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ZED-Bull ZED BULL V508 Transponder Clone Key Programmer Tool( Choose SK99)

ZED-Bull ZED BULL V508 Transponder Clone Key Programmer Tool( Choose SK99)

  • Item No. SK39-C
  • Out Of Stock

Zed-BULL is a transponder cloning device which contains all of Zed-Qx's features and also has more additional features. Zed-BULL will fulfill all of your requirements as professional on Immobilizer Systems.
Language: English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

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by Mr.Teo Fotakidis on May 8, 2018
please i need ZBP file for my mini zed bull Becose i need Restore The System
serial : 33D33002010000E6
ver: 05.02
Replied by Eason on May 9, 2018
sorry, we have not ZBP file. 

by Mr.anis abidi on Jan 25, 2016
please i need tokens for my mini zed bull
serial : 33C96C01100000AF
device package inf : Zed-Qx Plus+ Eeprom+ Transponder
ver: 05.02
outcode :C9D7E7B1B196FC6BE9614340903F3DAB0F8C8AE9F0A6DF609CB8A82F9E77C238C19B5D8C059E386C8337C3D3933950F7
best regards
anis abidi
Replied by Ada on Jan 25, 2016
Hello Anis,
Sorry to tell you for oru zed bull, it does not need tokens. For your problem, please contact your seller.
Best regards
by Mr.Morten Grip on Oct 2, 2015
Can this clone ID48 (vw, seat, skoda)
And ID46 (peugeot)
Replied by Ada on Oct 7, 2015
Hello Morten,
Sorry for the late reply for our holiday.
For ID48 chips, we do not have good tool to recommend. For ID46 chips, please choose CN900/ND900/sk173 + ID46 copy box.
Best regards
by Scott Janusko on Mar 29, 2015
do you sell obd cable work with zedbull? or your zedbull can work together with obd cable?
Replied by Ada on Mar 29, 2015
Hello Scott,
We do not sell the OBD cable like this. But you can buy this cable from original factory. And use that cable with our zedbull.
Best regards
by vinces on Feb 10, 2015
hello, i want to read and write tpx2 chip, do you have any good tool to recommend?
Replied by Ada on Feb 10, 2015
Hello Vinces,
Please choose CN900 or ND900, and use cn3 chip to copy.
Best regards
by samba marega on Feb 4, 2015
Is there something to unlock locked transponders
Replied by Ada on Feb 4, 2015
Hello Samba,
Sorry to tell you we do not have tool can meet your needs.
Best regards
by Michele Lugan on Jul 24, 2014
today i get this tool and test it on Fiat Punto a moment ago, works perfectly. all in good conditions. i will test more cars in the coming days, and will contact you if necessary
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2014
Hello Michele,
Happy to hear you can use this tool. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by isaac galan on Jul 24, 2014
hello ada,
my zed bull is bought from your site last year, now my tokens is run over, show "0", but i still can use it to program keys as usual, i want to know this situation have any influence for usage? do i need to send it back to you to fix or can you send me any chip to improve this issue?
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2014
Hello Isaac,
Now zed bull have been updated to the tokens unlimited version. Even it show "0", you still can use it. It does not have any influence in usage. No need to fix. So please do not worry, go on to use it as usual.
Best regards
by john on Jul 24, 2014
zed bull and the mini one,which one is better? function is the same or have any difference?
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2014
Hello John,
This SK39-B is more stable than the mini version. Both of them have the same function. NO much difference.
Best regards
by Mr.jose eduardo garcia mesa on Jul 21, 2014
teng CK14062421465o un ze-bull v508 y no funciona sale erro codigo 3 necesito soluciob
Replied by Ada on Jul 21, 2014
Hello Jose,
¿Cómo se usa? ¿Te actualizarlo? ¿Qué petición de error no esta máquina te da? Por favor, dame la foto para mí. Lo que los chips no se utiliza esta máquina para programar?
Best regards
by ronaldo on Jun 26, 2014
since it does not need tokens, i can use it all the time??
Replied by Ada on Jun 26, 2014
Hello Ronaldo,
This one does not need tokens now. It is the unlimited tokens version. So you do not need to worry about when tokens will run over. You can use it all the time.
Best regards
by Mr.Kenneth Menear on Apr 9, 2014
will this clone ID48 VOLVO transponder chip?
Replied by Ada on Apr 9, 2014
Hello Kenneth,
Sorry to tell you that this one cannot clone your key. And we do not have other good tools to clone your key.
Best regards
by Linus on Jan 1, 2014
i see there are 2 zed bull on your site, mini one and this larger, which is better? what about software? software and function are the same?
Replied by Ada on Jan 1, 2014
Hello Linus,
Larger one is more steady, you can choose this larger one. Item number SK39-B. Function are the same.
Best regards
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