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Super Mb star C3 diagnostic update online free for one year With latest C3 Software HDD

Super Mb star C3 diagnostic update online free for one year With latest C3 Software HDD

  • Item No. SP45-B
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As new version of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool,Super MB Star covers Benz cars from 1989, it support update in the end of customer side, no need to send it back or update through hard disk.super mb star works with more cars models than MB Star C3 and C4 do.
Hard Drive format available for choose: External HDD/DELL D630 HDD

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by Matthew Coulter on Aug 26, 2014
hello, can you tell me when will you release new software for this super c3? this one still 2014.3,other ordinary has already updated to 2014.7!! i need newer software for this, thanks
Replied by Ada on Aug 26, 2014
Hello Matthew,
We confirm with original super c3 factory, they are testing the new software, when they testing it ready, we will release new software. New software will be released on September. This software is updated online, if you buy it now, when new software release, you can directly update it to the latest.
Best regards
by terry on Aug 13, 2014
so appreciated for your activation via team viewer. now this external hdd run in good condition on my lenovo pc. vmware installtion is so complicated for me. also for activation. i will buy another set about on next monday, and i will contact you to activate the software when i get it
Replied by Ada on Aug 13, 2014
Hello Terry,
Happy to hear you can use it now. Usually most customers can follow our video to activate the software successfully. But do not worry, you can contact us to activate your software when you get the next order. 
Best regards
by benjamin bartels on Aug 5, 2014
i have bought one d630 c4 hdd from your site, now i want to buy this super c3, my question is can i use that c4 hdd with this super c3 on my d630 pc? since they are all for d630 format
Replied by Ada on Aug 5, 2014
Hello Benjamin,
I need to know your C4 HDD is for ordinary star c4, or for MB SD Connect Compact 4? Because ordinary star c3 and c4 HDD are the same, can be used on ordinary c3 and c4, also super c3. But MB SD Connect Compact 4 software on hdd is different with the rest. Its hdd only can be used on itself.
Best regards
by uwe schmalenbach on Aug 5, 2014
hello, today i use the offline function for this c3, i want to know do you provide the offline code?because some code i can get with my code calculator,some code i do not know how to get, help please
Replied by Ada on Aug 5, 2014
Hello Uwe,
Please tell me what code do you want to calculate. 
Best regards
by Guignard Thomas BS on Aug 5, 2014
is the tool already activated or do I have to activate it when I gets it, i have d630 laptop, can you activate it before sending to me?
Replied by Ada on Aug 5, 2014
Hello Guignard,
Software needs laptop to install and activate. If you do not buy laptop, we cannot install and activate the software before sending out. When you get the goods, you can follow our video to install the software and send the activation data to us, we will activate it for you.
Best regards
by Mr.Martin on Aug 2, 2014
hi , i purchased a complete super mb star with laptop from your company but hasnt receive it as yet, my question is when i get it do i have to activate it . and also i see i should be able to do offline scn coding, if it is not possible to do scn coding offline can it be done through your company online and what is the cost of doing it .
Replied by Ada on Aug 3, 2014
Hello Martin,
Can you give me your order number? Because i use your email address to search on the register members, do not find anybody who have the same address as you. If your star is bought from our website and do not get it, we will be responsible for it. We will refund your  money or send a new one to you. But if your device is not bought from our website, sorry to tell you that we do not provide any solution for it. So please give me your order number, thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards
by silvana on Jul 7, 2014
I need Dell with full star diagnostic
And Attention it must be the Developer Mode Active Please !
When you are Able to make activation and ready to use for me Please
I also have become your hdd and will wait for you to make activation
Caan you ask your enginer if your star are Developer active ?
Replied by Ada on Jul 7, 2014
Hello Silvana,
Only super mb star c3 has this  Developer active,  you buy our laptop (SO106-B), we will install and activate the software for you. When you get it, directly connect it with your car to use. No need install and activate the software again.
Best regards
by Ian Mockett on Jul 3, 2014
fair prices great service and brilliant communication, super fast delivery , what more could I ask for .
Replied by Ada on Jul 3, 2014
Hello Lan,
Thank you for your feedback and happy to hear you are satified with our service.
Best regards
by Mr.Farid on Jun 18, 2014
Is this the latest version
Replied by libin on Jun 18, 2014
Hi,Farid,it is the latedst version at present,new version2014.7 will be released about next month,we will update it once it is released.And we also will email you to let you know.

