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V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master BDM-OBD Function (Choose SE61-G1)

V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master BDM-OBD Function (Choose SE61-G1)

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FGTech Galletto 4-Master V54 BDM-OBD is a famous chip tuning tool for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, Marine, BDM MPCxx, BDM Boot Mode, checksum. This item cannot only work as FGTech Galletto 4-Master, but can also work for BDM-OBD.

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by Mr.Fabian Quintanilla on Jun 11, 2020
Received it today,Everything corresponds to the description. Delivery is fast. Ordered 23.12.19, Packed well, package without damage.
by Mr.Jones on Mar 4, 2020
Hi I bought 4 of these units ......but cannot install the software -realise it only works on windows 7 or XP.

Can you help us install it on team viewer please?
Replied by Eason on Mar 8, 2020
this is software install video, please see:

thank you!
by Mr.Eugene Naidoo on Aug 12, 2017
HI, what is the difference between SE61-G and SE61GB?
Replied by Eason on Aug 13, 2017
Have a good day!
They are not the same factory, the function is the same
by Mr.Wang Han on Mar 8, 2017
Hi,would you please explain to me, once if EDC17 loses communication due to some internal problems, can I read and write data from TC1767 directly with BDM.
Replied by Eason on Mar 8, 2017
Yes, it can support.
by Mr.Wang Han on Mar 8, 2017
Hi,would you please espain to me, once if EDC17 loses communication due to some internal problems, can I read and write data from TC1767 directly with BDM.
Replied by Eason on Mar 8, 2017
Yes, it can support.
by Mahmoud Alhalabi on Nov 29, 2016
hello sir,

can i read an write the ecu of cars via obd cabel? or do i have to take of the ecu of the car?

thanks sir
Replied by Eason on Nov 29, 2016
Yes, it can read and write the ecu via obd cable.
Any questions,please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards
by Serkan on Aug 19, 2016
I've used it for 1 weeks, good!
Replied by Eason on Aug 19, 2016
Thanks for your surpport and feedback on our webstie.
Any questions,feel free contact to us.
Best Regards
by anne on Aug 19, 2016
when will i receive my parcel?
Replied by Eason on Aug 25, 2016
Tracking numbers do show that you have received the parcel.
Any question,please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards

by ivan pimienta aragon on Jan 29, 2016
Hi !
I'd like buy Galletto v54.
Can you tell me, if Galleto v54 works with controllers EDC17 and if operates in TriCore System Boot mode?
Replied by Ada on Jan 29, 2016
Hello Ivan,
It work with EDC17, but not every model, it support TriCore System Boot mode.
Best regards
by karl whitworth on Jan 26, 2016
Hello, I'm verry interrested to buy the galletto 4. Kindly can you tell me if your item compatible with the bosch motronic M series as:
bosch motronic m1.7, m2.7, m5 etc. That for fews old cars as opel, alfa, lancia thema, fiat, ferrari etc. thanks.

- Can I use divers others custom or remapping software not included with your??
- With this item, can i see and erase fault code as a normal obd is?
- to be up date do I have to pay a licence for?
or where I can get more information about thanks
Replied by Ada on Jan 26, 2016
Hello Karl,
thank you for your interesting:
1) you do not need to pay any fee after you get it, we only charge shipping cost and price for the product.
2) this is the supported vehicle list for your referance:
3) This one is the ECU programmer, it can read the date from old ECU and write it to the new ECU, this its main function.
4) for read and erase the fault code, it is the diagnose tool can do, you need to choose the diagnose tool.
Best regards
by Pléau on Dec 14, 2015
Je voudrais savoir s'il vous ai possible d'avoir la nouvelle mise a jour du logiciel eobd 2015.
Replied by Ada on Dec 14, 2015
Hello Pleau,
désolé de vous dire que nous ne disposons pas des logiciels 2015 pour maintenant.
Best regards
by Mr.Ehsan mhan on Jul 23, 2015
Hi, i would like a refund as this device is no good. Please send me return details. Also please open case with paypal for refund. Thank you for your help.
by Mr.ehsan mhan on Jul 15, 2015
Hi, I also bought this recently, can you send me a list of cars it supports?

also does it support bmw's and Audi's? if not what is good for BMW and AUDI?

I have also got Kess v2.13 will i be able to install on same laptop?
Replied by Ada on Jul 15, 2015
Hello Ehsan,
1) This is the support ECU list:
Plus the ECU listed on the page:

This is the ECU list that we tested by ourself:

2) Better to install them on differenct PC. Some customer can install them on same pc and work normally. Some cannot install them on same PC.
Best regards
by Mr.Martim Marcek on Jun 2, 2015
Hi again. Parcel just arrived today. Everything installed in windows xp ok. But when i want read my ecu details via obd after 5sec of reading i got this error message on screen: ATTENTION!!! Send file c:\fgtech\eobd2_log\ to
My neighbour with his galletto2 tried read my ecu then and no problem with his tool.
Can u help me to fix this please otherwise i cant use it. Hope its not a faulty product :(
My car is 2004 ford mondeo 2.0tdci 130bhp, with delphy ecu.
Replied by Ada on Jun 2, 2015
Hello Martim,
1) Do you install other OBD software on your PC? Do you use anti-virus software on your PC?
2) Can you give me your QC mark on the main unit?
3) Your driver installation is the same as our video?
4) Do you use other software that is not belong to us, or update the software or firmware?
Best regards
by Mr.Martin Marcek on May 27, 2015
Hello, just realized that this package contains instalation CD. But my laptop doesnt have CD rom. Is there any other way to install it to my laptop? Download instalation file from somewhere or so?
Many thanks
Replied by Ada on May 27, 2015
Hello Martin,
Do not worry, here is the software download link: . When you install this software, do not install too much other OBD software on the same PC.
Best regards
by bandry on May 25, 2015
very thanks for your advice, after i change the pc, it works perfectly on win7 system now
Replied by Ada on May 25, 2015
Hello Bandry,
Happy to hear you can use it now. Your first PC has other softwere which cannot be installed on the same PC as this V54 software. After you change the PC, then can work normally.
Best regards
by sia on May 25, 2015
where can i find the manual like the photo shown on the des? when i open the software cd, i only see driver installation folder and fix1 fix2, that's all
Replied by Ada on May 25, 2015
Hello Sia,
Please follow the video to install the driver. After done, go to installation directory, then you will find it.
Best regards
by Mr.Ludbe on Aug 11, 2014
For editing ori maps you can write me to mail, i have pro made tuning files.
Replied by Ada on Aug 11, 2014
Hello Ludbe,
Sorry to tell you that this fgtech v54 main function is read data from old ECU and write it to new ECU. It cannot edit the map.
Best regards
by Mr.Bersch on Aug 8, 2014
Today Received my Package (FGTech V54)

Tested VW Passat 2002 1.9TDI EDC15P ---> K-Line WORK
Tested Mercedes W204 2007 220CDI Delphi CRD.11 ---> BDM MPC55/56 WORK (but is use EVC probe)

Thanks for good tool ;-)
Replied by Ada on Aug 8, 2014
Hello Bersch,
Thank you for your feedback and sharing. Thus will help others to know the function.
Best regards
by javier on Aug 6, 2014
do you have any tool to recommend to editor the map? this v54 galletto support map editing?
Replied by Ada on Aug 6, 2014
Hello Javier,
Sorry to tell you that our ECU programmer main function is read the data from old ECU and write it to the new one. Cannot do map editing.
Best regards
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