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Nissan Pathfinder PINCODE needed, VVDI2? Tango? EFFI?

Needed pincode for NISSAN PATHFINDER.
This is the dump from the car read with xprog but I couldn't read it with vvdiprog.!IUJxXSQR!fVG8vccj5mksAhyeMTdU7IRsEFXVP5j7vIP3-MkzREI
Just make transponder with this dump no need for pin code
here put that file in tms and put everything in place put key with transponder and turn ign on for 5 second 3 times
then start car!URQVhaQR!Lx0WFTFx9alkopUCM2lNG_fUo-txa_xbPP56clKJJW0
Xhorse vvdi2: VVDI2 Ver 6.6.0 can now recognize the dump file.
Tango software: yes
tango-02 tango-03
Post transponder data 4d60 using EFFI