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Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine with inside battery( Choose SL423)

Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine with inside battery( Choose SL423)

  • Item No. SL260
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Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine is a full automatic electronic three-axe key cutting machine, which with internally installed battery. Miracle-A7, All-in-one, Both standard, is the innovative automobile keycutting solution for discerning locksmiths.

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by Morten hansen on Nov 30, 2015
Hi. Do you need a separate clamp to cut sx9 Peugeot Keys?
Do you have a video with sx9?
Replied by Ada on Nov 30, 2015
Hello Morten,
Thank you for your interesting.
We sell 3 kind of key cutting machine on our website, this Miracel A7 and V8 X6 key cutting machine all cannot work on this key. We test MINI CONDOR, that one can cut SX9 Peugeot keys.
Best regards
by Mr.Morten Grip on Sep 30, 2015
Witch machine is best the V8X6 or the a7?
Replied by Ada on Sep 30, 2015
Hello Morten,
A7 quality is better than V8 X6. But this two are all copy. If you need best quality and original, please choose SL273, IKEYCUTTER MINI version:
Best regards
by Gnter Rabacher on Jun 22, 2015
new database for a7 cutter is used for a7 itself or laptop?
Replied by Ada on Jun 22, 2015
Hello Gnter,
This one has the software used for A7 key cutting machine and the Laptop. Database is different. We will release new software to update the key database for A7 itself. A7 has the database card on the main unit.
Best regards
by Mr.Michel on Feb 28, 2015
I have received Miracle A7 very good.thanks for good communication and fast shipping.
Replied by Ada on Mar 1, 2015
Hello Michel,
Happy to hear you are satisfied with our goods and service. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by alfonso on Feb 3, 2015
hello, i lost my cd, can you send the cd data to you online?
Replied by Ada on Feb 4, 2015
Hello Alfonso,
This is the link for CD, we upload it to internet: 
Best regards
by bruno bernard on Jan 21, 2015
do you have new update? such as 2015 database? or when will you have?
Replied by Ada on Jan 21, 2015
Hello Bruno,
For now, this one do not have 2015 database, it is too new. Factory is still developing the new database, i think we will release it in the future. But not sure the exact time.
Best regards
by Sergio Sanjurjo on Jan 8, 2015
do you have some instruction for battery charge? i cannot understand your video clearly.
Replied by Ada on Jan 8, 2015
Hello Sergio,
This is the instruction, please check:
est regards
by B & B Locksmith on Dec 21, 2014
your ss143 database for keys Is also available for all key cutters?
Replied by Ada on Dec 21, 2014
Hello Friend,
Yes. This key databased is for many key information. It can be used on all cutters.
Best regards
by Itay Yogev on Nov 9, 2014
Hello, can i use this machine to copy house keys?
Replied by Ada on Nov 9, 2014
Hello Itay,
Sorry to tell you it only can cut key for cars, cannot cut house key.
Best regards
by Andy on Nov 5, 2014
Could you tell me when this product Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine will be back in stock
ready for purchase.

Kind Regards
Replied by Ada on Nov 5, 2014
Hello Andy,
This one will be in stock at the end of this week. If you need, please contact us, because this one will arrive us in small quantity. And we will send it to the orders by date.
Best regards
by stephane on Oct 9, 2014
Everything is OK.
now this machine works preety good after calibration under the guide of seller.
Replied by Ada on Oct 9, 2014
Hello Stephane,
Happy to hear you can use it successfully now. Most key cutter will be calibrated ready before dispatch, some machine needs calibration again before use because of delivery influence on the way. Any problem you meet, you can contact us.
Best regards
by chaveiro tiberio on Jul 17, 2014
on description it reads “4) Decode and cut: Both decoding and cutting are available. Decoding converts decoded information to original bitting with its electric tracer.” can you give me more explanation for this? this tool is suitable for freshman? i know little knowledge for cutting.
Replied by Ada on Jul 17, 2014
Hello Chaveiro,
This function means: After you input the key code, you will find the key in data base to cut.
Best regards
by brian petrano on Jul 14, 2014
The item Korea MIRACLE-A7 is out stock, do you have any date provider?
Replied by Ada on Jul 14, 2014
Hello Brian,
Factory is still updating the firmware. Still needs about one or two month.
Best regards
by kostas on Jun 20, 2014
when this will be in stock, i need a accurate time, thanks
Replied by Ada on Jun 20, 2014
Hello Kostas,
Factory now updating the hardware for this one. After hardware is updated ready, and test steable. Then we will sell new hardware version for this one. Or you can choose item number SL257. This one has good feedback too.
Best regards
by Mr.Neal Southern on May 27, 2014
If I am interested in this machine, which one would I receive if I ordered it.
Would I get the cheap copy machine SAN PENG A7 like in the photo at the top of the page, or would I receive the real good quality Miracle A7 as in the detail photos you copied?
Replied by Ada on May 27, 2014
Hello Neal,
Our machine is Korea MIRACLE-A7, and we will send Korea MIRACLE-A7 to you. As the detailed photo shown on our website. Our photo is token by my coworker, it is the real photo for real products. Now this one is out of stock, we have 3 key cutter on our website, hotest is XC-007:, this one have very good feedback on our customers, and it is on free shipping promotion now. Next one is Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine, third hot sale is this Korea MIRACLE-A7.
Best regards
by daniel on May 7, 2014
i am traveling in usa, can you send it to my hotel? so that i can take it to brazil by myself.
Replied by Ada on May 7, 2014
Hello Daniel,
No problem. We can send it to any where of the world. Please use your USA hotel address to make the payment, or you can leave this address as the message of paypal when you make payment.
Best regards
by mimouni thierry on Apr 28, 2014
i want to update it, how to update it?
Replied by Ada on Apr 28, 2014
Hello Mimouni,
Please give me your order number and serial number for this Miracle-A7. This one is updated via email. We will make the new file and send it to you by email. Then you can use the latest software to update.
Best regards
by Eyasu Moges on Apr 25, 2014
it has bluetooth function, what platform does this a7 machine support? pc? pad? what about smart phone?
Replied by Ada on Apr 25, 2014
Hello Eyasu,
This one has bluetooth function. It support the mobile device you mentioned.
Best regards
by Mr.Matthew Holdsworth on Apr 23, 2014
its name is Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine, so this one is more good at korea cars? such as kia and hyundai? what about european cars?
Replied by Ada on Apr 23, 2014
Hello Matthew,
This one can work on European cars. Although its name has korea, but it is a universal key cutter machine. Can work on most brands in the market.
Best regards
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