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Latest Version Xprog V6.12 XPROG Box XPROG-M ECU Programmer with USB Dongle

Latest Version Xprog V6.12 XPROG Box XPROG-M ECU Programmer with USB Dongle

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1. Latest software version V6.12 with USB Dongle, No need activation.
2. Add new authorization: AUTH-0028-3 Renesas RL78 Authorized and AUTH-0028-4 Renesas M32C Authorized
3. Operating system: WinXP/ Win7/ Win8

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by Mr.Griffiths on Dec 30, 2020
All the adapters and cables are packed together and the quality is good
Strictly follow the supplier's guidelines, the same as the software installation, without any problems
by Mr.Cerrajeria Multllaves on May 21, 2020
I bought myself a xprog 6.12. Not afraid of the Internet. It is not necessary to keep it on the desktop. I put it in the "Program Files" folder and sent a shortcut to the desktop. The program works. I read to them its industry sites 95020, 24s64 and 9S12DP512, which is in the Vagov tape recorder. I did not read the script from this chip, but I read both the flash and its industry. The sleeping KIA Sorento airbag unit with the MAC7242 processor did not succumb. I do not know why.

The programmer itself is made very high quality, complete with all the adapters from the old igroskog and one adapter with rounded corners from the already new version. A disk with a program, a jitag loop, a power adapter and very good quality usb lace.
Replied by Su jinyu on May 21, 2020
Hello, Mr.Cerrajeria Multllaves 
Have a good day!
Thank you very much for your support and feedback.
any further question pls feel free to contact with us
Best wishes!!!
by Mr.Lenin Paramo on May 21, 2020
I tested the xprog for a couple of days. In principle, it works, but slowly. Compared to J-Link and Renesas Flash Programmer. I also checked with mochi. With HC11E9 in the security board. 908AZ60 in the new adapter. 9S12DG128 from GBO Landirenzo, as a security guard. Broke off with 9S12XEQ384. When reading reports that there is a defense. Offers to erase or remove protection. When removing protection, it costs different times on the bypass of the security and falls out in the communication of terror. It didn’t work out for me, in general ... There is still motya XEP100, but there is generally sadness - it does not see BDM. Most likely not alive. Renesas reads writes R7F701xxx. SPC56AP54 turned up on the non-CPC - also all in a bundle. Yeprom did not check, because muveton . You can take it. I did not understand the installation of software. So much "no way." that you can go crazy. I have an autoprogram folder on drive D. Avast was told not to look in her direction. I dumped a folder with software into it. I started the regfile. I put the dongle and the progger into USB itself. Launched a program. I tried to call the help ... Reinstalled reader 11. In the course there was 10. The Internet did not disconnect. It works so far. Does it make sense to make a copy of the FT232? In the user of an aria is what? I myself look, just now I remembered about its existence.

Dealt with the mots 9S12XEQ384 and 9S12XEP768. He got the last one today in MT22.1. She also did not want to break up. He lifted all his legs and it worked. After calculating that it was enough to raise only the reset. The first one was more interesting. I removed quartz from it. But in fact, it was necessary to remove the capacitor to ground. I would never have thought that he would be so hurt. You need to look at why the small amplitude at the outlet of the adapter. I do not like it. Moody technique - I want to work, I want to not work. Well, in general, actually all! Progger test passed!
Replied by Su jinyu on May 21, 2020
Hello, Mr.Lenin Paramo 
Have a good day!
Thank you very much for your support and feedback.
any further question pls feel free to contact with us
Best wishes!!!
by Mr.Arshad on Mar 9, 2020
Friend 9S12G128 can security unlock and read data
by Mr.Eddie on Jan 11, 2020
Got it with faulty CD. Contacted with customer service. 5 days not able send me a link with software
Replied by Eason on Jan 13, 2020
we will send the software download link to you by skype , thank you!

by Elena on Aug 26, 2016
Hello,how does it update?
Replied by Eason on Aug 26, 2016

It can't update, please never to update it.
Any future questions,please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

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