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Super Mb star C3 diagnostic update online free for one year With latest C3 Software HDD

Super Mb star C3 diagnostic update online free for one year With latest C3 Software HDD

  • Item No. SP45-B
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As new version of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool,Super MB Star covers Benz cars from 1989, it support update in the end of customer side, no need to send it back or update through hard disk.super mb star works with more cars models than MB Star C3 and C4 do.
Hard Drive format available for choose: External HDD/DELL D630 HDD

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by Mr.tom on Feb 18, 2014
hi,what does it mean(top version only) in new features?is this one have dpf regeneration?and adjust truck speed limiter?thanks
Replied by Ada on Feb 18, 2014
Hello Tom,
For top version only, our super mb star c3 is the top version, this one support these function. To prove our super mb star c3 has this function, we provide one free time to use this function, if you want to use this function all the time, you need to open the special function, here is the special function link: After you open this DPF regeneration fucntion and Adjust truck Speed Limitation function, then you can use this function.
est regards
by Mr.tom on Feb 18, 2014
hi,just recently have bought one of your delphi scanners but i need something better for mercedes but dont know which one to choose?i work mostly on mercedes sprinters andsometimes on trucks which one is the best one for me?how much will it cost me to get to get this one + dell laptop already installed ready to work???thanks tom
Replied by Ada on Feb 18, 2014
Hello Tom,
If you want to work on cars and trucks, then choose MB SD STAR C4, item number SP100-D: Super mb star c3 is the original version, only this super mb star c3 software can be updated online. For other ordinary star c4 and c3, cannot be updated online, super mb star c3 and other star c4/c3 are better on cars. Attached is the total cost for MB SD STAR C4 and laptop, including shipping cost for DHL. We will install the software on laptop and test it ready then send it to you.
Best regards

by augustin on Jan 16, 2014
do you sell usb to rs232 converter cable? i need one thank you.
Replied by Ada on Jan 16, 2014
Hello Augustin,
Yes. You can choose this cable:
est regards
by Mr.kevin hill on Jan 8, 2014
morning, since this software needs activation, when i install it, i send the activation data to you, you help me activate it, then i can use the data you give me on this software and use it all the time, right? another question is do i need to activate the software again and again before i use it?will it be locked someday in the future? if i do not update it after one year, can i use all the function as usual?
Replied by Ada on Jan 8, 2014
Hello Kevin,
Just activate one time, then you can use the software all the time. Software will not lock in the future. Every function will be as usual and work normally after one year or you do not update it.
Best regards
by zek on Dec 30, 2013
can i turn off the internet when install or use this star software?
Replied by Ada on Dec 30, 2013
Hello Zek,
Yes. You can disconnect the internet when install or use this software.
Best regards
by Archie Brown on Nov 21, 2013
i have a 38pin benz, i want to clear the airbag faults and other warning lights codes, i use the SI-Reset MB38 of my friends, but cannot do that, please tell me if this c3 can do the functions i mentioned?
Replied by Ada on Nov 21, 2013
Hello Archie,
Yes. This super mb star c3 has this function. You can use it to clear the fault code for airbag and others.
Best regards
by henk on Nov 7, 2013
hey, i lost my key yesterday, now i need to make a new standby key, is it possible to use this star c3 to copy the key for me?
Replied by Ada on Nov 7, 2013
Hello Henk,
Sorry to tell you that this star c3 cannot be used to copy key. If you want to program the new key, you can choose AK500+ key programmer.
Best regards
by axel on Oct 9, 2013
Mercedes Benz: W 203, W 204, W 211?please make sure your c3 can work on these models.
Replied by Ada on Oct 9, 2013
Hello Axel,
Yes. Software has these models. It is in the range of supported car models.
Best regards
by jaime on Aug 26, 2013
any requirement for system? only xp? directly use it to change my hdd to use?
Replied by Ada on Aug 26, 2013
Hello Jaime,
Yes. Install it on XP system. XP system is more steady for this software. What HDD you want to choose? For D630 hdd and T30 hdd, insert it on your computer to instead the original hdd on your computer. For external hdd, you need to install it on VWWARE. Do not use unti-virus software, do not copy the software to your computer when you use.
Best regards
by Mr.Obert Gunduza on Aug 15, 2013
What could be the possible cause of the following problem/error message:'Cannot open the disk 'E:\Xentry_11.2012_VM\Xentry.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

