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Vxdiag Nano, VCM2, VCM IDS3, which best for Ford diagnostic and programming?

pro-and-con: Vxdiag Nano Ford scanner has diagnostic and programming capability or not? If not, what tools can perform both best: good quality VCM2 from China? VCM IDS3 by Fly? or Launch X431 V tablet?
Positive side: Vxdiag Nano for Ford has diagnostic and programming capability
Feedback 1:
Awesome. Now I have Ford dealer level diagnostic and programming capability for my 2010 Lincoln MKT and 1999 F150. Was able to read codes, do some diagnostic functions, and program a new smart key for my MKT.
I am running this on an ancient Dell D630 laptop running Win7 32 bit.
Here’s what I did:
Changed the time zone on my computer to Beijing time zone (not sure if this is necessary or not)
Installed a copy of VMWare Player
Copied the contents of the CD to my computer desktop
Opened VMWare and created a new virtual machine, selecting the VM file that I transferred to my desktop (largest file in the folder)
Edit virtual machine settings to increase RAM usage to 2gb (it runs very slow with any less)
Play virtual machine file (mine was FORD IDS V107 EN)
Connect the VCX Nano via USB cable
When the VM opens, click “Player” in the top left of the window and scroll down to removable devices
My adapter was called “Future Devices USB Serial Converter” in the window
Click Connect (Disconnect from Host)
Wait for the Virtual Machine to load
Plug the adapter into your car
Click IDS in the virtual machine window and connect to your vehicle
You’re in!
Make sure to watch some videos or read about IDS functions so you don’t break anything as this software has the capability to erase and reprogram modules. Now you never have to pay Ford to diagnose your car again! This is cheaper than one hour of diag time at the dealer.
Feedback 2: add a key to the vehicle PATS system succeed
1: I purchased the device because I needed to add a key to the vehicle PATS system as I only had one key when I brought the car and really wanted a spare in case of loss or damage
The device was able to delete all old keys from the system then and add 2 new keys, whilst I was there I did some software updates on the PCM.
Honestly it really is a good device and works perfectly once you get over the software issue.
A bit of advice with the software is use virtual machine (its easier to delete and start again), and follow video guides found on youtube.
Here is a quick guide for my success:
Use Virtual machine installer found on CD V100, install VM then create a VM
Then on the virtual machine
Install calibration from V81 CD
Install V91 from V100 CD and reboot without opening software
Once rebooted open software and agree to 3 day licence, enter any details
Close software and Install V96 and reboot without opening
Once rebooted you can open software
Install software on CD V100 for the VX device
At this point I just installed deep freeze found on cd V100
Feedback 3: programming modules OK
Product works as designed. Installation was a breeze and troubleshooting within 8-10 minutes of taking it out of the box. I ran through several of the programming modules and all working as expected. For some test you will need the VMM. Overall very satisfied with this product.
Feedback 4: do PCM updates for a Ford and Lincoln OK
Negative side: Key programming not OK, diagnosis OK
Vxdiag for reprogramming is slower than VCM2.For diagnostic is the same. But for new software is Vxdiag better because (black list)only if you have VCM2 with not blacklisted serial.
In Conclusion:
  1. The good quality VCMII clone from china works just like original, which are tested doing good job for both diagnosis and programming.
I bought the SP177-C1 (mhauto forum user suggested)
The inner board seems good… upload photos…
  1. VCM IDS 3 has key programming and module initialization capacity.
Tried my new VCM software and it works . Automatically logs on to the Ford IDs server. key programming and module initialization can work.
Actually, It’s a new “pass thru” device.
Available from here
IDS is out of date. Current version is V110. The Vcm 3 works a treat had no problems yet. and running V110.
if you don’t have a licensed IDS or valid subscription. These VCM IDS 3’s could work well as a pass thru device.
Ford does support pass thru devices & provides software for them – Again it’s subscription based.
Only reservation I have is IDS software it’s supplied with. Obviously it’s been rewritten to provide automatic login to Ford’s Servers.
When required to gain access to vehicle security on latest vehicles.
Bearing that in mind. If try to use IDS from Ford. That automatic login would be lost.
We don’t yet know how the ids3 connects do we? It’s like anything tho, for now it works so use it, make your money back and hope it lasts, same principle as the clone vcm1 and 2.
Attach 6 images on how to do Mondeo module key programming by VCM IDS 3 V104.04:
ids3 menu-01ids3 menu-02ids3 menu-03ids3 menu-04ids3 menu-05ids3 menu-06
  1. Or Launch X431 V 8″+ tablet has module programming capacity.
Reading from the first picture X431 V 8″ tablet newest Ford V46.42 can test different Ford models up to 2017. It currently includes PCM, ABS, 4WAL, RCM,EATC, ECS, IABM, RAP, PAM, 4X4, 4WAS, CTM, OTC, ICM, PATS, ARC, LCM, DDM…”
x431 v 8inch ford-01
General Test Results:
Ford Module programming…works
OBD diagnosing …works
Special functions … works
Options display:
Automatically Search
Manually Select
Manually Reset Service
F-650 / F-750 Test Specification (VCM can’t cover)
x431 v 8inch ford-02
After choosing “Automatically Search”, get option:
System Scan
System Selection
Special function
Module Programming
Vehicle information
x431 v 8inch ford automatically search-03
Module Programming options:
ACM (Audio Control Module)
CDP (Compact Disc Player)
x431 v 8inch ford module Programming-04
That’s all
Hope this post helps.