BMW F series change KM via VVDI

Here you will learn how to change mileages for BMW F-Series(CAS4 system) using Xhorse VVDI2 BMW commander

setup in VVDI2 software:

1) Write down the KM shown in instrument, take instrument away from car, avoid synchronize KM with CAS

2) et CAS KM to 0km (Change KM with File Change KM, select type with mask, support 1L15Ymask and 5M48H mask)

3) Read instrument EEPROM dump with BDM programmer

4) Select File Change KM ->F-Series Instrument and load EEPROM dump saved in step 3) (PICTURE 8.3).

5) Input new KM

6) Press button “Change KM” and save new EEPROM dump

7) Write new EEPROM dump to instrument

8) Put your instrument in car

9) Finished