Technical Service: MB Star Series

How to’s of Newest SDC4 test Doip?

Totorial of :Mercedes Benz Xentry test Actuation of function "Ethernet communication (DOIP)

Xentry Tips: Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated – Fault code P012800

This is for those need information on the Xentry tips platform.
FYI, I am not an expert on this subject.

09.2018 MB SD Connect c4/c5 Xentry XDOS software News, Review, FAQs

MB SD C4/C5 SSD Software:Tested 100%, confirmed to work perfect with SD connect C4 in diagnostics, coding and programming on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Xentry PassThru - Questions and Answers

There are a lot of Xentry PassThru questions frequently asked and answers given by users and folks in Hope it helps.

How to configure Xentry Connect DoIP C5

2017 Xentry Connect C5 user manual: how to configure/set up SDconnect C5 to use for the first time

MB star C3 and SD Connect compact 4 for Benz software activation and error solution

1) How to use platinum software to reset SBC
2) How to activate platinum software
3) How to activate ordinary star hdd

MB SD Connect Compact 4 technical support

Here is some information and problem solution for MB SD STAR C4. We have made the video for software activation, keep the same step as our video, then you can use the software successfully.
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