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Which is the best car key programmer for all makes?

For remote controls adaption and for transponder coding by obd you need to consider a tool like mvp pro , smart pro , zedfull , lonsdor xtool etc

if wanting to do a 2009 golf and most vag after 2008 you will need tools like abrites or vvdi2 for good coverage or the likes of supervag for cheaper coverage , you won’t be doing these cars with sbb clone.

you will have to invest in better kit than sbb clone , it has its uses but very limited now. tools like obdstar , lonsdor , xtool , im100 , im600 have their issues and limitations but offer better coverage than sbb clone. even fvdi gives you options but get insurance to cover bricked cars if new to this.


What about Truecode?

Truecode do a package with 10 software modules. Question is which 10 to go for ?

For example I’ve heard it’s bulletproof on Nissan and Renault but not so good on Ford

Fiat I don’t know ?



dont believe all you read , there was a time ford was full of bugs , it has some gaps compared to advanced diagnostics , but on its published coverage it works very well and unlike ad is token free . when doing say a 2015 fiesta it confuses some as will only add one key at a time , if deleting all keys of course you must add 2 keys back , to do this , delete all keys and add 1st key back , then reopen software and add 2nd key in and all is good , when adding keys you add them 1 at a time in seperate sessions, very quick very easy , i used it on a 65 plate fiesta over weekend AKL , 2 new flip keys , picked decoded , old keys deleted and new keys coded all inside 15 minutes . very quick on prox , the main gap in prox coverage is the older oblong focus prox , but very quick on rest , ford is actually very good now.

Nissan is excellent , renault is excellent but lacks abrites coverage of latest phase 4 vehicles . suzuki is ok , hyundai kia is ok too , psa is lacking on pin read but reliable on co , cant go wrong with nissan , renault and ford .

id say tdb has edge on later ford over truecode , but truecode has edge over nissan and renault .

but as has been said , depends where you lack reliable coverage on what they offer.



What about VVDI2?

if you buy full vvdi 2 you get bmw with it.
M8 isnt going to give you much at all , its a very old copy of mvp alot of which will already be covered on your xtool etc .

true code fiat is good for dump reading , but you still need a dump tool that can precode the key , such as tmpro with module 59 , with most other dump tools you can’t prepare remote , miraclone will not sure on vvdi .

vvdi mb , you need to weigh up if it will pay its way , will you get enough mercedes at good enough rates to get payback , and on NI rates what risks are you prepared to take with cars up to 50k value.

everything comes down to payback , and risk vs profit at end of day , only got to kill one car to kill alot of profit to claw back, though in NI , kill someone’s merc you may book that body bag .

To be continued…

Thanks to @rapidlocksmiths (DK forum member) for his contribution. is available with most of his above-mentioned car key programmers.