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Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner for GM With C card

Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner for GM With C card

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  • Item No. SP23-C

The Tech-2 is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The Vetronix Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1991 thru 2013.

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by Caro on Dec 7, 2014
i'm searching for a Diagnostic System for Opel/GM cars. My first question is, if i'm ordering the GM/German Version of Tech2, can i also work on all Opel cars until 2013? What happens in the future. Can i have Updates for further Models?
Replied by Ada on Dec 7, 2014
Hello Caro,
thank you for your interesting. For opel car models, if your cars belongs to the old version, such as before 2009, you can use gm tech 2. If your car belongs to the new version, such as after 2009, then choose gm mdi. GM MDI is better at newer car models, gm tech2 is better on old car models.
Best regards
by seb on Oct 7, 2014
I got it
All is ok.
Thank you
Replied by Ada on Oct 7, 2014
Hello Seb,
Happy to know you get it and use it normally. Any needs, please contact us.
Best rgards
by Mr.Andreas on Jun 24, 2014
Sind im Preis auch etwaige Zollkosten mit enthalten oder kommen diese noch hinzu bei einem Versand nach Deutschland?
Vielen Dank
Replied by Ada on Jun 25, 2014
Hello Andreas:
Wir berechnen keine Mehrwertsteuer. Nur Preis für die Waren-und Versandkosten. Für Steuer, können Sie die Zahlung per zweimal, wie Gesamtkosten machen 360.87EUR, das erste Mal bezahlen 80EUR, dann zahlen Sie den Rest 280.87EUR. Wir werden 80EUR als den angegebenen Wert für Sie zu schreiben. Dann müssen Sie nur die Steuer für 80EUR zu bezahlen.
Best regards
by Mr.Andreas on Jun 24, 2014
Hallo,ich wollte mal fragen was in dem Satz alles enthalten ist,da es für mich leider nicht ersichtlich ist ob alles dabei ist (candi,Adapter, CD)?
Replied by Ada on Jun 24, 2014
Hello Andreas,
Alle Adapter und CD sind im Lieferumfang enthalten. Inklusive CANDY und Karte. Dies ist das komplette Paket Foto:
Best regards
by Mr.Dave on May 20, 2014
Do I need to purchase the 32MB Card for GM TECH2 (GM,Saab,Opel,Isuzu,Suzuki,Holden) separately or does one come with it?
Would this diagnostic tool be the most suitable for a Vauxhall Vectra C (year: 2008)??
Replied by Ada on May 20, 2014
Hello Mr. Dave,
For GM TECH 2, its package has one card, you can choose the card when you place the order, such as if you need GM english card, when you place the order, choose GM English, then we will send GM english card together with this GM TECH2 set to you. If you need GM English and Saab English card at the same time, then you need to buy the SAAB English card separately. I ask our engineer, your vehicle is in the supported range of gm tech 2.
Best regards
by ludwig feiner on May 19, 2014
if gm tech2 only cover 12v isuzu , work 24v heavy duty or not? or need something like adapter to work?
Replied by Ada on May 19, 2014
Hello Ludwig,
GM Tech 2 work 12V Isuzu normally. If you want to work 24V heavy duty, you need to buy the power conveter, it cannot directly work on 24V vehicle.
Best regards
by Haby Raphaël on May 6, 2014
do you sell other adapter so that i can use this tech2 to test trucks, like GMC 2008, is it possible?
Replied by Ada on May 6, 2014
Hello Haby,
I think XTRUCK is the best tool for you. This one can work on GMC truck. Here is the Xtruck link:
est regards
by ingolf leder on May 6, 2014
your gm tech2 can code opel? can i use it to work on gm cars sold on italy?
Replied by Ada on May 6, 2014
Hello Ingolf,
Yes. This GM TECH 2 support coding function. But need to work together with TIS2000 with dongle software. Here is the link: It can work on cars made by worldwide. Software is south american version.
Best regards
by Dean on Apr 18, 2014
gmtech2 and mdi, which one is better on chevy cobalt 2007 and gmc envoy 2003?
Replied by Ada on Apr 18, 2014
Hello Dean,
GM TECH 2 is more suitable for you. GM MDI is maily used for newer car models. After 2009 models.
Best regards
by S P Rogers on Jan 12, 2014
what will happen if i insert the card upside down? will it broken the interface?
Replied by Ada on Jan 12, 2014
Hello S,
No. Interface will not be broken, just will not recognize the software card. Please take the card out of the device and insert it rightly, like this photo:
est regards
by mark brayne on Jan 12, 2014
can i use it to diagnose trucks? programming key?
Replied by Ada on Jan 12, 2014
Hello Mark,
This one only can work on cars, do not support truck. If you want to work on trucks, you can choose multi-diag truck diagnostic tool. Or launch GDS truck diagnostic tool. For key programming, you can choose the key pro m8. This one only for cars, support diagnose, coding and other function listed on the description.
Best regards
by Mr.Fernando on Aug 29, 2012
shipping cost to spain? custom fees?
Replied by ada on Aug 29, 2012
Dear Fernando,

Thank you for your interesting,
Because GM tech2 is heavy, the shipping cost is exprensive, it is €127.00. Different country has different stipulations, so we are not sure how much you need to pay for the custom clearance.

Best regards,
by Mr.Giovanni Patriarca on Aug 28, 2012
Ho bisogno di lingua italiana di GM software
si può lavorare su camion GM?
Replied by ada on Aug 28, 2012
Dear Giovanni,

Thank you for your interesting,

If you want Italian GM software, you can check the Item NO. SP23-D, here is the link: The two items are almost the same.

Se si desidera italiano del software GM, è possibile controllare la voce di NO. SP23-D, ecco il link: I due elementi sono quasi le stesse.

Best regards,
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