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2017.1 Denso Intelligent Tester2 IT2 for Toyota and Suzuki with Oscilloscope function

2017.1 Denso Intelligent Tester2 IT2 for Toyota and Suzuki with Oscilloscope function

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Diagnostic Tester-2 for TOYOTA and SUZUKI. It works for most type of Toyota (made after 2000) and Lexus included read code, clear code , data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function. And it also supports OBD-II. SUZUKI SDT is the SUZUK company professional diagnostic tool for the Suzuki car.

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by Mr.Thusitha on May 19, 2018
Hi,Toyota IT2 tester can program smart key for Suzuki vehicles?

Replied by Eason on May 22, 2018
Yes, it can support program smart key for Suzuki vehicles, thank you!

by DONIKIAN on Dec 18, 2015
Do you send this products from the EU or outside from the EU? I ask it because, I want to know the custom will ask extra taxes or not?
Replied by Ada on Dec 18, 2015
Hello Donikian,
Thank you for your interesting.
We send goods from china. If you do not want to pay tax, we can send it to you by yanwen express. this shipping method no need to pay tax for most european countries.
Best regards
by Ms.tom on Oct 18, 2015
Hallo ich wollte nur nachfragen kann man mit intelligente Tester von Toyota Lexus IS300h Programmieren.?.mfg.tom.
Replied by Ada on Oct 18, 2015
Hello Tom,
Dieser auf Toyota Lexus IS300h arbeiten können.
Best regards
by inhee cho on May 4, 2015
key ada, i see this one have 2015.4 software, i bought it 2 month ago, How do I get a version of the new software 2015.04? it is free? can you send it to you by link? thanks
Replied by Ada on May 4, 2015
Hello Inhee,
No problem. Here is the software download link for 2015.4 denso intelligent tester 2 it2 for toyota: toyota  suzuki 
Best regards
by alejandro romero on Jan 16, 2015
Which tool you have for Toyota. And Nissan. Idle. Programming
Replied by Ada on Jan 16, 2015
Hello Alejandro,
for toyota and nissan cars, you can choose CK100, T300 or SBB key programmer:
Best regards
by regis on May 27, 2014
is this toyota scanner able to program 2003 toyota avalon keys?
Replied by Ada on May 27, 2014
Hello Regis,
You can try this toyota tester it2 or allscanner it3. This two has high possibility to program the keys for your car. Because its main function is diagnose. We only test the diagnose function. For key programming for your car, do not test, if you want to try, you can choose this two. If your car is after 2005, then you can choose the key pro m8.
Best regards
by aquilml on May 20, 2014
i want to program toyota DENSO ECU, any good tool to recommend?
Replied by Ada on May 20, 2014
Hello Aquilml,
Please try:
est regards
by joao costa on May 16, 2014
Hi, with this equipment can i code the fuel injectors of a new toyota hilux ?
Replied by Ada on May 16, 2014
Hello Joao,
For Fuel injectors function, this toyota it2 only can work on some cars before 2010. Or you can try allscanner it3.
Best regards
by Johan du Plessis on May 15, 2014
do you sell blank card, i just want to back up the data, how much?
Replied by Ada on May 15, 2014
Hello Johan,
Yes. We sell the blank card, link is:
est regards
by SALMI HABIB on May 15, 2014
some forum say toyota it2 suzuki card only has south american software, so it means only can work on american suzuki? but in my local area most are made by asian, what about toyota, can test asian manufacture?
Replied by Ada on May 15, 2014
Hello Salmi,
For toyota it2, toyota software can be used to test toyota models made by differnet country, such as asian, european and usa. For Suzuki software, only has south american version. Most be used to test south american suzuki. Also can test some suzuki made by other country, but not all country.
Best regards
by Mr.marco rouse on May 15, 2014
diagnose function is very good, so as key programming, i bought this two year ago, i want to know if i can use the 2014.4 software on your site to update my card?? or how can i use it?
Replied by Ada on May 15, 2014
Hello Marco,
You can use the software we release on our website. Make sure your machine is bought from our website. Our card can use our latest software.
Best regards
by Mr.Kitalima on Feb 27, 2014
Does your Intelligent Tester II support Toyota Coasters 2005 - 2006; 24V?
Replied by Ada on Feb 28, 2014
Hello Kitalima,
Toyota it2 only can work on cars, cannot work on trucks.
Best regards
by Mr.Kitalima on Feb 27, 2014
Can this Intelligent tester II work Toyota Coaster XZB50 of 2005 and 2006?
by ken takashiba on Jan 15, 2014
i have bought two, both work very good, software is stable, will not flash or close suddenly when diagnose. screen can show data clearly. hope can add wifi or bluetooth function in the future, then perfect.
Replied by Ada on Jan 15, 2014
Hello Ken,
Thank you for your feedback. We will advice factory to develop this function.
Best regards
by kellyke on Dec 4, 2013
do you have the manual for software installation of CD? does the software of card need to install too?
Replied by Ada on Dec 4, 2013
Hello Kellyke,
CD is just the user manual. No software need to install. Just insert the card to the main unit to test your car. No need to install software on computer. This toyota it2 is used along to test the car.
Best regards
by tracy clay on Sep 5, 2013
one of my key is lost, i want to buy a tool to program a new key for me, will your toyota tester support programming suzuki keys?
Replied by Ada on Sep 5, 2013
Hello Tracy,
Yes. You can use this toyota intelligent tester 2 to programming suzuki keys. This one can work toyota models all over the work but only good at Suzuk modles of North America Area. 
Best regards
by juan on Aug 22, 2013
can i use it like the ak90? same theory to program the key?but where shold i plug the key in?
Replied by Ada on Aug 22, 2013
Hello Juan,
They are totally two different products. This one main function is diagnose. For key programming, working theory is totally different with ak90 too. If you use it to program key, you need to use this tool together with your key, insert your key on your key then programming. You need to have the basic skill about this, because we do not provide the traning for key programming. And for AK90, you need to insert the key to AK90 to program.
Best regards
by Mr.andy on Oct 16, 2012
i want to confirm if this TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 can be used on all the toyota or suzuki models on different markets, you know, some tools has market limitation.
Replied by ada on Oct 17, 2012
Dear andy,

TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 can work with toyota cars before 2011, for 2011, it can work on parts toyota car models. For suzuki models, it only can work on American market.
Any problem, you can feel free to contact us,
Best regards
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