How to solve faults on my EHC module

I got ISTA BMW software up and running, where it would read data from my car, but it shows every module as okay with no faults, but i know for sure I have faults on my EHC module (because i have read faults of EHC in inpa and Dis).
I researched this issue for hours on end and read through nearly every single thread regarding this issue. And luckily, I resolved it, with help of a member @kestum at
Here are the customer solution. (try on your own risk)
Change in file ISTAGUI.exe.config

And look for this values
It does not open a separate unit, which here appears something with interface, the program do not read the entire module, including the engine module, do not know whether the DME or DDE (other forum members say they have sometimes problems with K+DCAN cable, but no problems with ICOM on the same car. For the cable, try to close the contacts 7 and 8 on the cable. They believe ICOM is mandatory for flawless work with ISTA programs. DCAN cable can’t be used for all operations.)
this works good