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How to clone ID48 96bits with VVDI key tool?

How to clone ID48 96bits withVVDI key tool quickly and easily.
Car model: VW Jetta 2.5 SE – 2014
The new replacement HEAD FLIP KEY – This key doesn’t start the car.

VCM 2 Temperature Issues & Solutions

VCM 2 unit is housed in a shock resistant polycarbonate case with rubber end boots, along with an extended operating temperature and voltage range, for increased durability and ruggedness in service bay and road test environments,BUT do ensure the VCM II is not subjected to extreme temperature or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight that may cause heating of the VCM II.

BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable technical support

Part 1:E-sys error- the EST has expired , how to solve?
Part 2:How to install BMW E-sys software on Windows XP & Mac OS X
Part 3:How to prepare 1B file for using in FSC code generator
Part 4:How to Solve E-Sys error:can't connect. Open Connect Target blank..

Ford VCM2 IDS Download & Installtion

1.Free download & install IDS V117 Ford VCM2
2.How to update Ford VCM2 IDS to V97 (V97.1)
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