Reason: Failed to lock the file.'
Replied by Ada on Aug 15, 2013
Hello Obert,
What is the version of your HDD? External hdd? T30 or D630 hdd? Your problem is that software cannot run. Change another XP system or reinstall the software again. If still cannot run the software, then your software may has problem. Do you ever use unti-virus software? Copy the software on your computer? Use win 7 system?
Best regards
by Ms.carminda araujo on Aug 14, 2013
can this system work codding sam , esp , ezs onnlinne like real mercedes mb star or is it limited in opperations ?
Replied by Ada on Aug 14, 2013
Hello Carminda,
Yes. Super mb star can support these function, but you need to open online programming function. Because these function needs to program online. Super mb star c3 has offline programming, for online programming, you need to pay money to open.
Best regards
by Mr.Steven Rappa on Jul 24, 2013
now buy this super mb star from your site, you send the xentry key service as the gift, but i want to know, can i use this key service all the time? or can i use it on all computer models? does this one has any limitation?
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2013
Dear Steven,
Yes. Now if you buy super mb star c3 or its software, we will send the key service for you for free. There is the serial number for super mb star c3, with this number, you can use this service one.
Best regards
by trevor burns on Jun 9, 2013
for update after one year? i need to pay money to update? where? you?
after i pay the money, can i update on anytime i like?
Replied by ada on Jun 9, 2013
Helli Trevor,
This one is free update for one year. You can directly pay the money to official website or us. 
Please pay attention that, after you pay the money, please update it within 14 hours. When you log in the official website after you pay the money, please update it at once.
Best regards
by Mr.DAVID GOMEZ LEON on Jan 28, 2013
I wonder if you can install on Windows XP.
Spanish language.
Replied by ada on Jan 28, 2013
Dear David,
For benz star software, it has multi-language to choose. I have listed the language version and software screenshot on the page, please check. This software has spanish language and you can install the software on XP system. Benz star software needs active, you can follow the manual to active it. If you have problem in software activation, we can help you active it by remote control.
Best regards
by karsten on Nov 26, 2012
does the software of this star c3 itself includes xentry or other software needed? i mean do i need to buy other things, that i can use this tool?
Replied by ada on Nov 26, 2012
Dear karsten,
When you place the order, you just need to choose the kind of software you need. The HDD itself has the software, including xentry, das epc and so on. You do not need to buy others. Just this tool is ok.
Best regards
by Mr.Bernardo on Nov 7, 2012
hi, seller, as there are so many different star c3 version, i want to know if this one is the best quality star c3?
by simon pascual on Oct 24, 2012
marchandises en espagne?
valeur déclarant bas est-il possible?
Replied by ada on Oct 24, 2012
Dear simon,
Shipping cost to spain is 81.50EUR. As you know, spain custom are check seriously, if you want to declare a low invoice value, you need to pay extra 50EUR to our paypal account, then you can use the 50EUR to clear the clearance. When you reveice the product, please inform us, then we will refund the extra 50EUR to your paypal account.

Frais de port en espagne est 81.50EUR. Comme vous le savez, Espagne personnalisé sont vérifier sérieusement, si vous voulez déclarer une valeur faible facture, vous devez payer 50EUR supplémentaires sur notre compte paypal, vous pouvez utiliser l'50EUR pour effacer l'autorisation. Lorsque vous reveice le produit, s'il vous plaît nous informer, nous vous rembourserons le 50EUR supplémentaire à votre compte paypal.

Best regards
by Mr.Markus Schnueriger on Sep 17, 2012
i see it can update online,so it means this is an original one? can i use it to work on truck? what is the guarantee?
Replied by ada on Sep 17, 2012
Dear markus,
Thank you for your interesting,
This BENZ STAR C3 is copy, not the original, but it has the same function like the original. But the quality of This BENZ STAR C3 is good. We provide one-year warranty and unlimited technical service for the product on our website.
Best regards
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