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(Solve)KWP2000 “Error setting transmission Timing”

This is the solution of KWP2000 “Error setting transmission Timing”
I had error with KWP2000 plus ECU flasher when read Golf 4 1.9 TDI ALH edc15 ecu.
Hello, I do have an Golf MK4, and bought an KWP2000+ adapter to read the ECUs file.
The injectors and the Turbo is upgraded, so I have to change maps a bit.
I got the ECU Information out correctly, but when I started the readout process, the kwp2000 software told me to take fuse 11 out, after doing this, I got the message “Error setting transmission Timing”. Do I need an direct Plug for the ECU and remap it at home?
I also unplugged the Radio, did not help at all.
Any ideas?
Solution from engineer:
Solution 1:
Yes you better unplug KWP2000 and do it on table, alone
here you have Pinouts
4-KL31 (GND)
5-KL31 (GND)
6-CAN High
14-CAN Low
16-KL30 (Ubat) + 12 Volt
Solution 2:
If solution 1 failed, try solution 2. 100% works.
KWP2000 is crap, buy better tool to start.. When you don’t want to spend much money, buy mpps v16 clone, works very good with the EDC15 ecu’s in car and table.