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How to solve VCM 2 SP177C cannot read voltage on obd pin 16

VCM 2 SP177C voltage issue:
I have one of my VCM 2 SP177-C that doesn't read voltage on obd pin 16.

It does power up, but when trying to program, I get a message saying vehicle battery is low. Voltage going into vcm2 is steady 13.9v as I always use my Schumacher battery charger while programming.

The problem is inside the vcm2. Either the processor doesn't see voltage or sees a lower voltage than what comes in.

Anyone has some sort of electrical schematic of those sp177c so i could try to repair it ??

Possible solution:
If you have new ids then car's battery needs to be like 14v.!

Get into runtime folder and edit file "batterymonitor"

Something like this::::



MaxLowVoltage = 11600

MinMediumVoltage = 11500

MaxMediumVoltage = 12000

MinHighVoltag = 12800

Then try again.!