by David Lindsay on Jun 16, 2014
i want to have a whole set spare cables, only cables, what is the price
Replied by Ada on Jun 16, 2014
Hello David,
Price is 200USD, not including shipping cost.
Best regards
by Mr.Vlad on Jun 13, 2014
Hello, I would like to know before my purchase:can it program new eis without going to dealer and new ecu
Replied by libin on Jun 13, 2014
thanks for your interesting in our product,both two you mentioned are supportable.Any further question,please feel free to contact us.

best regards,
by Robert Wilson on Jun 6, 2014
i have a ordinary c3 without hdd, i wonder if i can use super star hdd on my ordinary c3? or your super c3 hdd only can work on super hardware? if my star can use super hdd, since super hdd software is updated online, so i can update software on official website or not?
Replied by Ada on Jun 6, 2014
Hello Robert,
You can use our super mb star HDD on your ordinary star c3. And you can register on official website to update the software in the future.
Best regards
by Mr.hans roetzer on May 16, 2014
i want to order one scanner to program mercedes heavy duty and bus, super c3 will do?
Replied by Ada on May 16, 2014
Hello Hans,
If you want to work on heavy duty and bus, please choose mb sd star c4: For some models, i think you need to use online programming function. So you need to open the online programming function.
Best regards
by Leandro on Apr 24, 2014
thanks god i get the parcel today, next time please my order by ems not dhl, dhl is horrible!!! now i want to update it, where to find the serial number and password?
Replied by Ada on Apr 24, 2014
Hello Leandro,
Serial number is on the password letter and the hdd. Password is the last 8 numbers for serial number.
Best regards
by Mr.edward on Apr 24, 2014
my super c3 is not bought from your site, not i lost my dongle, can i buy the dongle from you? how much?
Replied by Ada on Apr 24, 2014
Hello Edward,
Make sure your super c3 is original and can be updated online. Give me your serial number, we will customize the dongle for you. Each 15EUR not including shipping cost.
Best regards
by neha on Apr 10, 2014
How long is the warranty, do you provide service to install software by teamviewer?
Replied by Ada on Apr 10, 2014
Hello Neha,
One year warranty and unlimited technical support. Usually this one does not have quality problem. We can install the software for you by teamviewer.
Best regards
by jacinto martin on Apr 5, 2014
how do i know this super c3 work on my laptop? i have no dell and lenovo pc, so choose external hdd, right?
Replied by Ada on Apr 5, 2014
Hello Jacinto,
If your laptop is not D630 or IBM T30, then choose External hdd. Make sure your configuration is higher enough. These information is show on our page. If laptop configuration is not high enough, then vmware cannot install successfully or software cannot run on vmware. Your laptop need have COM port. Usually if configuration is high enough and has COM port, then software can be installed successfully. Or you can choose our D630 laptop, we install the software then send it to you.
Best regards
by Mr.Yusuf Bhamjee on Mar 21, 2014
Your service stinks and rotten. you are using a UK web addresss to sell fake products. I have had only bad service after buying this rubbish from your company, I will create a blog about your company and destroy your reputation
Replied by Ada on Mar 21, 2014
Hello Yusuf,
Yesterday i need you to uninstall the vmware you have installed on the laptop, we will install the one on external hdd, because the one you have installed on your laptop is not compatible with external hdd vmware. I ask you to do this, no any reply. Please prepare the laptop on next monday, without any vmware installed on the laptop. we will install the software for you again.
Best regards
by michael adkins on Mar 20, 2014
works perfectly on win7, i test that, very steay.
Replied by Ada on Mar 20, 2014
Hello Michael,
Thank you for your feedback. This super mb star c3 software can be used on XP and WIN7, make sure there is no anti-virus software in the laptop.
Best regards
by Mr.hendrik bouwer on Mar 12, 2014
can i use your d630 hdd on my dell inspiron laptop? because i think internal hdd speed is faster? or should i choose external hdd?
Replied by Ada on Mar 12, 2014
Hello Hendrik,
Thank you for your interesting. Dell Inspiron cannot use D630 HDD. You need to choose external HDD. If your laptop configuration is high enough, you can run external hdd at fast speed too.
Best regards
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