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How to install Scania SDP3 2.40.1

Topic: SCANIA SDP3 2.40.1 free download source, setup on Win7 procedure, activation etc.
1.SCANIA SDP3 2.40.1 free download source
Pass: c1ev49
Security: 100% safe
Uploaded by engineer
Activation: send the HWID to the dealer for activation.
Tested working with VCI3 Scanner to diagnose and program Scania.
Or This test version:Scania SDP3 V2.40.1 Diagnosis & Programmer + Activation without Dongle
  1. SCANIA SDP3 2.40.1 setup on Win7 procedure
OS: WIN7 32bit (WIN8 is okay too, try WIN10 at your own risky)
Youtube video :
Setup Adobe Reader 9.2
Setup ".Net Framework 4.6.2".
Open "SDP 3 2.40.1" to setup.
scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-03 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-04 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-05 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-06
Right click on "Prerequisites" and select "Run as administrator".
Restart the computer.
Right click on "Computer" and select "Properties" to view the computer system is 32bit or 64bit.
Back to open Computer -> Local Disk(D:) -> KeyGenandFIX->X32 -> install.
scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-09 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-10 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-11
SDP3 2.40.1 activation service:
Open "Hardware ID reader".
Copy "SDP3 HWID reader X86(public)", send the ID to the dealer to active.
After the dealer helps register, right click on "Registry Editor" and select "Merge", then "Yes".
scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-12 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-13 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-14 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-15
Open Local Disk(D:)->KeyGenandFix -> Fix File 2.40.1.
Copy the .dat and .dll files.
Right click on "SDP3" on the desktop, then "Properties", then "Open File location", then "Paste" (Paste the above two.dat and .dll files to replace the existing ones).
scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-16 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-17
Open Local Disk(D:)->KeyGenandFix.
Open "Time" and click on "Crack", then succeed.
Restart the computer.
On the desktop, open SDP3 configuration, select the language you want, SDP3 2.40.1 language is available with:
English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese etc.
scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-19 scania-sdp3-2-40-1-setup-on-win7-20
Open "SDP3" on the desktop.
Read the Warning message and click on "Yes" to agree.
Continue to diagnose and program Scania with Scania SDP3 2.40.1.
Here I'd like to copy and paste the SDP3 description for reference: Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) communicates with Scania vehicles and Scania industrial and marine engines. The program has been developed to support the electrical system with CAN communication. The program is used for troubleshooting, adjusting customer parameters, calibrations, conversions affecting the electrical system and updating software in control units.