How to solve CAN Clip v159 RLT 2002 Probe “Failure of reservation of probe”

Here are optional user solutions for the Renault can clip v159 was connected to PC, detected with the number 926 573 and recognized " RLT2002 PROBE”, but CLIP popped an error message- "Failure of the reservation of the probe.
Here are optional user solutions for the Renault can clip v159 was connected to PC, detected with the number 926 573 and recognized " RLT2002 PROBE”, but CLIP popped an error message- "Failure of the reservation of the probe. Try it again and contact technical assistance in case of another failure” .
--> First, you can try the easy solution:
check in device manager, it is alliance B
yes works with both but not work on both on same partition so better to install on different computers or use the boot it.
best to install Clip first and let that update the firmware and then install Consult 3   and enter serial you saw in Clip software , as above.
I have made it many many times .
--> Still not work??
That is....
You don't have a real CAN CLIP RLT2002 PROBE
You have a hybrid of Alliance VI in CAN CLIP case
It will work good don't bougter of it
It will install only one driver instead of 4 as for real CAN CLIP Probe
And much more of this it is working wit Consult III software till 9.21.02 as well
You can check and see the difference between this two kind of Chinese clones:
real CAN CLIP PROBE clone - RLT2002
Allianbce hybrid Can Clip sonde - 926573