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Top BMW CAS4+ Key Programmers Suggest

Feedback on the working BMW cas4+ key programmers: VVDI PROG, Yanhua Mini ACDP with the CAS4 Module, Hextag and CG Pro / CGDI etc.
Top 1. VVDI PROG work good.
There are Few types of CAS4 MCUs (Processors)
CAS4     MC9S12XDP512 with MASK 1L15Y
CAS4+  MC9S12XEP100 with MASK 5M48H
CAS4+  MC9S12XEP100 with MASK 1N35H
so yes VVDI PROG Support all of this MCU
And I double check for you..
in 6Wb it is fittles eeprom   160D0WT (35160) which is supported on r270+ programmer and VVDI Prog, but you must buy NEW chip 160D0WT because this is not programmed easy, or if is you must have special adapter to VVDI (look VVDI PROG 35080 adapter), but the best just to incase to do not work on original EEPROM (leave somewhere just to incase) order new blank  160D0WT (35160) and program new millage on New chip.   P.S  with reading this eeprom is not problem...... problem is with write because first 32 bits is crypted and must use special tools to reset this..
VVDI Pro wiring diagram of CAS4 / CAS4+:
Top 2. Yanhua Mini ACDP
I use Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer with the CAS4 Module. Works great on my 2014 F10.
What I like about ACDP is that no soldering is required for the CAS4. It took me less then 10mins to read & decrypt the CAS4 Chip and program a new key fob.
Source: (ACDP + CAS4 Module)
More useful info:
ACDP BMW CAS4 coverage
How to add a new CAS4 key with MINI ACDP?
I always read out CAS3+ and CAS4+ with Hextag and load dump into CG Pro or CGDI to make key. Works great.
Image of CG Pro
Image of CGDI BMW