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V2016.7 Mb Star C3 Diagnosis Pro For Trucks And Cars With Software HDD  Best quality

V2016.7 Mb Star C3 Diagnosis Pro For Trucks And Cars With Software HDD Best quality

  • Item No. SP117
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New Mercedes Benz Star C3 is a professional and good diagnostic tool specially for Mercedes Benz cars. Which can work on Benz trucks and new types of Mercedes cars.

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by Joyce on Aug 4, 2016
Recommend,work very well.
Replied by Eason on Aug 4, 2016

Thanks for your support on our website.
Any question,feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

by Teis Arne Lundby on Oct 27, 2015
I 've received all..Thanks. ..items working .
Replied by Ada on Oct 27, 2015
Hello Teis,
Ok. Happy to hear you get it. Anything need us do, please contact us soon.
Best regards
by Alberto Hernandez on Aug 9, 2015
Hello Ada,
the best star set arrived Saturday 2015 08 08 . Many Thanks.
The next week I will test it on my car.
Best Regards
Replied by Ada on Aug 9, 2015
Hello Alberto,
No problem. Do not forget to give us your software activation data. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Johnny Alexander Gold on Aug 9, 2015
I have activated it and it works just fine. Thank you so much.
Replied by Ada on Aug 9, 2015
Hello Johnny,
OK. No problem. Please test it more cars, any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Ferdinand Sumadsad on Jun 15, 2015
does your software has TAN generator?
Replied by Ada on Jun 15, 2015
Hello Ferdinand,
See this one:
Best regards
by Johannes Krog on May 26, 2015
Is hardware / software up to date or do i have to update anything on my own??
Replied by Ada on May 26, 2015
Hello Johannes,
No need update. Just follow our video to find the activation data and send it to us for activation. Firmware cannot update up to now. Software is the latest version.
Best regards
by EDDIE AVALOS on May 26, 2015
I´m interested in product best quality star c3 sp117 and star c3 with seven cable sp45-f, The look very the same. Is there any difference?
Best regards
Replied by Ada on May 26, 2015
Hello Eddie,
They are made by different factory. Quality for SP117 is better than SP45-F. inside chips and Board are different, we have attached the photo on our page, please check. Function do not have much difference.
Best regards
by Connor Spies on Jan 23, 2015
i need to test c class w205, 212, 204, 207,166,205, which star is better for me?
Replied by Ada on Jan 23, 2015
Hello Connor,
For the vehicles you want to test. Better to choose SD C4, Item number SP100-D.
Best regards
by Izabela Grubska on Jan 5, 2015
Thank you so mutch. It works now after activation!
just one question:
Does the Key´s realy expire in 2020?
Replied by Ada on Jan 5, 2015
Hello Izabela,
Happy to hear you can use it now. Yes, first activation will be valid to 2020. After 2020, you can activate it again, then can go on to use.
Best regards
by rory on Dec 15, 2014
Hi what the best price you can do for the Best quality 2014.9 Mb Star C3 diagnosis. I need shipped to the UK. Thanks
Replied by Ada on Dec 15, 2014
Hello Rory,
Now you can enjoy 6% discount for christmas promotion. Items Total: €379        Discount: €22.74 (6.00%)    Shipping Cost: €64.68 Total Sum: €420.94
Best regards
by salima amira on Dec 14, 2014
winlicense gives me a prompt: sorry, this software cannot be run without a license key, please contact,,,,,, does it mean the activation on your site?
Replied by Ada on Dec 14, 2014
Hello Salima,
Yes. Please see the video shown on our website, find all the activation data, send it to me just like others. We will give you another activation data, fill it on your software then you can use it.
Best regards
by Bryan Hilton on Nov 23, 2014
dear sir,
could you please send me the license.reg file?

HW ID 406C02BEA6EA App ID 252

HArdwareID 105A-026F-7F50-287B-89BA-4C7E-781D-2A7E

LAN ID 001F3A479230

BEst reagrds
Replied by Ada on Nov 23, 2014
Hello Bryan,
This is the data you need:
Input data:
406C02BEA6EA / 252 / 2013-1-1 / 2019-1-1
Input data:
001F3A479230 / 3 / 2019-1-1
Best regards

by Hans on Nov 11, 2014
Hi and good Morning,
is arrived in Munich Germany at my home this morning with DHL. Many thanks.
my question is can you send me the codes for DAS and WIS Standalone (see Star-utilities) with the LAN-ID?
the Codes for WIS-Standalone and DAS begins with *1rr-
par example *1rrt0zsz24vm0c4vvuxvhhtz3.......
Greetings Hans
Replied by Ada on Nov 11, 2014
Hello Hans,
Yes. No problem. We can do that. Send the LAN-ID to, we will activate it for you.
Best regards
by david caignart on Nov 4, 2014
Many thanks got parcel today.
Can you send me a link on how to activate the software?
Replied by Ada on Nov 4, 2014
Hello David, 
Please follow the video on our website to find out the activation data and send it to us:
Best regards
by Rekawt H on Sep 16, 2014
Hi. Hope you had a good holiday. Didn't have any problems for this star. Would be in touch. Enjoy
Replied by Ada on Sep 16, 2014
Hello Rekawt,
Happy to hear your news. any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Lipekin Igor on Sep 16, 2014
thank you so much i get the activation data
but there is the license.reg file, to install it to the windows registry as shown in the pdf file. how to run it? just click?
because other information i have filled in the software just left this one
kind regards
Replied by Ada on Sep 16, 2014
Hello Lipekin,
Yes. Just click it, then DAS will be activated ready. Any problem, please contact us.
Best regards
by Vidovic Nenad on Sep 2, 2014
Is the software easy to install on the d630? is there a certain spec of dell d630 laptop needed?
Replied by Ada on Sep 2, 2014
Hello Vidovic,
For dell d630 hdd, it only can be used on DELL D630 laptop. If your PC is not DELL D630, then need to use external hdd. Software is easy to install, we have the video. you can follow our video to get the activation file then send us to activate it.
Best regards
by robert on Jun 18, 2014
my star c3 is bought from the original factory, square shape, may i know if i can use your software hdd?
Replied by Ada on Jun 18, 2014
Hello Robert,
We do not test it. But up to now, no customers tell us our hdd cannot be used on original star c3. You can try this.
Best regards
by Henrik on Jun 11, 2014
this is the second high quality star c3 i have bought, both works perfect. diagnose for engine, abs and other system with fast speed and accurate result, worth to recommend to everyone.
Replied by Ada on Jun 11, 2014
Hello Henrik,
Thank you for your feedback on our website. This is the high quality star c3, very steady and reliable. Any needs, please contact me.
Best regards
by Emilian Constantin on Mar 19, 2014
diagnose function works perfect, now i want to change the speed limit, how should i do that? do i need to buy the special function to open?
Replied by Ada on Mar 19, 2014
Hello Emilian,
If you want to change the speed limit, choose super mb star c3, super mb star c3 has this function. Other star c3 does not have. This function cannot be opend via special function.
Best regards
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