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Autel MK808 Oil Reset: Done! Tested OK on Ford Fusion

In Autel MaxiCOM MK808:
Service – oil reset – auto detect (a vehicle)
MK808 reads out the vehicle information:
Make: Ford
Vehicle: Fusion
Engine: EcoBoost – gas torbocharged direct injection
Capacity: 1.5l
Transmission: automatic
Fuel type: gasoline
Emission level: 50 state emission
Vin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Autel is gonna to reset oil
In Autel MK808 Ford software:
Hot function – manual oil reset
Ford Fusion oil reset manual:
  1. Turn the ignition on
* For the vehicles with the push-button start, press and hold the start button for 2s without pressing the brake pedal. Do not try to start the engine
  1. Press the up or down arrow buttons at the left of the steering wheel to scroll through and select the settings
  2. Press the right arrow button to enter a sub menu and press the up or down arrow buttons to select the oil life reset
  3. Press and hold the ok button until instrument cluster displays Reset Successful
When the oil change indicator resets the instrument cluster displays 100%. remaining life {00}%
If the instrument cluster displays one of the following messages Not Reset, Reset Canceled, repeat the process.
Note: Press and hold the left arrow button at any time to return to the main menu display (escape button)
In the dashboard:
Settings – vehicle – oil life reset
Reset oil life successfully