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How to solve VVDI2 unable to work on any laptop

About: all laptops cannot find the vvdi2. how to get it to work?
Complaint from a VVDI2 owner:
I've had a vvdi2 for over two months now, unable to get it to work, I have four different laptops, all do different things, cannot find device, or as soon as I go to load it up it doesn't work, I've tried reloading software over and over, shutting down firewall, am I not updating properly, does anyone else have these problem, kinda getting disappointed with this machine, any help would be appreciated .
VVDI2 tech support:
Disable driver signature requirement on computer, keep pressing F8 on startup
Also make sure you install the correct drivers, if one doesn't work try the other. Should be in the same folder where you extracted the software
Important: Operators fail for sure ...don’t blame the tool....unistall any windows defender, antivirus, non compatible software thing its getting just one laptop for xhorse and problem solved
Just a simple laptop ...with nothing at all ...i personally use windows xp and windows 7 ....but it will work in any system
VVDI2 user manual: 
VVDI2 software download: (latest version 5.8.0)!YO5XDDrT!X_Ha8J13x3oJUO9Mrlv6137j3Y9s57ORVcpA_YV3nSQ