What is IMMOBILISER system?

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This article describes the system approaches for the first and secondgeneration of immobilizer systems. It compares the various security levelsand gives an overview about the latest generation technology, called crypto-transponders.
What is IMMOBILISER system?

There is two kind of transponders used in the immobiliser system. The first one is RFID transponder.

Since the introduction of immobilizer systems the need for improved security constantly increases. Many Anti Theft Systems make use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology because of its unique features. RFID transponders can provide a high level of security at low cost.

Key-based immobilizer systems consist of four main components. The core of the system is the transponder, a batteryless device which is available in various form factors and with different functionalities. For operation, the transponder has to be supplied with energy from an external source. The transceiver generates a high frequency magnetic field which is radiated by an antenna coil. The energy activates the transponder and it sends a data stream in form of a modulated RF signal. This signal is demodulated by the transceiver and then passed to the controller for data processing.

Second transponder type:Crypto Transponders

Crypto Transponders are the second generation of transponders for use in immobilizers. The new generation of crypto transponders developed by Texas Instruments are based upon the TIRIS TM half duplex RFID technology and are compatible to all standard RF interfaces of the TIRIS TM product range.

What is Standard Security Architectures using RFID?
1.Fixed Code Systems
2.Rolling Code Systems
3.Password Protected Transponders
4.Combined Rolling Code / Password Systems