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V5.0.9 Original iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Automatic Key Cutting Machine Get a Free M4 Fixture for House Keys (Choose SL273-C)

V5.0.9 Original iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Automatic Key Cutting Machine Get a Free M4 Fixture for House Keys (Choose SL273-C)

  • Item No. SL273
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1) Built-in Database enable you find key information easily.
2) 7'' Capacitive Touch Screen
3) Online software update, add more and latest key information anytime.
4) It is most powerful and competitive auto key cutting machine up to now.
5) 3 years warranty

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by Mr.Jay Weseman on Mar 12, 2016
I am interested in this product.
Do you have it in stock, and what is shipping time to US?
Thank you
Replied by Lai libin on Mar 29, 2016
Hi Jay,

Sorry for it doesn't have stock.  We will email you once we get it in stock.

B.R Lai
by Emmanuel Konidakis on Jan 15, 2016
Good afternoon
Can you tell me when you will have this in stock please?
Warm regards
Emmanuel Konidakis
Replied by Ada on Jan 15, 2016
Hello Emmanuel,
Thank you for your interesting.
Next patch will arrive us on next week. We are not sure the exact quantity. Since we have already have several orders waiting for this one. i am not sure if this patch will reach your order or not. If it will reach your order, then we will send it to you soon after test. If it cannot reach your order, then you need to wait for next patch.
Best regards
by Michael Strieder on Dec 21, 2015
Is same to get in France too? mini condor are no limit for all software installed ?
Replied by Ada on Dec 21, 2015
Hello Michael,
This is the genuine one made by Xhorse company. If your are the genuine too. then this is the same as the one you mentioned. we are the authorized dealer for xhorse company. All software and all authorization are included in this machine.
Best regards
by Cristofir on Dec 21, 2015
Is this the final price,including shippment and import tax?
Replied by Ada on Dec 21, 2015
Hello Cristofir,
Thank you for your interesting. This price including shipping cost. But does not include import tax. we do not charge tax.
Best regards
by Asir S on Nov 27, 2015
when will you sell M3 Clamp?? i need it......
Replied by Ada on Nov 27, 2015
Hello Asir,
Now do not sell M3 clamp. Factory will produce it in the future, and we will sell it again.
Best regards
by Colin Jones on Nov 27, 2015
thanks for the update download link, i can update it now.
Replied by Ada on Nov 27, 2015
Hello Colin,
Happy to hear you can update it now. Anything need us do, please contact us.
Best regards
by George Paz on Nov 22, 2015
Hi Ada
Help me understand. Condor has many bit sizes. Which ones should we stock?
Most popular? 1 or 1.5 or 2mm?
Which tracer size?
Just learning...
Thank you!
Replied by Ada on Nov 22, 2015
Hello George,
If you need spare parts, you can choose
1pc x 2.5mm Cutter
1pc x 1.5mm Cutter
1pc x 1.0mm Probe
Best regards
by michael salinas on Nov 22, 2015
Do you just unplug it or do I use the red emery button, it does not say in manual.
Replied by Ada on Nov 22, 2015
Hello Michael,
On the side face, it has the Rotate and stop button switch, if you want power off, just press it to turn off the machine. If you want to use this machine, just turn it over.
Best regards
by Salim ZIANI-KERARTI on Nov 4, 2015
can i use the larger ikeycutter fixture on this mini version?
Replied by Ada on Nov 4, 2015
Hello Salim,
If you mean this Ford X3 fixture,
then yes, if you mean others, then no.
Best regards
by Rodrigo Da Silva on Nov 3, 2015
hi ada,
i make payment via paypal yesterday, when you send this and give me tracking?
Replied by Ada on Nov 3, 2015
Hello Rodrigo,
It has left our warehouse yesterday, now external tracking number comes out. DHL tracking number is 3861116044. You will get it this week. Please pay attention to sign for acceptance.
Best regards
by Pedro Torres on Oct 30, 2015
I wonder if mini key cutter supports VIN cutting? Thanks.
Replied by Ada on Oct 30, 2015
Hello Pedro,
Sorry to tell you this one does not support key cutting via VIN.
Best regards
by Osvaldo Molina Salgado on Oct 30, 2015
Question about SL273. Does it capable of decoding cut like SL260?
Replied by Ada on Oct 30, 2015
Hello Osvaldo,
This one is much better than SL260. This one support the key cutting method of SL260. Compared with SL260, this one has build in key database, no need to use PC. quality is much better than SL260 too. More stable. Our many old client buy this one. Not SL260.
Best regards
by Patricio Dinamarca on Oct 30, 2015
How often with software update and how much is the annual subscription charge?
Replied by Ada on Oct 30, 2015
Hello Patricio,
Usually 1-2 times one year. We will release the information and software when new software comes out. It is totally free.
Best regards
by maurice meulendijks on Oct 26, 2015
second patch arrive you now? do you have the exact time? i need buy this one again
Replied by Ada on Oct 26, 2015
Hello Maurice,
Next patch will arrive us this week. This one is hot, if you need, you can place the order now, we will send goods based on the order date. Now we have 2 orders waiting now.
Best regards
by hussein el-mawla on Oct 16, 2015
Thank you ada for replying so quickly. I have received the shipping and tracking information for my order. I look forward to getting the item next week. Thank you again.
Replied by Ada on Oct 16, 2015
Hello hussein,
OK, Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Andrew Tieken on Oct 16, 2015
I need to buy iKeycutter CONDOR
Replied by Ada on Oct 16, 2015
Hello Andrew,
What do you want to know please tell me. Where do you need us send the goods to? Your address is remote or not. So that i can give you a price. Or you can directly place the order on our website.
Best regards
by Goran Skender on Oct 15, 2015
it cancel M3 Clamp for Channel-track keys? i need this, can you customize it for me?
Replied by Ada on Oct 15, 2015
Hello Goran,
Now M2 Clamp is the updated version, it has the function for both M2 and M3 Clamp. So factory canceled M3
Best regards
by david on Oct 14, 2015
update in the future? how???
Replied by Ada on Oct 14, 2015
Hello David,
Yes. This one comes with the update tool on the CD. When new software release, you will see prompt on update tool. You can directly use update tool download the latest software and update it to latest version.
Best regard
by Steve Greyling on Oct 13, 2015
Good day.

I am very interested in this tool. I live in Cape Town South Africa and need to know if you can ship/courier/Fedex the tool to SA? Please also advise approximate shipping cost.

Thank you very much.
Steve Greyling
Replied by Ada on Oct 13, 2015
Hello Steve,
Price is 2850USD, shipping is 310, total is 3160USD.
Best regards
by Mr Bill durante on Oct 13, 2015
Dear Sir,
We are a major key cutting and locksmith service in UK.
Please quote best dealer price for Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine and shipping cost, ups, dhl are both ok
Replied by Ada on Oct 13, 2015
Hello Bill,
Thank you for your interesting. For price, we can give you 2850USD. Shipping we can offer you 160USD, total is 3010USD including shipping for DHL.
Best regards
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