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CARPROG FULL V10.93 ECU Programmer

CARPROG FULL V10.93 ECU Programmer

  • Item No. SE53-1
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CARPROG FULL (with all Software's activated and all 21 items Adapters), for car radios, dashboards, immobilizers repair including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key transponder programmer.

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by Mr. Richard Cornelius on Jun 8, 2019
Hi, my tokens ran up and now it says device locked, it did not renew automatically. I read in other review to change laptop or uninstall. How do you uninstall if the software does not require installation?
Replied by Eason on Jun 10, 2019
we have contact you via whataspp, thank you!
by Mr.tuan an dao on Nov 3, 2016
tell me newest version now.
Replied by Eason on Nov 3, 2016

Yes, this is newest version V9.31.

Best regards
by Pablo forgas on Oct 31, 2016
Fast Shipping,only 4 days to UK.test ok yesterday.
Replied by Eason on Oct 31, 2016

Have a good day

Thanks for your support on our website, Look forward to your visit again.

Best regards
by Mr.GEORGIOS on May 26, 2016
I have bought a carprog programmer with vesion V5.31 .
Can i use the new software (vesionV8.21) on my carprog programmer

thanks in advance
Replied by jolly on May 26, 2016
May i know if your V5.31 carprog was bought from us ?  you wanna update the firmware or software 
If you wnanna update software to latest version,we suggest you to update to V9.31. If your item was bought from us, you can use our V9.31 directly,
If you wanna update firmware to V8.21,Then you can buy a new v8.21 main unit on our site
by Analia Klein on May 13, 2015
merci encore une fois.
by David on Apr 24, 2015
do you have the new firmware 4.74 version carprog? your carprog support firmware update or no?
Replied by Ada on Apr 24, 2015
Hello David,
Sorry we do not have this version. Our fimrware cannot be updated now.
Best regards
by Mr.S Rowe on Feb 26, 2015
Do not worry Ada, I have reflashed atmel with segger and now working with 7.28 software.
Replied by Ada on Feb 26, 2015
Hello S,
OK. No problem. Test it and contact me if you still have problem.
Best regards
by Mr.S Rowe on Feb 21, 2015
I have older 6.80 carprog from you, now it says "enter password" when I load any modules. It has never been on internet. I tried newer software 7.28 with new operating system install but software says the same. What do you advise please?

Regards, Simon
Replied by Ada on Feb 26, 2015
Hello S,
Please give me your order number and problem photo. Do you meet this problem before when you use 6.80 software on the first time?
Best regards
by jose eduardo garcia mesa on Jan 2, 2015
yo he comprado CARPROG y megustaria tener V.7.28 GRACIAS Y FELIX AÑO podeis enviar por e-mail
Replied by Ada on Jan 2, 2015
Hello Jose,
This is the carprog V7.28 software download link:
Best regards
by Mr.jaffer mohammed on May 24, 2014
hi what is wrong my car prog is saying units left
connect update server
Replied by Ada on May 25, 2014
Hello Jaffer,
Do not update it online. Do not use internet when you use it, then it will not prompt you update information. Now use this way to solve:
1) Chang another laptop, if you do not have another laptop, please reinstall the system
2) Do not use internet, install the software again. Then you can use it normally.
Best regards
by Mr.Viktor Marminge on Jan 23, 2014
i version is 5.31, can you give me the latest 5.46 software link, thank you:)
Replied by Ada on Jan 23, 2014
Hello Viktor,
This is the software link:
Best regards
by Mr.mark on Jul 31, 2013
hi the rns-510 decode module the cable supplied has no connections to the radio and i cant find any instruction of how to connect it to the unit.

can you supply this?
Replied by Ada on Aug 1, 2013
Hello Mark,
Here is the user manual for car prog 4.01, here is the link: For every function, after you install the software, if this software support the function, you can follow the software to enter this function, then it will show the prompt. You can follow the prompt to do.
Best regards
by Mr.artur pinto on Apr 8, 2013
please what should I do to send car to Portugal prog can tell me the final price
Replied by ada on Apr 8, 2013

Dear Artur,
Shipping cost to Portugal is 28.2EUR. Total cost to Portugal for this carprog is 87.2 EUR.
Best regards

by Mr.Manuel on Dec 10, 2012

El carprog es de tiempo ilimitado.

