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How to view the files on Corvette C6 car by TIS2000 & TDS SPS?

Customer Experience:How to view the files on Corvette C6 car by TIS2000 & TDS SPS
This article starts with a question "I have a Corvette C6 Grand sport from 2011 with AT6. I read an article that new software has been programmed into the automatic gearbox in the 2012 Corvette C6, making the switching times (with the flippers) much faster. I also heard that there are updates for the LS3 engine".
Method one: use TIS2000
You don't need a subscription to view the files on your own car .
You run the TIS2000 in the virtual PC and connect to your car and can read the files in your car.
It's only when your need to update your car you need the subscription .
If you enter your VIN here you can view the latest files available for your car and compare it with what TIS2000 shows and see if your files are updated or not
Method 2: Use TDS SPS instead of TIS2000
GM TIS2000 can be set up to pull the latest firmware files, but is not for the novice to set it up this way since it meant more for abroad dealers that don't have the best of internet services to use TDS instead.
So your best bet is to just use TDS to update the firmware instead. Its only $40 for TDS for 2 years per vin.
As for using TDS SPS with the Vxdiag nano GM, once you load the TDS software with Java , your going to get this pop up, and you don't want to load these drivers, but use the Nano driver that will already be loaded on your machine.
So when you get this window pop up in SPS each time you load the program, just skip loading these drivers each time.
And on the next screen, it will be this driver that you use for the Nano (will be pre loaded on the machine from when you installed VX Driver MDI beforehand).