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Super Mb star C3 diagnostic update online free for one year With latest C3 Software HDD

Super Mb star C3 diagnostic update online free for one year With latest C3 Software HDD

  • Item No. SP45-B
  • Out Of Stock

As new version of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool,Super MB Star covers Benz cars from 1989, it support update in the end of customer side, no need to send it back or update through hard disk.super mb star works with more cars models than MB Star C3 and C4 do.
Hard Drive format available for choose: External HDD/DELL D630 HDD

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by Mr.Mario on Oct 20, 2017
Funziona anche dopo un anno senza aggiornarlo?ma é compreso di pc?
Replied by Eason on Oct 20, 2017
It can work forever.
by Mario on Oct 19, 2017
Buona sera questo mb star funziona dopo una volta registrato online per sempre oppure scade dopo un anno e poi non funziona più?diagnostica anche smart?con il pc completo pronto all uso quanto costa?
Replied by Eason on Oct 20, 2017
Update on Super mb star official website free for one year, If you do not update after a year, it can still work.Do not worry.
by kamal rammi on Aug 4, 2016
how much for this MB Star C3 together with laptop?
Replied by Eason on Aug 4, 2016

Thanks for your visit.
please see this website:
Any question,feel free to contact us.

Best Regards
by Mr.mohamadou on Jul 23, 2016
donner moi tout les detail et le modalite de payement par westen union et lenvoie par DHL Au Cameroun mbstar + dell 630
Replied by jolly on Jul 25, 2016
Bonjour Mr.mohamadou,
Pour mb super-star c3 (SP45-B), Notre prix est de 555 EUR, Dell D630 (SO106-B) Le prix est de 115 EURO
Donc montant total est € 670
Voici notre adresse western union
Prénom: Maorong
Nom: Chen
Code postal: 518112
Mobile: + 86- 13995696053
Tél: + 86-755-28704781
Fax: + 86-755-28700303
Avis: S'il vous plaît envoyez-nous le MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) numéro et votre adresse spécifique ainsi que votre numéro de téléphone après avoir terminé le paiement.
Meilleures salutations,
by Dan Pawlowski on Jul 16, 2015
i need a host for this super c3, can hook me up!
Replied by Ada on Jul 16, 2015
Hello Dan,
You only need the main unit for super c3? OK. We can sell the main unit for you. Which country you need we send the goods to you, please tell me, i will give you the total price.
Best regards
by Gary Sakowski on Jul 16, 2015
I purchased on 6/20/2015 an benz super c3 I went to use it today and I don’t have a password to access it could you contact me with the password.
Replied by Ada on Jul 16, 2015
Hello Gary,
Please see our activation video or the activation PDF manual on the desktop, and send your activation data to we will resend the data to you.
Best regards
by Kyle Mestier on Jun 15, 2015
today i use this c3 diagnosis to test on 1998 Mercedes C180 (W202) and 2000 Mercedes ML270 (W163), all work perfectly.
Replied by Ada on Jun 15, 2015
Hello Kyle,
Thank you for your sharing.
Best regards
by Natalia Oses on Mar 22, 2015
how to realize read and reset fault codes about Adblue?
Replied by Ada on Mar 22, 2015
Hello Natalia,
Yes. You need to use fdok calculator with this super c3 to realize. Here is the link:
Best regards
by chaplin on Mar 21, 2015
I want to buy the product above but there are few issues to look into. I have a laptop (ASUS) but without a PCMCIA slot.
I also have a very old IBM T30 (2004 model) but it's specks are not up to standard. Can you please advise?
My Skype ID is chap4545.
Thanks George
Replied by Ada on Mar 22, 2015
Hello George,
Better to have this port. If you use item number so288 cable, it has 50% possibility can work together with your laptop. If your laptop does not fit, you can choose our laptop.
Best regards
by james talbot on Jan 19, 2015
If I am looking for a wiring diagram for that specific part and that specific area of DAS, how would I find it in WIS if I cannot link directly to it from DAS?