Replied by ada on Dec 10, 2012
Dear Manuel,
El uso no tiene limitación. Usted puede utilizarlo todo el tiempo.
Saludos cordiales
by Mr.Manuel on Dec 9, 2012
Estoy interesado en adquirir carprog. Dicen que lleva un contador, que a los 250 usos se bloquea.
Eso es cierto.

Replied by ada on Dec 9, 2012
Dear Manuel,
Siento decirte que no puedo entender su pregunta con claridad. Si usted quiere comprar este producto forman nuestro sitio web, usted directamente puede realizar un pedido en nuestra web. Ahora bien, este producto es 65.00EUR, sin incluir el costo de envío. Ahora puede usar el código de cupón "6666" para conseguir "6%" de descuento. Por lo general, el envío de este producto a nuestros clientes a través de DHL, necesita 3-5 días laborables para llegar. Para los países que están verificando strickly costumbre, enviamos este producto a los mismos por Yanwen, necesita 5-7 días laborables para llegar. Para su problema de impuestos, se puede escribir un valor bajo declarado para usted. Después de realizar el pago, le enviaré un correo electrónico para confirmar su dirección de envío y número de teléfono, después de recibir su correo electrónico de confirmación, le enviaremos el producto tan pronto como sea posible. Ahora es el día de Navidad, el vuelo será ajustado, puede demorar 1-2 días para llegar.
Sorry to tell you that i can not understand your question clearly. If you want to buy this product form our website, you can directly place an order on our website. Now this product is 65.00EUR, not including the shipping cost. Now you can use coupon code "6666" to get "6%" discount. We usually send this product to our customers by DHL, it needs 3-5 working days to arrive you. For countries that custom are checking strickly, we send this product to them by YANWEN, it needs 5-7 working days to arrive you. For your tax problem, we can write a low declared value for you. After you make the payment, i will send an email to you to confirm your shipping address and phone number, after we get your confirmation email, we will send the product out as soon as possible. Now it is on Christmas, flight is tight, it may delay 1-2 days to arrive you.
Best regards
by Ms.M.Gorn on Nov 7, 2012
You have my phone Nr.???

Replied by ada on Nov 7, 2012
Dear Gorn,
Thank you for your confirming the shipping information, your order has been sent to our warehouse. We will send your product out within 2 days. Once we get the tracking NP. form DHL, i will send it to you.

Best regards
by Ms.M.Gorn on Nov 7, 2012
Hello ...
Please tracking No. for CK1211060363 ...

Thank you
Replied by ada on Nov 7, 2012
Dear friend,
Thank you for your order on our website. We will send your product out by DHL, it needs your phone number, i have sent emails to you to ask your phone number, do you get it? When you receive the email, please send your phone number to So that we can make the delivery ASAP.

Best regards
by Mr.dominik horoz on Oct 12, 2012
product is received. i use it to reset my ecu simtec 75, successfully!
by Mr.Daniel Gutiérrez on Sep 27, 2012
Dear Sir,

I am interested in buying one carprog device. However, it is not clear for me what the capabilities of it are. Would you explain me the following question.

1) Can I reprogram the ECUs?

2) Can I repogram the airbag units?

Best regards,
Daniel Gutiérrez
Replied by ada on Sep 27, 2012
Dear friend,

Thank you for your interesting,
This one is more good at reseting the aribag. You can see the models it can work with on our page. This one can program ECU, but it can do a little. If you want to program ECU, i think FGTech Galletto 2-Master (Item No. SE61) and UPA-USB (Item No. SE37-B) are both good choice.

Best regards
by Mr.vannini emanuele on Sep 6, 2012
good morning
how much does this program? I can change the value of the odometer? what car can I work?
Replied by ada on Sep 6, 2012
Dear vannini,

This product can change the mileage, you can see the CarProg Dash function, and it can work with the car in the CarProg Dash function. And the price of this product is 110EUR, not including the shipping cost.

Best regards,

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