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VVDI MB Tool exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS

In the VVDI mercedes 2.1.6 version, some issues of W204 ESL has been solved, that it’s necessary for w204 to renew EIS when exchange ESL… Here you go for details.

Vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 update info about W204 esl:

Exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS. In ESL Tools, write EIS with password(Select Auto clear TP and personalized

Note: vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 download


For users with the vvdi mb bga tool:

As for w204 Faulty ESL unlock and renew all works fine + when rematching to EIS there is no need to Get Erase Pass or Renew EIS any more since the latest update (v2.1.6), just get Key Pass and paste it to the EIS dump close go to ESL use Load Vvdi ESL Data + tick Auto Clear TP + Write all set to go.


Detailed screen shot in the post below
 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-2 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-3 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-4 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-5 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-6 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-7 vvdi-mb-tool-w204-esl-solution-8