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2014D VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool for VOLVO (Choose UKSP21-B/SP170/SP170-B)

2014D VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool for VOLVO (Choose UKSP21-B/SP170/SP170-B)

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VIDA DICE Diagnostic for VOLVO is a tool that is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle. Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software.
It works on volvo cars form 1999 to now (according VIDA version). Best tool for workshop.

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by Mr.Marcis on Oct 13, 2018

I have XC90 2007 year, anti skid light is on, can this device detect exact part failure??
Can you update the cars ecu with this??
Replied by Eason on Oct 19, 2018
Electronic communication system capable of communication is possible, thank you!

by Stavros tsourlidakis on Apr 27, 2016
I read this blog and that's why I asked you about the lane departure warning sound.In the blog says that I can change the sound level is this possible with any of your devices? (Volvo s60 2014)
by Stavros on Apr 26, 2016
hi! i have a volvo s60 d2 MY2014,can i increase the volume of the beep sound of the lane departure warning system?
Replied by Lily on Apr 26, 2016
hello Stavro
the device is used for diagnostic,it couldn't work for increase the volume.
any questions feel free to contact us.
best wishes.
by ladonski on Jan 4, 2015
VOLVO DICE has log file? clear maintenance light fault?
Replied by Ada on Jan 4, 2015
Hello Ladonski,
Sorry to tell you it do not have this function.
Best regards
by Franz Krenn on Dec 30, 2014
Hello, iso file is hard for me to install, do you have other format software?
Replied by Ada on Dec 30, 2014
Hello Franz,
Now all is CD version, more easily to install.
Best regards
by Edgar Lang on Jul 3, 2014
2013D is the new software right? do you have the link to download this software?
Replied by Ada on Jul 3, 2014
Hello Edgar,
Yes. This is the new software. But we do not have download link, software is too large. If your device is bought from us, please give us your order number, we will send this CD to you by flat airmail for free.
Best regards
by Mr.M Fraser on May 7, 2014
want to know if this dice can read the vin code for volvo 70 2001?
Replied by Ada on May 7, 2014
Hello M,
Yes. This VOLVO dice can read the vin code for your car.
Best regards
by david figo on Jan 12, 2014
this time i install the software on win7 system as you told me, software can run smoothly, no error prompt, i test it on my volvo s80 2.5tdi 2001, very good. laptop can recognises the interface, fault code is displayed on laptop screen, i can use this vida dice to clear the code.
Replied by Ada on Jan 12, 2014
Hello David,
Thank you for your feedback.
Best regards
by Mr.Jocelyn Boni on Jan 8, 2014
Hi ada this tool can key programming?
Replied by Ada on Jan 8, 2014
Hello Jocelyn,
Sorry to tell you that this VOLVO VIDA DICE main function is diagnose. Cannot program key. If your key is 4C, 4D, you can choose the CN900 or ND900. Or your key is ID46?
Best regards
by Kenovy Rodriguez on Dec 27, 2013
any news for when this dice will add wifi or bluetooth function?
Replied by Ada on Dec 27, 2013
Hello Kenovy,
Sorry, this volvo vida dice do not have wifi or bluetooth function up to now. We are not sure when it will add this function.
Best regards
by Mr.kalju on Dec 24, 2013
I am interested in this product and would like to ask several:
Is it possible to activate DPF regeneration on my 2009 xc60 2,4d?
Does it still work with Win XP?
Replied by Ada on Dec 26, 2013
Hello Mr. Kalju
Sorry to tell you that this volvo DICE do not have this function. This 2013A version need to install on win7 system.
Best regards
by Mr.Pedro on Aug 7, 2013
Hi! I'm interested in this product. I have a Volvo S80 from 01/2001.
It fits it?
Replied by Ada on Aug 8, 2013
Hello Pedro,
This VOLVO DICE can woek on volvo models after 1996. I think you can use this one to diagnose your car,. If you want to buy this one from our website, please leave your phone number to us then you place the order.
Best regards
by ken on Jul 31, 2013
now i see your website advice this software to install on win7, a few month ago, it is xp, are you sure its software can be installed on win7? what about win8, is it possible?
Replied by Ada on Jul 31, 2013
Hello Ken,
Yes. Now its software has updated to 2013A, for new software, it is best to installed on win7. Because new software is developed based on win 7 system. For win8, better do not install this software on win8.
Best regards
by Mr.Marco Naujoks on Sep 9, 2012
hello, product has been received, a little pity is that it has no bluetooth. the other function is both good. i will buy form you again.
Replied by ada on Sep 9, 2012
Dear Marco,

This volvo vida dice can not support bluetooth function. Any problem, you can feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
by Mr.dufour alain on Sep 5, 2012
can you ship it form uk? then i will pay the custom fees.
Replied by ada on Sep 5, 2012
Dear dufour,

I'm sorry, this item has not stored in our UK warehouse, so we can not ship it from UK. We can ship it to you by DHL, it only needs 3-5 days to arrive you. For your custom problem, we can write a low declared value to help you to avoide your problem.

Best regards,
by Mr.Thomas Barbano on Sep 5, 2012
for volvo car, i need to know if it can work with the latest car models.
Replied by ada on Sep 5, 2012
Dear Thomas,

Our volvo vida can work the volvo car models from 1996 to 2011.
Any problem, you can feel free to contact us,

Best regards,
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