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How to choose a HQ vas5054a clone

There are four versions of VAS5054A clone for VAG diagnostics, some good and work great while some bad and fail to work. You are supposed to know all versions if you wanna have a high-quality VAS 5054A clone.

Version 1: green board
Version 2: green board
Version 3: blue board
vas-5054a-blue-pcb (1/vas-5054a-blue-pcb (2/vas-5054a-blue-pcb (3vas-5054a-blue-pcb (4/vas-5054a-blue-pcb (5vas-5054a-blue-pcb (5
Version 4: white board
vas5054a-white-pcb (1vas5054a-white-pcb (2vas5054a-white-pcb (3
So, which one is the best quality?
Version 2! it’s a Quality A+++ VAS 5054 china clone with GREEN pcb, with real amb2300 and oki

The green version has made up a item number in china to subdivide the different products and qualities.
It is supposed to be the best quality clone. Everything that is needed. The quality looks fine and the AMB2300 Bluetooth (AMB2300 IS THE MAIN THING!!!) as well as the OKI Chip (w/o leg cut) are on the green PCB.
Practice says otherwise, different sellers have different qualities! Best advice is to be sure through clear pictures of the PCB, and even then they can send you something else.
Vas 5054a clone above is verified to:
Have the real AMB2300 and OKI chip.
Works perfect with ODIS 4.1.3 software crack
It’s OEM, so it fully supports every VAG model
And it’s best for flashing
Online coding service also OK
Also,if you just wan an original VAS5054A, here is a how-to guide for you. You can rework the cloned vas5054a as the original.
Cloned VAS 5054A PCB rework... here you go.
the bluetooth module is a fake one since it has no capacitors and no resistences on the back.
Open these images if you are interested and save them on your computer. Then you can zoom on them and see more clear all parts.
This is the original bluetooth without shield AMB2300 and back of it.
Credits to fantomel
If you’re not equipped with technical knowledge and experience, better not take a risk to try it. Maybe there will be some damages on your car. VAS5054 genuine should be your best solution. But, if your budget is limited, have a try with a HQ VAS 5054 clone! Attention please! Various VAS5054A clone flood into the market, some good and some bad. You should make a decision yourself.
Most VAS5054A clones are one of the biggest lottery of all.
A lot of fake chips, fake amb's , fake infineons......or missing or reinterpreted projects.

As you well know prices for chips and making a pcb has evolved in - a lot and all these tools use old and cheap chips. Same as a new car has a price, has exited factory min -500 eur. In old days all tools were made at hand, now because of tech is done automatic, so less costs, same for pcb's and funny same for old chips.

Most Chinese do not want to make them proper, that is all. They all have projects and projects of projects, all remade to cut costs and sell some more reinvented stuff. 

SO take a good look when you buy, take a very good look at what you get when you get it and in 90% of cases you will need to do more or less rework on it.