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(Solved) VCM II - IDS software version mismatch

This is technical support for “VCM II - IDS software version mismatch” and “Not Connected to VCM II”

VCM II – IDS software version mismatch (update IDS)

The software version on the VCM II is newer than the IDS software version.

Select Tick to install the latest version of the IDS software.

Select X to cancel and then roll back the VCM II to an earlier level of software.


Software IDS 103


VCM II Manager (Ford-VCM-II): Not Connected to VCM II




Tech support from


Find this button in the VCM 2 main unit, and then press on it.


Connect the VCM II unit to a laptop/PC with a USB cable


Note that VCM II is only connected to the PC via a USB cable, not connected to the car via an OBD cable


Press the button until the power is connected and all the lights are lighted.


Go to the START menu, then Bosch

Open Ford VCM II Manager, then go to VCM II Update for recovery


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