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Transponder key programmer user manual for newbies!

part 1: what is a transponder key
part 2: transponder key programming cost
part 3: how to do transponder key programming
What is a transponder key?
Transponder keys provide an extra security to your car. They contain a very small computer chip inside them which is used to authenticate the original car key and the duplicated car key. When you plug it into the ignition, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) will send a coded message to the key.
The key, if it is an original one, will receive the coded message and will respond back to the Engine Control Unit. Only once when the messages are authenticated by the car, your car will start. With these transponder key, the car key replacements have become a difficult job for the automotive locksmith.
Transponder keys do not have a battery; it is an embedded chip which is powered by the radio signals itself that are sent by the car. The radio signals are of a very low strength that they activate the chip only when the key is very near to the dashboard or when it is pushed into the ignition to start the car.
What about transponder key programming cost?
As with all car key services, do not go to a dealer unless you plan to overpay for computer/transponder key programming. The most affordable, most reliable method to program your transponder key is to do it yourself. It’s easy to program a transponder key Honda/Ford/Nissan.... on your own.
The budget: less than 400 usd for a transponder and a key tool....usually, it’s 200 around.

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How to do transponder key programming?
transponder programmer
Chip/Function JMD Handy baby RW4 PLUS Keyline 884 VVDI Keytool Keydiy KD-X2  
46 COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
4D COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
4C TEXAS COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
ID48 COPY OFFLINE Yes     Yes    
ID48 COPY ONLINE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
T5 COPY Yes          
72G/4D83 80BIT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
4D70 KIA/HYUNDAI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
4D70 BMW MOTO Yes       Yes  
80BIT CHEVROLET Yes          
8E AUDI COPY Yes          
HITAG PRO AUDI Yes          
ID48 VAG ALL KEYS LOST 2009 UP VIA OBD Yes          
ID47 HONDA Yes          
CHIP EDITOR Yes     Yes    
SIGNAL TEST Yes     Yes Yes  
FREQUENCY TEST Yes     Yes Yes  

Yes     Yes Yes  
CHIP GENERATE Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
KEY MAKER Yes   Yes      
REAL CHIP INFO Yes     Yes Yes  
EXIT CHIP Yes          
REMOTE UNLOCK       Yes Yes  
ID42 COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
ID45 COPY Yes Yes Yes      
ID41 COPY Yes Yes Yes      
IR TEST Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes