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[UK Ship, No Tax] Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck Diagnose

[UK Ship, No Tax] Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck Diagnose

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Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck Diagnose is a tool that supports the repair and diagnostic process. It was developed to make repair shop tasks easier and more efficient. It can be used in the repair shop, out in the field, at the roadside, or during test drives.

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by Bishop on Jun 20, 2017
Which truck diagnostic scanner will work on Volvo VNL trucks with D12 and D13 motors from year 2006 to 2014? Will Volvo VCADS Pro work on these models?
Replied by Su jinyu on Jun 20, 2017
Hello Bishop,
VCADS Pro will not work on these truck models, better go for Volvo VOCOM interface with newer version PTT software,
Best regards
by Mr.adam on Jan 28, 2017
Hi, I need a tool for turning off AD Blue and adjusting speed limit on Volvo and Reanult trucks. Will Vocom work with developer mode for both makes?
Replied by Eason on Feb 6, 2017
You need dev2tool software
by Mr.airton serafim on Aug 15, 2016
boa noite. gostaria muito de obter o PTT 2.04.86 gostaria de saber se esse produtro ja vem traduzido em portugues.
e se eu comprar com a interfeice vocom 88890300 ja vem liberado para uso.
Replied by jolly on Aug 18, 2016
Oi Mr.airton serafim,
Você precisa instalar o software por si mesmo, após a instalação terminar, você pode mudar o idioma para o português como você deseja
by Jorge Vergara on Oct 30, 2015
i need: volvo scanner, ptt latest software, laptop. i also need you install the software for me, as i have no idea for how to install it. it read that ptt2.23 need activation, you install and activate it for me, test it also before dispatch the goods. is that ok?
Replied by Ada on Oct 30, 2015
Hello Jorge,
Of course we can do that for you. You can directly buy the following goods: SH56, SS167, SO106-B, SO158-C. We will install PTT2.23 on this D630 PC, and send to you together. Of do you need other PC. We also has LENOVO T410, X61.  Our latest PC is EVG 7 tablet PC, this one is 100% brand new, this one has HDD inside, no need buy HDD again.
Best regards
by Carsten Severens on Sep 3, 2015
ı have this number for activation:Tech Tool 2.03.85
Replied by Ada on Sep 3, 2015
Hello Carsten,
1) If your software is bought from us, please give me your order number, we provide one time free activation.
2) If your software is not bought from us, for activation, we will charge 230USD.
Best regards
by Mr.Martin Trink on Aug 21, 2015
i have interest for both volvo vocom scanner and latest ptt2.23 software, ptt 2.23 support support online as well as offline after activation? or i need to pay for this?
Replied by Ada on Aug 21, 2015
Hello Martin,
Thank you for your interesting.
This PTT 2.23 software support both online and offline after activation. You only need to pay the software price. After you buy the software. No need to pay any extra money. This price including all fees.
Best regards
by Mr.Craig on Jul 7, 2015

Will this equipment work on the newest Renault truck Euro 6 Dti? Using the ptt2.03 software?

