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How To Change Aute MaxiSYS MS908P Default Language

Here is the how-to guide of MaxiSYS MS908P language setup.
Aute MS908P language oprions:
item no. hksp187:  Default language is English
item no. hksp187-g: Default language is Spanish
Aute MS908P cost of language change: $100
If you need other languages. please send the serial number to the vendor when you get the parcel. The Autel company will help authorize the language you need. After you update it on official website, you will change the machine language to the one.
How to change Autel MS908P language, from Spanish to English?
Though the Android Tablet ,Double check System setting —- language —-English
(the default language  here is English)
The language of Diagnostic need to change.
To change the language from Spanish to English.
Click on Maxisys.
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (2)
Click on “Settings”.
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (3
Click on “ Language”
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (4
Select the language you want. Here: select “ English”
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (5
Then you can see that the setup language is in English now.
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (6)
After changing the language, maybe the system is blank here (Maxisys—Diagnostic).
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (7)
Please go to Update and select vehicles software and reload them.
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (8)
AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (9)
Done! Autel MS908P language setup success!