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How To Solve Ktag Ksuite 2.28/2.31: No internet connection

I used K-suite 1.93 or 2.10 and works well, but now I have dump from car that this versions not recognize it and I want to use newer software for my KTAG programmer.
Tried install Ksuite 2.28 and 3.21 but on startup give me same error about: “Connection to the internet not detected: check that you have a working internet connection then try again.

When I click “OK” Then main menu shows, but almost all are grey. Older versions still work without problem.



How do people think of Ksuite 2.28 or 2.31 start problem? Here you go…


from v2.26 ktag working only with internet connection


2.25 Last working soft since now


there is no point using this software with your clone
install it, then overwrite it with the 2.11


If CKS not work, Install newer KSuite except the C++ Runtime, and without deinstall, install 2.08.
Then it works.


Did you try with Kess v2 on Bench? Connecting with universal cable? Without Boot Mode?

Kess v2 china clone has been verified to work no issues with Ksuite v2.28.
If all not work, then get an MPPS and try. MPPS is always a good backup tool specially for VAG. Some ECUs do so weird things, nobody can explain, this is why most tuners have more than one tool from different companies.



So, choose a lower version ksuite for Ktag clone or a tested ksuite 2.28 working perfect with kess v2….