I don't have it connected.
Replied by jolly on Jun 22, 2016
Hi Mr.RF,
May i know which version you have installed ?
If you install 3.016 version,then you did not follow our installation video to install, you have install original mvci software, this is not compatible
Also, no need to press start button. 
Please check  again and follow our installation video to operate
by Mr.Brent Maynard on Mar 12, 2016
thank you for your great service
Replied by Lai libin on Mar 29, 2016
Hi Brent,

Our pleasure. Any help, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

B.R Lai
by Rudolf Hofmann on Sep 13, 2015
what is the user name for 3.015 software activation?
Replied by Ada on Sep 13, 2015
Hello Rudolf,
User name is HDS
Best regards
by atef abbas on Sep 13, 2015
Replied by Ada on Sep 13, 2015
Hello Atef,
Happy to hear you can use it now. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by atef abbas on Sep 13, 2015
hardware id: 0E58-7B9F-7FB8-AA17, order number: CK15020452031
Replied by Ada on Sep 13, 2015
Hello Atef,
here is the code: BzBJXdX5E1XOLR38yfylnVBPIUpTjZ0K3hYaj4wHkFN2AEANC3z8ClLGCa2yrMFpbzX/KeDbCdkBi5HyviHy+LRtMjwLdoUDMF/Hie0A2jqL4Iaq
Best regards
by atef abbas on Sep 13, 2015
i bought the machine with v3.012, so i wanna update to 3.015 so it request key, please i need a key for my hardware
Replied by Ada on Sep 13, 2015
Hello Atef,
Your machine is bought from us? If yes, please give me your order number and activation code. If not, we will charge 5USD for activaiton.
Best regards
by Patricia Vasconcello on Jul 15, 2015
give me the code please, it needs that
Replied by Ada on Jul 15, 2015
Hello Patricia,
Please see our software installation video, and give me your serial ID. We will activate the software based on your ID.
Best regards
by kyaw zayy on Jan 31, 2015
Please confirm whether it has ECU reprograming when replacing ECU.
Replied by Ada on Feb 1, 2015
Hello Kyaw,
If you want to change a new ECU, then this one can program. If you want to reprogram the old ECU again, then this one cannot do.
Best regards
by Mr.Samat Ayaganov on Nov 16, 2014
Hi! I would like to know whether you have the original device, because I would not want to buy a cheap Chinese clone, which then will not work. I bought from China came just broken - do not want to spend a dengt empty?
Replied by Ada on Nov 16, 2014
Hello Samat,
Sorry to tell you that we do not know where to buy the original one. Our HDS HIM works normally. It needs to work with laptop has COM port. Mainly used for non-hybrid honda vehicles.
Best regards
by aurelien chambaud on Oct 24, 2014
does this honds hds support diagnose and programming for Honda Fit Hybrid vehicles?
Replied by Ada on Oct 24, 2014
Hello Aurelien,
This one can support diagnose and programming for most honda vehicles, For hybrid honda, if your car is too new, then cannot support. This one is mainly used for non hybrid honda vehicles.
Best regards
by Mr.imtiaz ali on Oct 17, 2014
honda work shop desgine
Replied by Ada on Oct 17, 2014
Hello Imtiaz,
Can you tell me more information about what you need? This one is specially for diagnose honda vehicles. And can be used on workshop.
Best regards
by mcdowall71 on Mar 6, 2014
can i install the software without connecting the car? or should i need connect this hds with car and laptop first then install the software just link galletto?
Replied by Ada on Mar 6, 2014
Hello Mcdowall71,
No. You can install the software first, then connect the hardware HDS with your car and laptop. Becasue car will provide the power for hardware, so if you want laptop recognize the hardware, you need to connect the car.
Best regards
by john on Mar 5, 2014
V5DT8E5H384325, order number CK1403023051, please give me the activation code,thx
Replied by Ada on Mar 5, 2014
Hello John,
This is the code you need: V2E6BE3G
Best regards
by Francisco Muller on Jan 8, 2014
how many laptop can i install this software on? any or only one? how many activation service you will provide? only one or always?
Replied by Ada on Jan 8, 2014
Hello Francisco,
You can install the software on any laptops you like, we will provide the activation for fee all the time.
Best regards
by Rodrigo Vivar on Jan 2, 2014
does it support ecu programming? program new key?
Replied by Ada on Jan 2, 2014
Hello Rodrigo,
This Honda HDS support programming ECU, cannot program key.
Best regards
by musti on Jan 2, 2014
new software need activation? i wonder if this new software can be used on my hardware?
Replied by Ada on Jan 2, 2014
Hello Musti,
Yes. This new software need activation before use. When you install the software, you will get the data, send this data to We will resend activation data back to you.
Best regards
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