Solution for 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK 430 Conv Top Issue

This post begins with problem that 2002 Mercedes Benz CLk 430 Conv top isn’t working then follow the solution with Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool MB Star Diagnostic System (SDS). 
Car model and year: 
2002 Mercedes Benz CLk 430 Conv 
Car issue: 
My top isn't working, its sounds similar to the other issues people are having with there tops not working. The Conv Top button flashes after nothing happens, and after I start the vehicle, the headrest button flashes then stops shortly. When I release the latch, all windows go down together.
What I have tried to do: 
I took it to a local Mercedes Benz Mechanic, who only works on Mercedes. He looked at it, and he says it needs a passenger Window motor and regulator and then recheck the system. It sounds a little fishy, only because all the windows are operational. Its not that i don't trust him, its just i've already spent 580, and i don't have definite answer.
The W208 power roof operation is a very complex system; that involves a controller, 7 hydraulic cylinders, a dozen or more limit/position switches, a pair of tension cables, hydraulic pump/motor/relay, value body, interlocks with other vehicle systems via communication with the CAN-Bus, associated connectors, wiring harness etc.
While the windows lower after opening the roof latch is a good sign, the power roof controller does monitor other subsystems (e.g. A37, N70, N72, N73) for proper conditions. For example, within N72, the power window and truck release conditions are checked.
Did your mechanic use the MB Star Diagnostic System (SDS) in coming up with his diagnosis? 
The key to repair is understanding how the power top works at each stage of operation and checking for the correct controller input/output conditions.
Good place to begin is by reviewing the power roof operation in your owner’s manual, which includes information pertaining to the main switch blinking light error conditions. For example, if the luggage cover is not in the proper position, the power roof will not work. You not only need to see it in the proper position, but that the roller wheels in the rails are properly aligned and actuating the position switches.
Please look at the following picture on W208 section, which covers the diagnosis, common problems and DIY repair of the power roof.
For example, there is an inspection port inside the truck, whereby you can easily check for leaking hydraulic cylinders by observing the level of fluid in the system. If OK, common problems could be a faulty motor relay or any one of the numerous switches.
If all fails, the MB SDS diagnostic should be able to isolate the fault, particularly if it's a rare, but possible, CAN-Bus module related issue. Note: The CAN-Bus operates via voltage encoding, which is beyond DIY trouble shooting with a multimeter. The SDS tool is available at MB dealers and many independent mechanics.