Replied by Ada on Jul 7, 2015
Hello Craig,
We only use PTT2.03 software test VOLVO EURO 6, it can work on volvo euro 6. As we do not have renault truck euro 6, we do not test on this truck. So cannot make sure 100% for you. Up to now, we also do not get this feedback from our customer.
Best regards
by simon on May 28, 2015
when you will release new software? how frequently new software release within one year?
Replied by Ada on May 28, 2015
Hello Simon,
PTT2.03/3.02. is the latest software up to now. We do not have newer version. When we have, we will put the notice on our website. For software comes with the parcel which we provide for free, usually will have 1-2 update for one year. For software PTT which is not free, we are not sure, based on the factory.
Best regards
by Fredrick Hall on May 26, 2015
hello, when your next patch arrive? today or tomorrow? i need to confirm then place the order
Replied by Ada on May 26, 2015
Hello Fredrick,
Another SH56 arrive us this morning, we will test it and send it to our current orders later. This SH56 now go back to sell normally. It will arrive us every 2-3 days.
Best regards
by ANDY WEISS on May 26, 2015
Where do you ship from? Shop is located on a domain. Does this mean item will be shipped from UK?
Replied by Ada on May 26, 2015
Hello Andy,
We will send the goods from china. If you do not want to pay tax, we will send it to you by YANWEN express. 7-14 days on the way, we pay tax before shipping.
Best regards
by Gideon Folkers on May 22, 2015
morning ada, now your engineer help me install the software ready, thx, i have one question to ask, my car is a little far away from my pc, can i drop the internet and take my pc to diagnose?
Replied by Ada on May 22, 2015
Hello Gideon,
Yes. If you can diagnose your car successfully, then no need internet anymore.
Best regards
by mouhannad omar on Mar 9, 2015
Hi ada,
iam looking a tool for changing the factory speed limit in trucks, particular Volvo and Scania trucks. Can you tell me do you sell such a tool? can volvo vocom, MULTI-DI@G, adjust the speel limit? Also is there a tool available to change parameters/ switch off digital tachograph systems.
Replied by Ada on Mar 9, 2015
Hello Mouhannad,
Sorry, we do not have the tool can both realize your needs.
Best regards
by RUDY DUMONT on Mar 3, 2015
thank you for quick answer you have a good after sales service. now i change to install the software on another xp system laptop and everything is ok
Replied by Ada on Mar 3, 2015
Hello Rudy,
Happy to hear you can use it successfully now. This one has two version software, the one comes together with the parcel needs to be installed on the XP system. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by edward on Feb 2, 2015
hello, do you have installation guide for software?
Replied by Ada on Feb 2, 2015
Hello Edward,
Check the CD. It has the installation guide.
Best regards
by Kevin Rebal on Feb 2, 2015
hi ada,
i get this volvo scanner, i install the software on an old xp laptop, diagnose via cable works smoothly for volvo 2006, 2009 i tested in the past two days. now my garage has two new volvo vehicles, one is 2013, one is 2014, it seems too new for the software, my question is: 1) if i buy the new software, can you send the software online? because i need to finish the repair work this week 2) if i install the new software on my win7 laptop, can i use the same firmware on this two laptop? or once use new software, then cannot use old software any more?
Replied by Ada on Feb 2, 2015
Hello Kevin,
1) Old software is mainly used for volvo vehicles before 2012. If you want to work on volvo vehicles after 2012, then choose new software.
2) Software is very large, we will send it to you by CD. We will  ask factory to activate it for you by remote control. If you do not know how to install it, we can help you install it too.
3) If you want to use the new software, we will help you update the firmware, so it is compatible with new sfotware.
Best regards
by Vincent Tyszka on Feb 2, 2015
i am in interested in acquiring this item. i am based in the germany. how soon can you deliver it to me.
Replied by Ada on Feb 2, 2015
Hello Vincent,
Thank you for your interesting. For DHL, 3-5 days on the way. If you need it, please be quick, we will be on holiday from 14 Feb.
Best regards
by yehuda david on Jan 23, 2015
Does this come with 18 months of free updates please?
Replied by Ada on Jan 23, 2015
Hello Yehuda,
This one is free update online.
Best regards
by madani salem on Jan 22, 2015
volvo vcads and volvo vocom both can test volvo vehicles, which one software is newer? which can diagnose newer models, such as 2014 and 2015??
Replied by Ada on Jan 22, 2015
Hello Madani,
Thank you for your interesting. If you need to work on newer volvo vehicles like 2014 and 2015, please choose VOLVO VOCOM and buy PTT2.03/3.02 software.
Best regards
by heurtier ludovic on Dec 17, 2014
do you have tutorial so that i can see how to install the software and use it
Replied by Ada on Dec 17, 2014
Hello Herutier,
I have asked our engineer to make the video, we will upload the video to our website in the following days, please pay attetion.
Best regards
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