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Program a key to Porsche BCM-2M25J

This guide is aim to tell you how to use VVDI2 and VVDI PROG program a key to Porsche BCM-2M25J,and give the answer for why someone recommend to buy VVDI2 and VVDI PROG together.
Program a key to Porsche BCM-2M25Jprogram a key to Porsche BCM-2M25J
Step 1: Read Porsche BCM data with vvdi prog.

Disassemble the CM from Porsche.

Connect vvdi programmer with the laptop.

Open the vvdi prog software.

Porsche type: BCM-2M25J. Go to the wiring diagram.


Connect to the BCM according to the wiring diagram.

Close the wiring diagram.

Click “Read”.

Detecting the device…(the yellow light on vvdi prog flashes.)

System prompts that the chip need to decrypt.

Click to remove encryption bit.


Performing decryption…

Decryption success.

Click “Read”.

Reading success.

Save the data.


Step 2: Write Porsche key with vvdi2.


Open vvdi2 Quick Start.

Go to Transponder Programmer.

Go to Security Data Tool.

Select European, Porsche, 2M25J. Then to load the BCM data saved just now.

Select Yes to erase the key.

Delete key 2 to go on.

Click Yes to establish a new file. Name the file and save it.

Load the new file saved just now.

Select NO.

Only one key ID left.


Write a new key:

Select key2 and click “Generate Dealer Key”.

Generating dealer key…

Successfully generate dealer key. Click OK to save the new data and write back to BCM.

VVDI2 and VVDI PROG finish programming Porsche key.



Why to buy VVDI2 and VVDI PROG together? Definitely yes in some situations. Reasons are listed here...  Incl. a case to verify this necessity.
First, clarify both functions.
Xhorse VVDI2 is a comprehensive OBD tool used for diagnose and programming (ecu programming and auto key programming).
VVDI Prog usually works fine as an car ECU programmer.

Item VVDI2 key programmer VVDI Prog programmer
Language English only English/Chinese
Function Diagnosis
Odometer correction
ECU programming
Key programming
Key learn
EEPROM programming
MCU programming
ECU programming
Pin code calculation
Price €2,110 €385

So, vvdi 2 and vvdi prog only share one function: ecu programming.
Second, is it necessary to buy vvdi2 & vvdi prog together?
Sometimes yes, definitely!
As for programming a key to some cars, esp. those ECUs that a vvdi2 doesn’t support, we have to use a vvdi programmer to read ecu data first, then use vvdi2 to program a key, e.g. Porsche BCM-2M25J, BMW CAS4+ 5M48H, etc.