Replied by Ada on Jan 19, 2015
Hello James,
You cannot direct enter it by DAS, you need to use WIS. 
Best regards
by Jesse Denton on Jan 16, 2015
Will this item work on 2004 mercedes?
Replied by Ada on Jan 16, 2015
Hello Jesse,
This one can work on 2004 benz vehicles.
Best regards
by samba marega on Jan 12, 2015
i have a question about the super c3 I would like to buy from you.
How long I can use the Software, because the Keygen generates the License only for year 2020 ?Is it possible to make a new license with the same keygen after this time? How long can I use the Software finally?
Replied by Ada on Jan 12, 2015
Hello Samba,
Thank you for your interesing.
First activation will be expair till 2020. After this time, you can contact us to activate the software again. Then you can go on to use it. Activation is free.
Best regards
by robert on Jan 11, 2015
Today I tried it on w211 year 2009, E class, all OK USING DAS.
Replied by Ada on Jan 11, 2015
Hello Robert,
Thank you for your sharing.
Best regards
by hinwar warmely on Jan 6, 2015
it is a little strange, I have followed the video instructions and I have activated the software by myself, however the WIS/ASRA programs do not show up. i mean on the video, it has 3 options, EPC, WIS/ASRA, Feedback, while my software now only EPC and feedback, middle icon WIS/ASRA is missing. i do not know which step is wrong. but i can open wis and use it, i want to know will it have influence in the future?
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2015
Hello Hinwar,
It show EPC icon, means you have activated ready. Now check your desktop,  see if it has the wis Shortcuts, and see if it can run after you click this Shortcuts. Since you say WIS works normally, then it do not have problem. This will not have influence for usage.
Best regards
by Remi on Jan 4, 2015
if i use super star c3 reset srs, abr and sbc special seetings, do i need to open online function?
Replied by Ada on Jan 4, 2015
Hello Remi,
You need to open xentry special function, like SS108.
Best regards
by patel on Nov 18, 2014
hello, i use this external hdd on win7, vmware installed successfully, when i follow your video to find the data, find it has a little difference with it, can you give me the full video for how to activate on win7??
Replied by Ada on Nov 18, 2014
Hello Patel,
Do not worry, please see this one: This is full video for how to activate it on win7 system:
Best regards
by Nordine Fella on Nov 16, 2014
thanks, i use the one you give to me, now it works now
Replied by Ada on Nov 16, 2014
Hello Nordine,
Happy to hear you can use it now. Any problem, please contact us.
Best regards
by Nordine Fella on Nov 16, 2014
hello, please help
The activation for the DAS was OK
The activation for the EPC does not work I have tried admin 12345 and other combinations at the login stage but it will not accept this. I get the error "username and password could not be verified"
Replied by Ada on Nov 16, 2014
Hello Nordine,
You use the wrong password. Please use this one: user name: admin password: supermbstar. Please see the password information on our description.
Best regards
by Jonathan on Oct 22, 2014

Have now received my Star Diagnosis,

Hardware ID: 6017-C498-8C98-DA71-F316-290C-7855-630B

(LAN-ID): 000C29AABC5C

HW: 60fe8fdb84bf App 253

Many thanks

Replied by Ada on Oct 22, 2014
Hello Jonathan,
happy to hear you have get it, this is the data you need:
 Input data:
000C29AABC5C / 3 / 2019-1-1
Input data:
60FE8FDB84BF / 253 / 2013-1-1 / 2019-1-1
Best regards

by aurelien chambaud on Oct 8, 2014
hello ada, i hear the news this super c3 will release new software on this two month, right?
if new software release, can you help update the software by team viewer?
Replied by Ada on Oct 8, 2014
Hello Aurelien,
Yes, they will release 2014.9 software on this month or next month. When new software release, we will change the current version. You can contact us for update.
Best regards
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