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How to add smart key for Porsche Cayenne 2016

Question: VVDI2 Add Porsche Cayenne smart key, do I need to remove BCM to read data eeprom on table or is there a way all OBD?
This is Porsche Cayenne 2016 smart key:
Porsche Cayenne 2016 smart key

How to do?
No OBD solution. Need to read BCM on bench, then you can add via OBD. vvdi2 learning mode by obd process work good and safe.
Also you must have second pair of balls to take this job.

The chip to read on BCM: 1L15Y or 1N35H or 2M25J or 5M48H (there are 4 kinds of Freescale). I read Porsche BCM read/write by Hextag. Someone feedback: VVDI prog is actually more trustable for this.

And someone suggest:
This is 1N35H and you ask Microtronic directly what is the success rate.
Second hand BCM won't help you at all, and vvdi prog not unlocking them very well.
My advice before you do the job. Make sure car stays on neutral, steering straight up, windows fully close.

Finally, what I did:
I have checked most videos the reading module just easy look at the video, I have ordered used module for practice before going for the job.

Porsche BCM reading & key programming via VVDI Pro + VVDI2:
 Note: read backup, prepare dealer key and learn by OBD. Always avoid unlocking/unsecuring MCU and writing new file when there is no need to.

Tools needed:
Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer
Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer
One new blank key
Porsche Cayenne 2016 add smart key with Hextag, VVDI pro + VVDI2

3 steps of Porsche BCM reading & key programming:
I. Read BCM data
II. Program a dealer key
III. Write the key

Porsche BCM:
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-3

Step 1. VVDI Prog reads BCM
Disassemble the BCM
Find out the mc9s12xd512vag chip
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-4
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-5

Run VVDI Prog software

Choose type: 4-immobilizer, brand: porsche, type: BCM-1L15Y
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-6

Click on Connection Diagram

Connect the MC9S12 adapter to the BCM
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-7

Remove the component and solder back after the operation is complete
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-8

Read BCM data
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-9

Save the bin file
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-10

Step 2 Xhorse VVDI2 Porsche prepare dealer key
Open VVDI 2 Quick Start
Enter "Porsche".
 Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-11

Choose Key Learn-> new porsche key->prepare dealer key-> EEPROM 01L15Y

Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-12
Load file: open the bin file (read by vvdi prog)
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-12

Choose key 3
 Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-14
Prepare dealer key
 Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-15
Click on "OK" to save the new EEPROM dump file
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-16

Add dealer key successfully! Please learn the new dealer key via OBDII or flash the new file to the car. If you want to add a new key, please use the new save file!
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-17

Step 3. VVDI2 programmer added a new key
Back to vvdiprog
Open the new bin file
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-18

Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-19

Operation success!
Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-20

Cayenne-2016-add-smart-key-with-Hextag-VVDIpro -VVDI2-21